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Yoga for Text Neck

Yoga for Text Neck is a 28 min feel good practice. This all levels practice is useful for counteracting the effects of phone and computer use. Spending time on the phone can cause your muscles to shorten or overstrain the neck and shoulders causing the spine to round.

This is a practice you are going to want to return to. Bookmark it to restore the natural curve of your spine, to realign the shoulders and upper spine, and to relieve lower back pain.


Let me know how it goes in the comment section down below!


46 comments on “Yoga for Text Neck”

  1. I don't know how you do it Adriene, but it is always the same: Each yoga video is exactly that what I need that day. This has been from the very beginning with the Yoga Camp. Each days mantra was exactly what I needed that day. Even the length of the videos.

    So, thank you very much for all what you give to us.

    Andrea from Frankfurt Germany who will be in Berlin. YEAH!

  2. Hi Adriene,

    As much as I try to love my body I sometimes have a big night with alcohol, I'd love to see a yoga for a hangover.
    Something to nourish and reengerise my body for my day when I've put it through all that!

    Love love love your stuff!

    Kind regards and lots of love

  3. Hello Adriene,

    You have truly changed my life and connected me to the true practice of yoga. For that: thank you.

    Will you ever tour/give classes in Paris, France?

    That would be a treat!


    1. Adriene is coming to Europe to teach some classes in the Fall, Valentine! 🙂 A few events and locations have been confirmed and more will be added as soon as they are confirmed. Keep an eye on the Roadshow page for the latest details.

  4. Dear Adriene,

    This practice came as a godsend for me, because I've had a pain in my upper back, neck and shoulders for two weeks. At the moment it feels relaxed and good for the first time. So thanks very much for this one, and all other practices! You're just great!



  5. Exactly what I need. I went to the chiropractor and he said all the typing (I'm a writer) was curving my spine and if I didn't watch it, I'd end up with Dowager's hump. "Oh noes," I cried. This is exactly in line with what I'm to do daily.

  6. That was wonderful once again the beautiful energy You put out there i really needed, You always seem to know just what we all need, You are the root of the yoga family you keep us grounded and focused and you are the reason why i roll that mat out everyday. Please give Benji a hug and see you next time. Namaste :))

  7. Hi. Angel. Your amazing.

    What about confidence. For.
    Middle age. Sure that covers all
    Hot. Here. In Uk. Something we don't
    Have. So. All. Very Toxic. X

  8. Have yet to do the videos, but I want to thank you. I have been following you for 2 years, during those 2 years my youngest of 5 was diagnosed with ASD and a number of other diagnosis. My life has been rocked. I have practiced with you, created a yoga room, wept, picked myself up, fallen and tried again....thank you. You are always here. From your strength and also another group I follow, I have decided to be bold. I just purchased my own website, I am slowly figuring it out and it is my hope, like you I can spread my message of not just awareness of autism but acceptance of diversities of different people.

  9. I would really love it if you did a session for people with osteoporosis. I’ve had 8 fractures to my vertebrae’s and have had vertebroplasty on 4 of them. There is certain yoga exercises that are not good for the back. I miss my yoga classes with you but I’m scared I might do more damage. I’m at a loss as to what to do. I’ve lost 3 inches in height and this has resulted in me having a protruding tummy- common in people who have lost height.

    1. Bren, it is vitally important to get cleared to do yoga by your medical provider first. Then when you are cleared to resume yoga, proper alignment is key.

      Restorative and yin yoga could be good because the body is almost always supported with props in these styles. Gentle twists are ok but not when they use gravity or leverage in order to achieve rotation. Gentle cobra, sphinx and bridge are ok without overarching the spine. Use modifications like having the knees down in plank to keep from having all the weight of the body on the wrists. Lunging poses like warrior I and II build strength in the leg bones without placing too much strain on any one area.

      No inversions or deep backbends like wheel.

      Yoga and weight-bearing activities are good for bone health- but you have to start slow and gently and be a stickler for proper alignment. It might be worth getting a private instructor with experience in yoga for osteoporosis because proper alignment is really going to be key here, particularly in your case with a history of 8 fractures.

