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Yoga for Gardeners

This all levels holistic practice is for everyone! Whether you are an actual gardener or a metaphorical gardener, this practice is for you.

In this session, we will bring a loving release to the low back, hips, side torso, legs, ankles, and feet. We will also stretch through the hands, wrists, and arms while practicing pranayama, or mindful breathing. Stretch and soothe the muscles of the neck, shoulders that carry tension while using this time to cultivate a strong bridge between mind and body.

What seeds do you want to plant? What needs tending to?

Dig in. Let’s do it!

Let me know how you are feeling in the comment section down below!


71 comments on “Yoga for Gardeners”

  1. Hi Adriene, my yoga-seed was planted nearly 46 years ago, when I was 11. We had yogaclasses after school if interested; There I learned the sunsalutation, which I now give on to children at school and parents. Three years ago I started practicing more fundamentally and since then my yogaway is going on, took course to be a childrens yoga teacher and now starting up the full yoga teacher training at last. It has so far been a way with tremendous ups and downs, sideways and railways, but nevertheless MY way. Outside I'm a real gardener as well, growing my own vegetables, eating my own bio grown food. I follow your videos by the way, every morning chosing out what feels good at that moment. So all this long comment to just share that I'm gardening, inside and outside. 🙂 Love, Kris <3

  2. Morning. Andrienre. Not sure of your
    Time zone. ? I am in U K hot weather
    I not been here long so yoga helped
    With grounding planting me. Yes
    I learned yoga inside. Like a flower opening
    Mine was dance. But older. Now
    Plus no dance or men here.
    And only yoga at a gym.
    Very inpersonal expensive
    I found you on your very first day
    So you been my. Guidelines
    To. Get. Fit balance. Xxx

  3. Thank you, feel calm and self loved. You have helped me to ground myself emotionally and physically. I've yoged since January of this year and cannot think how I managed without yoga. It's a huge part of me now.
    Sending kind wishes from the UK where it is nearly 30 degrees.

  4. First started yoga four years ago at age 48 and now it has become part of my life, I've only been with you since mid January 2018 and I have found a home here with you and Benji and the rest of your yoga family, Thanks for all you do for all of us your energy is wonderful and I look forward to seeing what you come up with next every week. Thanks again for Everything you do for all of us Namaste and give Benji a hug. Now it's time to hit that garden.

  5. Hi Adriene, my yoga seed was planted back in 1999 when I was stuck in hospital for 3 months. Occupational therapy offered twice weekly yoga and meditation sessions (free on the NHS - a blessing). I went out of curiosity and because I normally turned down everything offered and I felt bad about that (severe depression kind of does that to you). The teacher was 78 years old, her name was Helen and she gave all of us attending a much needed dose of gentle encouragement and nourishment and a way to connect body, mind and spirit to feel 'whole' again, however we chose to understand it. It brought life and growth and joy. It still does. Thank you to Helen wherever she may be. Thank you for your videos Adriene. So great to connect with all making this journey.
    Peace and Love. xx

  6. Hi Adriene,
    I'm from Allahabad, India. It has great experience to communicate with u, actually i have seen ur yoga classes on YouTube and after following ur video's then i found myself better from the past. U have done great job.
    I'm sincerely invited to you in our country. The Mahakumbh will organizing next year at Allahabad. So if u would came here it's great achievements for local citizen's.

  7. Hey Adriene, looking forward to doing this later. I have a very physically demanding job in retail so I think this will be a great session for me. 🙂

    I did yoga on and off for a long time but I don't think the seed was truly planted til I found you.

    For me, in whatever I'm doing with guidance, (yoga, art, whatever), the teacher and their attitude is the key.

    You feel more like a friend than a teacher and now my daily home practice is one of the most important things to me, whether it's a five minute dive onto the mat after a way too tiring day, a half hour or more session when I have the time, or, as in the case a couple of weeks ago when I was staying in a beautiful cabin in the woods, a few forward folds and warrior poses on a wildflower roof!

    I can't thank you enough for being here.

    Here in the UK today it's way too hot for my liking so I'm going to head into the woods for a walk, diving from shady bit to shady bit on the way there!

    Then it's time for some art and some yoga.

    Perhaps we can have a "Yoga for when it's too darn hot!" practice!

    Much love

    1. Also here from the UK, yes please, a yoga session for when it is too hot to think! I've been doing a lot of Ahimsa to cope with the heat, but this one, first thing, before it was too hot, was lovely. thanks Adriene.

