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Yoga For Healthy Wrists

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  1. Hi there, I have been doing yoga daily recently as I have been off work recovering from glandular fever and I find that yoga helps a lot. Unfortunately I have always has a weak right wrist and it has started hurting again when I put pressure on it on all fours, plank or even downward dog. I have tried to make my own yoga sequence that doesn't put any pressure on the wrists just while it is recovering but I was wondering if other people may have the same problem and it might be an idea for a yoga video. It's much more fun doing yoga with you! Just an idea. Thanks for all the great videos.

    1. I have the same problem and have been wearing a brace and trying to do these poses with my knuckles on the mat - kind of like a gorilla. It's definitely better that way and no pain for me.

  2. Why, yes, I do have just the same problems as Lauenna (de Quervain Syndrome) and am therefore desperately looking for alternative poses for all the ones putting pressure on the wrists, (mainly the ones, Lauenna mentioned).
    As much as I LOVE your exercises, Adriene - your wrist-stretching here unfortunately does not solve my problem.
    Would you pretty, pretty please grant us a video showing us which yoga-poses we could REPLACE for the wrist-straining ones in all of the exercises?
    I - and all my fellow-sufferers - would really be VERY grateful!

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