  10. Oh Adriene. I so miss doing yoga, but the last few times I did my favorite, not too challenging videos, my right knee, which is missing cartilage from a long ago injury, really gave me fits. Plus, my back, which is getting worse with age, has truly become my nemesis. I have been doing chair workouts, and I know there is one chair yoga on your channel, but alas, I think in some ways my issues are becoming more than I can compensate for. :'(

    1. To Julie : you can do yoga in your head if your body is too painful. Close your eyes and vizualize your body doing it. I've read about that and met someone in my early yoga classes who was suffering from a paralysing disease and was practicing mentally. It helped "the juice flowing" beyond the body. It will help you tend to your energetic field, and who knows maybe bring some relief and eventually some opening to your body so that you can gradually come back to some poses. And so you'll get the benefit of enjoying a video, being with the community, taking time to love yourself, to listen to yourself, join in physically when you can, switch back to vizualisation when your body refuses the shape. All the best -^-

  11. YES. Going through peri-menopause and watching my body change. Suddenly a belly to stretch over and no kids in the house to focus my mind on the more important things. Great idea. 🙂
    But I also have to say, I am a person who would NEVER consider a yoga class and I do an Adriene video a day. She is great.

    1. Ohhhhhh! Yoga for perimenepause! I would love that!
      Who’s body is this anyway? And where did mine go? I don’t know her- but I’m starting to learn her. All. Over. Again. 🙂

  12. Thank you Adriene for showing me through practice what my body can do. I'm so used to doing the same daily movements as I go through my day that I never think can I enhance my body's capabilities by asking it to flow in another direction. Keep guiding me to expand and explore. When I finished today's session I wanted to savor the way my body said "Yes." Namaste.

  13. Another great workout and not exactly what I expected from the title. It's true it freed up my neck which is great but it also worked my trapezius muscles. As a climber I struggle with tight pecs bringing my shoulders forwards, so this felt great. In fact I did a weights session after doing this as my shoulders were open and in a perfect position. Definately going to repeat this one frequently!
    I have a question though, when doing the first part of the camel pose, I struggle to put my hands on the small of my back with the fingers up, this causes pain. In fact I can do the actual camel pose better as it doesn't need this hand position. Can you recommend any suitable changes or how to free up my hands?
    Thanks again

  14. Thank you Adriene for the gift of YOU! A wonderful practice - both Fuego and Text Neck! And of course for your love letter and soulful words. Be well. Namaste.

  15. Hello Adrien, I am so glad you are in my country.I am from Mexico, not from Mexico city, more from the north (Chihuahua). I am currently live in Canada, I follow you since 6 months, and I practice your videos everyday. Besides Yoga I practice dragon boat, I would like to ask you if you have a Yoga practice for this kind of sport.

    I am keen to know more about your experience in Mexico and your new program Fuego.

    Keep in touch.

  16. I have been exploring this topic for the last few weeks and have amassed a collection of correction techniques. I have even been sharing some to my high school students. This morning before I looking for my morning yoga with Adriene video I thought to myself I need to search for a better pec stretch. And then da daaa here is this great practice. Namaste

  17. Exactly what I needed too. As usual. The magic of Yoga with Adriene. With much love and gratitude from South West of France.

  18. Thank you Adriene for the gift of a wonderful practice both Fuego and Text Neck! And for your love letter . Be grate . Namaste.;)

  19. Kudos once again...….to you Adriene and your awesome practice! I am grateful for your introspective guidance, humility and energy, which permeates throughout each video practice.

    This one was on cue for my stiff, spasmodic neck muscles.

  20. Loved this practice today! My neck hurts on and off either from exercise, texting and now arthritis has set in too. So I’m sometimes looking for gentle ways to tend to it. Thank you this was a great ‘find what feels good’ practice.

  21. I didn't even realize I needed this. Boy, did I ever! You're a blessing, Adrienne! Thank you!

  22. I have had some shoulder blade strain over the past few days on the right side. When I saw this email, I thought oh man this is what I need! A perfect perfect flow. I have been away from yoga for some time, and this is what I needed to get me back. Thank you so much for sharing your passion with everyone. xoxo.