    2. Agree! Yoga to handle hot weather would be great! And Adriene has to be an expert on the topic!

  8. I've been doing yoga for four years now I'm 51 years old and I've been following you since mid January 2018 and I have found a Home here with you and Benji and the entire yoga family that follows you. I really love the energy you put out there and all the wonderful tips you share, yoga has become part of my life I roll that yoga mat out Everyday it is what starts my day and gets me through the day, Thanks for everything Namaste and give Benji a big hug, I look forward to seeing what you come up with next. P.S. love your hair!!

  9. Hi Adriene! I have missed several days but feels good to be back. Thanks for this. I didn't think it was what I needed (just getting out of bed) but it was perfect! have a wonderful day. ~namaste xo

  10. Lovely practice Adrienne . You continue to have meaningful thought provoking classes infused with a great sense of humor. The best of yoga! Namaste

  11. Hi Adriene...I too am in the UK but love the heat. I am a real and metaphorical gardener and enjoyed your session this morning. I am 65 and have been doing Yoga since my 20's but for the last 10 years due to breast cancer and a sedentary job I put on a lot of weight and generally felt unfit and bent over! I retired in May and went to India to do an ayurvedic retreat involving yoga and massage everyday for 3 weeks. Before I went I discovered your videos which really helped prepare me for India. I have lost a lot of weight and feel upright and fit for the first time for some years.
    I continue to do your videos everyday...they have been a life saver so many thanks and much love.
    Cathy xx

  12. Hi Adriene, the yoga seed was planted for me a year and a half ago when my hairdresser told me about you and your videos. I have always wanted to try yoga, and did a few poses here and there with other exercise, but when I found you on You Tube and tried a couple of videos I was hooked! Now here I am a year and a half later and practicing yoga on a daily basis, feeling so much better mind, body, and soul! Thank you for all that you do! Can't wait to try this video later especially since I pulled weeds from my garden yesterday, and my body is feeling it today!

  13. Hello dearest Adriene. Actually, in 1973 I left my first husband feeling broken hearted and devastated. My friend got me a job in a Dr.'s office and the Doctor was a yoga instructor. I took classes once a week for awhile but I wasn't quite ready to make yoga a part of my life. My new husband and I took classes together in the late 90's. Then we got a Wii operating system around 2005 and I started practicing regularly with the Wii program. I started falling in love with regular practice

    But it wasn't until 2 years ago that I began practicing with 3 friends every week on Tuesday and one of my friends said, "Did you ever hear of Yoga With Adriene?" And...the rest is history. I became a devoted follower and friend and yoga has become one of the most important parts of my life. I am a grateful recipient of all the love in your heart, Adriene, that you freely share with us. I can't thank you enough and I know you feel the same way. This is a big love fest right here.

    I actually forget what the actual question was but nevertheless, I love you and everything you have brought to my life.


  14. Good Mornin' Adriene! I am late to mat, as I only started practicing less than three years ago, at 51 years of age. I have you to thank for getting me HOOKED. I attended a yoga class during a Chickie weekend get together. I was going through a very difficult time and the class seemed to spark a connection, but it wasn't until I searched the net and came upon you and your awesome practice/personality and candor, that I felt at home. Although I've always been an active, athletic woman, I've always found it difficult to slow things down - choosing running, xc skiing, hiking, kayaking, calisthenics over meditation or yoga. But, at this particularly difficult time, YOGA With Adriene was just what the doctor ordered and I have been enjoying the journey everyday since. Thank you for being you and sharing yourself, your knowledge and your practice with the world...…….you are making a difference, one practice at a time!


  15. Hi Adriene - thank you so much for starting my day off great!! - I wake up early (4:30 am) so I can be with FWFG before work - and have my breakfast for my soul and body. My daughter told me a couple of years ago that I would love this practice. - I sort of fluffed it off. Then last summer for a lot of different reasons - this practice entered my mind and I started and it has been part of my life since. WONDERFUL
    Thank you Thank you Thank you

  16. Gardened yesterday and woke up a little sore this morning. This practice was just what I needed. Thank you and Namaste!

  17. Hi Adriene! Thank you for sending me emails and for posting videos. Love it. ❤️

  18. Miss Adriene, your yoga practice touches my heart, mind body and soul, every day. I feel that I have learned to breathe , finally, almost 50 years old!! Thank you!

