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Experiencing connection brings meaning to your movement, your work, your relationships, your life.

Connection invites depth.


Your experience with finding connection though yoga leads to a greater connection off the mat.

Through yoga and mindfulness, Yoga With Adriene has brought the globe together, creating a ripple effect of feel good connection.

Purchase ticket from venue to reserve your spot! 

Bring a mat and a water bottle. 

Bring a sweater, towel or blankie for savasana as the venues can be chilly.

Sept. 4 - Stockholm, Sweden at Kulturhuset - Sold Out

Sept. 9 - Berlin, Germany at Huxley's Neue WeltSold Out

Sept 18 - London, England at Alexandra Palace 20:00 - Sold Out.

Sept. 22 - Amsterdam, Holland at De Hallen 10:30  - Sold Out.

Sept. 22 - Amsterdam, Holland at De Hallen 15:00 - Sold Out. 

Sept. 3o - London, England at Oval Space 11:30 - Sold Out.

Sept. 30 - London, England at Oval Space 16:00 - Sold Out.

Oct. 1 - London, England at Kew Gardens 19:00 - Sold Out.

Oct. 14 - Paris, France at Élysée Montmartre 10:30

Oct. 14 - Paris, France at Élysée Montmartre 15:00


Yoga With Adriene Logo
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