  23. Thank you Adriene, as always. This love letter was very special to me. For months I've been thinking about learning French!
    And this month I'm starting again the 30days of yoga challenge. Getting back to roots

  24. " I will come to you in the silence, I will call you each by name,
    Come and follow me, I will bring you home!
    I love you and you are mine. "

    That's what I hear, That's what I follow.
    I am part of this wonderful community Yoga with Adriene.
    What a Blessing!!!

  25. Hey!!!! I was True to myself and I up and moved to Spain!!!! (I’m from NC originally)

    I learned SPANISH as an adult and I’m fluent. So you will too.

    Add Madrid to your tour??!!! Please!

  26. Hola Adriene, muchas gracias por tus excelentes y tan lindos videos de yoga y tu voz tan dulce!!! Me encantan tus videos, hacer yoga con vos todos los dias desde que te conoci hace solo unas semanas. Me hubiera haberte conocido hace algunos anios cuando empezaste a publicar los videos en youtube. I hope you understand what I wrote in Spanish 🙂 Otherwise I will translate it for you. I love you, Benji and your videos!!! I love everything you say and helps me to relax. You are very beautiful and so cute Benji!!! I always use youtube on my partner's address otherwise I will put like to all the videos that I do. My neck and shoulders are sore and tense most of the time so doing your videos it helps me to relax the knots. My right hand gets very sore at night as I had the carpal tunnel operation almost 6 years ago. Can you do a special videos for hands and wrists?
    I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina and have been living in Auckland, New Zealand for more than five years and love it very much!!!! You would love New Zealand 🙂 Let me know if you come one as I would love to meet you in person and to do yoga with you 🙂
    I have been looking for a job for more than six months and is very difficult to get a job. I have a job interview tomorrow and hope to be able to get the job!!!

    I hope you are having a great time in Mexico!!!

    Un abrazo
    Cynthia O'Toole

  27. It was just the right thing that I needed to do after my yesterday 1400km car journey!
    Thanks fantastic Adriene!

  28. Enjoyed your kind commentary and encouragement, as always. Do you know many Fitness Blender
    participants have recently found out about YWA and are starting to try out yoga? I saw it on the Community section of Fitness Blender, and was happy to see that you are getting recognized and discovered by more and more people (they are a good community like the YWA kula).

  29. This was so timely, Adrienne. With an impinged shoulder and a day on my laptop, I ended the day pain-free! Thank you so much for staying current, feeling the vibes of stress we all need to release, and providing this incredible opportunity and encouragement!

  30. Love everything of yours that I have completed so far. I know you have a teacher video, I am a Physical Education teacher, but do you have one that works for people that stand all day. I am on my feet close to 8 hours a day. Thanks for all the videos.

  31. That was great! Fish was a refreshing new move to learn too! Hoping with daily yoga practice I can correct my scoliosis that I was born with, either way yoga has made living with a curved back much easier! Thank you Adriene! Namaste!<3

  32. This was exactly what I needed. I literally have felt like I am getting "stuck" in a forward head and rounded shoulders posture. I am going to do this everyday, along with your other videos. Thank you!

  33. After a day in front of a computer and a lot of background stress I chose this video. I have dreadful circulation problems (Raynaud's Syndrome) and at one point this generated so much heat in my hands and arms I couldn't believe it! Just what I needed, still feeling the benefit this morning.

  34. i just discovered yoga with Adrienne. i suffered from chronic pain starting in 2000. It has gotten worse and worse. I tried everything. Currently working with a massage therapist yet again on a weekly basis. i did this yoga tonight and several others in the last few days. Maybe it will help. I started yoga in 2000 and had to stop because of several ankle, shoulder and elbow injury. Started running, pop pilate, zumba, and other classes in the last 2 years. Exercises help but never got rid of the pain. I am determined to find relief through exercises and other natural means instead of pain medication. Always try to find something new to see if it helps my condition. I felt good after each yoga with Adrienne video. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Adrienne

  35. thank you so much for your videos !
    i really enjoy to practice with, it 's what my body daily need.
    Could you please let me know the name of the asana in this video at minut 12?

    it help me very well!

    thank you

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