  19. Hi Adriene,
    I first got into yoga aged 19 but it was very on and off! Now aged 52, I know now what was missing back then! I have had a tough few years with family troubles and sadly this March my beloved Dad and his sister my lovely Aunt died 3 days apart which was truly devastating. Without my regular yoga practice with you I would have gone under. I choose my practice using my intuition depending on my needs that day.
    Thank you for always reaching out with the many different practices, I look forward to all the new ones but rely on the oldest posted like I would rely on an old dear friend!

  20. Luckily for me my daughter found Yoga with Adriene and sent me a link. I was instantly hooked.
    It was wonderful for me, I felt instantly at home. I introduced my 2 daughters and son to yoga 15 years ago.
    It's like having a best friend show up every day for you. I travel a lot, so I can do Yoga anytime, anywhere.
    Your words of wisdom with each video always seem to be exactly right for me, it feels like you know what I need.
    I have started gardening too, about a year ago and love being close to the earth and watching things grow.
    Lots of love

  21. Years ago I did beginners yoga and stuck with it two years. I stopped mostly because of wrist pain, even though my wonderful instructor suggested modifications. I miss it. I'm 63 now. Would you do a session for older yoga wanna be's with wrist issues? That would be so wonderful. Thanks you! Namaste!

  22. I did plant the seed about six months ago when I met you...
    How grateful I am to Life for having put you on my path.
    I do feel like you are my friend and I love you so much for who you are.
    I am discovering what a magnificent being I am!
    Tending to my inner garden daily is very powerful!

  23. I want to thank you for getting me into a daily yoga practice... My good friend suggested you to me 3 years ago. At age 61 I was feeling like I really needed to continue a physical fitness regime that was low key (with a herniated disc, severe foot injury, and minor torn rotator cuff I wasn't able to continue strenuous workouts) . I started with your 30 days of yoga series and was hooked. 3 years later, I have avoided suggested surgeries. I am preparing for a sibling backpacking, rafting, hiking trip in the Grand Canyon in the fall as I turn 65. I truly believe my yoga practice with you has been the key to my ability to train for this adventure. My husband always says: being physically fit is the fountain of youth. You, dear Adrienne, have been instrumental in staying as young as I am able! I love your energy, sense of humor, and desire to freely give of yourself to others. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being the amazing woman you are!

  24. I was a little sore from gardening. This was perfect. I especially enjoyed the hand yoga. Mine were sore from digging. Thank you. Namaste.


  25. Hello Adriene,
    I am thoroughly enjoying your videos and my yoga practice with you! I watch your videos on YouTube and have completed 2-30 day challenges! I am 62 and after practicing yoga over the past 3 years, no longer have hip pain! I have also lost 10 pounds without trying and have truly strengthened my body. My sister turned me onto your videos and I will be forever filled with gratitude from her kindness and your amazing and quirky videos! I love how real you are! I am also a gardener and enjoy being able to do so, with a strong body! Namaste to you......

  26. Adriene, after discovering yoga back in 2011, I moved way from my yoga teacher and no longer felt inspired. I found your videos this past winter, and your gentle and encouraging nature helped me to find that yoga fire again.

    Unfortunately, I had emergency surgery this past week for an obstructed intestine, and am now home and healing up a 4" vertical incision in my belly.

    Do you have any recommendations for where to begin, once I am healed? Do you have any videos for post surgical patients or people who are limited by physical illness/injury? I feel like I will be starting over yet again. 🙁 Such a bummer.

  27. Thank you for this wonderful practice, Adriene! I started this journey a while ago but never been so consistent until this year when I tried for the third time to complete the 31 days of yoga, and I DID IT! Since then I've been practicing almost every day, but starting to taking it more serious lately, I love your vibes and I love you, my first at-home yoga teacher.

    Abrazos y besos from Venezuela!

  28. Adriene, I want you to know how comforted I am by your voice and your gentle guidance. I have tried oodles of yoga videos and I always return to yours, because your vibe and intentions are so authentic. As caregiver to my parents (both with Alzheimer's), I suffer from tremendous stress, sadness and big, difficult emotions. Your style of yoga has helped me face my caregiving challenge with ease, humility and compassion. You have made such a difference in my life, thank you for being you.

  29. Hi Adrienne
    The seed of yoga was planted in me 35 years ago when I had my first baby. I started doing it with a tv show hosted by Lilias Folan and I have been practicing almost every day since then. It is a hugely important part of my life and I love it! Thank you very much from North Bay Ontario

  30. Adriene, Thank you for a wonderful Sunday morning wake-up gift. I love to gardern, however, I also knit so many of your forms involving the hands, wrists, and arms will come in handy after a vigorous knitting session. I'm a voracious reader so I intend to seek out the book you mentioned your group is reading. Thanks to you and yoga, I'm recovering much of the mobility I lost to physical challenges. Keep the videos coming and I'll keep moving. Namaste.

