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Yoga For Your Feet

Yoga for your FEET: you know you need it. Or if you don't know, trust me - you will benefit from this healing practice. Whether you are tending to issues with the feet or you are working for preventative care - take half an hour to tend to it.

Your feet need proper TLC! A lot of issues with the feet can be healed with mindful body work. Here are some very simple tools to practice at home. A perfect opportunity to clean and clear the slate and rebuild from the ground up. So many gems in this one! Breathe easy and enjoy!

PS: You are not alone 😉

18 comments on “Yoga For Your Feet”

  1. Adriene, thank you for this session. I injured my pinky toe about 2 weeks ago while rather un-mindfully transitioning from downward dog to high lunge. Since then I realised how little attention I actually pay to my feet. This video has made me reconnect to my paws and I am even going to have a little home made foot spa with a coconut oil, sugar and peppermint oil as you suggest this evening, thanks for that great idea. Much love xoxoxo

  2. You are awesome! I have been practicing yoga with you for a month now. And sending you love from Brazil! Namaste 🙂

  3. Hi this was great:)
    After practicing yoga "with you" from Norway for almost two years I unfortunately had an fall on my bike that left me with a broken thumb on the one hand and broken upper arm on the other so not using hands and doing yoga is a challenge at the moment. Therefore this video is excellent for me now until I get my to hands back in shape.
    A great thanks to you and your team for all that you share with us so that we can experience this <3
    Marit 🙂

  4. I haven't done Yoga since before I had my two kids. Today I found your videos on Youtube and had them playing in the background while I fed the kids lunch. By the time I put them down for afternoon naps I really really wanted to do some Yoga even though I am about twice as heavy as I was list time I did Yoga. I decided to watch this video thinking it would be a good place to start... I pretty much cried the whole time! It's been so long since I have take care of me!! It felt amazing and I am so thankful I found your channel! I had to write about my experience on my blog:
    Thank you so much 🙂

    1. Hi Unnur,
      I was in a similar way as you and needed to do something to get me up and going. I tried Adrienes Yoga for Beginners and I've never looked back I did it over and over until I got the hang of it. I go back to it now and again when I think I've strayed off the right track lol.
      Hope you give it a try.

    2. Hi Adriene
      I love all your foundation and beginners videos and this one really helped my feet.
      Is there any way that you can help me with my knees. Without going into it all, I've got problems with them and would love to know how to strengthen the muscles to support them.
      Please get back to me or anyone else that knows what's good for knees

  5. Hey Adriene,
    This was my first time doing yoga with you, and I am hooked! Thank you so much!! I love your style. I would really like to try the silent foot yoga you mentioned in this video, but I couldn't find it. Is there anyway you can link it in the blog? I found one silent video you did that seems to have been removed. I would really love to try it!
    Thanks again!

  6. Adriene,
    Thank you for posting this-it was honestly a life saver (definitely incorporating this into my weekly routine...heck maybe even daily). I just went through a move and started a new job (where I am on my feet all day) and I got home today and knew my body was in need of some yoga. I went right to your site and saw this video and I think my feet screamed at me till i clicked on it. Just wanted to say thank you.

  7. Love this.
    Thank you.
    I love me feet and use them everyday and work them hard.
    and now the rest of me feels just amazing.

  8. Thanks so much! This is the year I want to sort out my feet. I completely agree that it can affect other body parts too, I had to cut out some of the foggy pose as I have knee/hamstring issues. But my feet feel much better now.

  9. Thank you for this! My tired achy feet were on the verge of ruining my vacation. Doing this every morning and the tired legs video helped so much!

  10. Hi, I have had chronic back pain for some time and have been enjoying your back and hip yoga practices. My husband is on his feet all day so thought for a change I would try the yoga for feet. At the end part where you lay on the floor with knees bend there was a massive crack/release of gas from my back. This has resulted in a decrease of pain and more mobility. I didn't expect to get back release from a foot yoga video but goes to show that when you talk about the body being a whole, it is. Thankyou

  11. Hi Adrienne,

    Love your channel. I have foot pain fit the last 2 months and pretty sure it's plantar fasciitis. Apart from this video, which other yoga videos do you suggest i can do, trying to lose weight and looking for safe weight loss activities

  12. I've been having brutal foot cramping as I get back into swimming after only running for the past year. I'm excited to try this practice. Thank you! You're the best!

  13. Thank you I’ve just come back to my yoga & started with one for the lower back & followed up with this practice I have planta fasciitis I feel this going to help me!!! Love ❤️ hot bite size yoga practices….

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