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Yoga for Musicians

Yoga For Musicians is the title but this 25 min practice will serve anyone seeking to improve posture and gain awareness in breath and body. In this video, Adriene teaches a mindful and therapeutic practice, inviting efficient movement. Breathe deep; take this time to ground and support. Balance out your energetic body while tending to your physical wellbeing. This fun Yoga With Adriene practice targets the neck, shoulders, upper back body, arms, wrists and hands while tapping into foundational movement from the core.

Let me know how it goes down below!

16 comments on “Yoga for Musicians”

  1. Looking forward to this practice!
    Could we please have a yoga for Artists practice?
    I make a lot of art when I'm not at my paid job in retail and I it can be hard on the back when leaning over when drawing or painting, or when I'm making ceramics, I sometimes get mid-back pain or notice my posture isn't the greatest if I'm concentrating on what I'm doing - and other people I know who make art say the same thing!
    I've done the yoga for back pain sessions (for which many thanks!) but something specific would be awesome!
    I love Yoga With Adriene, My go-to yoga practice. Every day.
    Thank you. xxx

    1. +1 on that. I also sculpt in my free time and off days. So would love a video for that..
      Also Adrienne..can you please make a video series for students. Please..please..pretty please!!

      1. +1 on this for me too! Adrienne, I absolutely love your work, it has helped me so much over the past couple years. I sit down "with" you multiple times a week. I look forward to it so much.

        I am a stamp artist that carves from rubber every day. My hands and forearms take a beating. Not to mention my strained neck looking down all day. I'm sure office/desk people would benefit too.

        Thanks again for your incredible work. Every video you make is unique and clarifying!

        Hannah Hazel

  2. Wowowowow I swear I was going to ask you to make a Yoga for Musicians Video since I am singer and the body is a huge part of it all!! You’re way ahead of me 🙂 Thank you so much, can't wait to do it!!

  3. I'm not a musician, but this was just what I needed today. Namaste, Adriene, and lots of love from Finland.

  4. Hi, from the UK. Wow! Todays practise was perfect. After 6 months physio for serious shoulder issues, which had no effect whatsoever, I started yoga back in July. I go to a class once a week and found you (thank goodness) to help me practice at home every other day. Within 6 weeks of starting I got full ROM back in both shoulders with virtually no pain and my life is back to its normal, active self. Thank you Adrian, don`t know what I would do without you. Namaste. xx

  5. i love this video, its easy an gets all the right places, i am 76, an have been following you an your videos on u tube. thank you for this video it'll be one of my favorites.

  6. Oh my goodness! Just what I needed. I am a singer and instantly felt more access to my range after this session. Thank you! X

  7. Glad to find your emails, I had been busy lately. Your spirit is uplifting. I hope it's not odd at your age, you're very encouraging. Plus I can feel the improvement in my focus and stamina since almost two months of yoga with you. Mostly repeating the 30 day yoga camp, but also do the one for musicians and manual labor. My wife joins in when her schedule allows, and she likes you too. This really is good. Namaste.

  8. You don't have to be a musician to enjoy this calm practice.
    Thank you Adriene, 'twas a nice one.
    Love, from Israel.

  9. I have a difficult time with my core strength and must have done something wrong today as I went from the squat, moved my fingers back behind me, and I end up falling on my behind every time! 🙂 That’s fine usually, but today I hurt my shoulder, sort of a Charlie horse muscle spasm in my right shoulder. I’m resting it, and it should be fine. Any tips on building core strength to avoid this happening again? From now on I’m going to just skip that part! Thanks!

  10. Mostly though just sending lots and lots of thanks!!! It’s helped me get back in shape and cope with the pandemic stress! Thank you soooooo much! 🙂

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