  31. Thank you! Lovely boost to my back after carrying watering cans round the allotment in hot weather in the UK all week

  32. Thank you for the reaffirming uplift with today's practice. It was a timely reminder that "I" am in control of my reaction to the things around me that I have no control over...

    I felt grrreat after today's practice. Namaste!!

  33. Hi Adriene, I do a lot of yoga with your yogavideos. Almost everyday I practice.
    It helped me a lot when I was in a burnout. It's going a lot better with me now. But I still do yoga. It feels so good. Thank you
    love from Holland

    1. Hi Adrienne I am 64 years old and read about you in the Wall Street Journal some time back. It was a short ditty about best online or you tube video yoga. I have spent a small fortune taking yoga and Pilates classes for the past 30 years. I Injured my foot and can no longer put any direct pressure on my big toe. I play a lot of golf and walk most of the time. I set up my own home yoga space since it’s much easier to improvise moves and more comfortable too. I do many online programs but always come back to you Adrienne. You are teriffic. Thank you for sharing your life with so many strangers! It’s weird to connect via the internet but I really don’t miss group classes any more. I’m so glad I read the Wall Street Journal and discovered you. Namaste Jules

  34. Hello Adriene! thank you for this amazing video, I really enjoyed today`s practice. sending hugs, love, kisses.

  35. Hello Adriene! I am 66 years old and have answered an inner call to practice yoga, inspired by the healing stories of others. I began with your videos about 3 months ago. I am practicing first thing most mornings I have always been strong, but my body was beginning to stiffen. I know yoga is the path for me.
    I am a practicing psychotherapist. Your loving spirit and guidance are a balancing gift to me. Thank you

    I have a question: I do not seem to be able to sit on my heels. Can that come with time? For now, I do what feels good

  36. Hi, Adriene!

    Loved this video and your love letter today.
    I feel that this will be one of those practices that I come back to. I think this is a great practice to relieve back pain, which I have had a lot of lately. This one helped!
    Also loving the Center calender so far!

    Thanks for sharing your practice. Namaste

  37. From my heart of hearts I am deeply grateful for even owning a computer plus on it I found the best yoga teacher for me and of course it is you, Adrienne. I committed to 30 Days of Yoga 3 years ago and that planted the seed for sure. I cannot go a single day without some little yoga time. As a gardener, I found this video incredibly helpful by including the hands, shoulders and the stretch to feet; it really feels good in my hips. I am so proud of these older women for starting yoga. I'm 71 now and my body has never been in this good shape. I want to march straight forward to the end. Thank you for your compassionate, generous attitude!

  38. Hi Adriene! I started my yoga journey a little less than a year ago. I had a workout app on my phone that had some yoga sessions included. I didn’t think I was doing it right just from audio clues, as I’m a visual learner. So I searched YouTube and found you! I’m so thankful I did. You planted my yoga seed, and it keeps growing with your help. So thank you for bringing yoga and the FWFG Kula into my life.
    Oh! Today’s practice was exactly what I needed, as usual! So thanks for that, too!

  39. Lovely way to end my day... so many different stretches, postures with every practice.

    Love the analogy of being a seed and growing...

    I must make a commitment to myself to practice daily.... the feeling of stretching and twisting after being seated at the office desk is so worth the time with Adrienne. I am so glad to have the practice at my fingertips on my laptop....

    Thank you Adrienne ... you are the most inspirational teacher of spiritual and physical yoga

    TJ, Cheshire, England...

    Ps - I want all my friends to find you and try a practice..

  40. i've been gardening a lot and when i am doing it, i try to remember my yoga basics. i will be pulling weeds & thinking, my core!
    i am looking forward to doing today's practice!

  41. Hi Adriene !
    I'm practicing in France in front of the ocean... thank you for your videos ! I feel great and grounded.
    Have a wonderful day !!
    Love, charlotte

  42. My metaphorical garden has been invaded by weeds. I have not been as active and my body has felt weak. My mind has been cluttered with small rocks and it feels impossible to finish small tasks. I was able to get up early and engage in this practice which was gentle and has helped clear some of this clutter. Thank you for a beautiful practice

  43. The first seeds of yoga I've been planted almost 30years ago...I was just a girl....I did it with my first love, my first boyfriend and yoga became and remained my first love.❤
    My garden in these years is becoming bigger and bigger, I'm always more and more conscious and I feel it everywhere.

  44. Been making excuses lately not to do yoga but I watched the video as I was curious to see what it was like. By half way through I had changed and got out my mat to do this session as I was so inspired . I felt wonderful afterwards. Thank you so much

  45. Hi! Love your yoga!
    I’m pregnant now and wondering if you, or someone you recommend, has a prenatal yoga online program? Thank you!!

  46. Today, I experienced a real FWFG moment. I completely "zenned out" while attempting to do laundry. I was, of course mindfully, trying out Ujjayi breath while moving towels from the washer into the dryer and knocked my head on the dryer! It didn't hurt too bad, but it was like a knock on the head from Rafiki to remember to stay present. Afterward I laughed, and that made me feel good. Even a knock on the head can be a FWFG moment.

    Thank you for another wonderful video!

  47. I feel so calm after this practice ready for hopefully an amazing good night sleep. I always do your yoga video at night to give me the peace of mind that I need after a hard day at work. Getting addicted to yoga practice for sure. You nailed it, big time. And we all nailed it with you with your support and love. Thanks a million, Adriene

  48. THIS was one if those yummy practices. I loved it. I lol'd at you saying something about getting us to come back. I'm so hooked on my home practice with you that I will always be back. So grateful for all you do...Namaste

  49. Hello Adriene,

    Thank u for the mindful messages that I have received and the yoga practice. I go on my porch in the morning w ur video and do the yoga at best. My day is completel!! Thanks so much- keep sending❤️

  50. I've been practising yoga with you for over 3 years! And every class is exactly what I need. Yoga for gardeners was a great session again! From Argentina, I thank you every time I hop on my mat! The best for you!

  51. Hi Adriene ,
    Its been a while since I left a comment , but just thinking that this is my 4 th year doing yoga with you now , I think that is amazing!!!
    I have enjoyed this practice for Gardeners thank you and since I have lately had a problem with my psoas , giving me lots of hip pain , this was a good one for me . Your dedicated psoas practice has also been invaluable , thank you for that also.
    I have just noticed onFWFG FB page that you are going to be in San Francisco region next week ! I am going tomorrow flying from here in SOF thru London to SFO and staying near Palo Alto ...not far from Santa Cruz! so we may be geographically close over a day next week , though I have to leave on Fri 20th so maybe we are criss-crossing!!
    I like to think that I may bump into you in a coffee shop or on the street !
    Anyway enough dreaming ..just to let you know that I still love the practices and that they and you are still part of my life


  52. This practice was exactly what i needed after a few hours in the garden. Loosened everything that was tight and sore. Thanks!

  53. I was looking for "Yoga for after two days of painting ceilings and walls and day three in front of me". This one was prefect!

  54. Hi everyone 🙂

    I've had the luck to have started out quite young in my early teens I discovered Denise Austin's Pilates series, where I learned how to connect with my breath, how to push through difficult times with kindness.

    At that time her voice and the way she was guiding the session really made a difference and helped rewire some of my beliefs about the relationship with myself and the implications of the road to success (of any kind). It helped me feel good in my own body, facilitated self-love and acceptance while also having amazing effects physically. Not only did it sculpt my body but also helped with my walk as I had tried my hardest to not walk on my toes and bounce all the time. It realigned and grounded me. And these lessons reverberated through time in my existence shaping who I am today.

    Your work, Adrien, speaks to me in a similar way now, meeting me exactly where I'm at and exactly in the manner that matches my inner child 🙂 I am grateful to keep encountering you amazing guides who put your time and energy and resources in putting this material out into the world.

    Thank you

  55. In a rather freak bike accident, I slid on gravel and got a bit scraped up, + ankle twisted, just yesterday. Thru this practice, I can feel that "this too shall pass" and I'm healing, as I stretch and rest.

    A great one, as always, and a good metaphor "to grow and garden the soul" -- with others.

    My gratitude to Adriene, and the whole FWFG community!

  56. I adore this sequence! Being both a literal and metaphorical gardener it helps me stretch and release and grow, things I greatly value. Thanks Adriene!

  57. I am a massage therapist. This is a great practice that helps me keep my wrists open. I love it. I do it every couple of days. Thank you.

  58. Thanks so much for this wonderful video Adriene!
    Yesterday I worked after a long time in the garden which felt so good. But as my muscles aren`t used to it, I really needed this yoga class today - and every position or movement felt perfect to me 🙂

    I have a question about the FWFG membership: is it possible to pay without having a credit card? With something like paypal for example? That would be great!!!


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