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Yoga for Manual Labor

This 20 minute practice a special request for those who use their body all day at work. It is a counterbalance to a day spent working hard.

Take some time to stretch it out, honoring where your energy is at today. Use this practice to stretch and chill. Honor your body and all it does for you, honor your energy, and treat it with self-love with this practice.

No matter what your day entailed, this restorative practice is a good way to wind down at the end of the day.

25 comments on “Yoga for Manual Labor”

  1. It's not yet 8:00 AM and we're headed to church, but I plan to do this practice later today. I'm a proud 72 years old and I would jump the puddle on the sidewalk - just saying....:)

  2. Hi Adriene,

    Really love practising with you and appreciate all you do. I have a special request... My mum has fibromyalgia and often limited mobility due to it. Lying on a mat can be pretty uncomfortable at times. It would be amazing if you could recommend or create a video for her and others with the condition.

    Thank you so much.

  3. Thanks for sharing your lovely energy Adrienne, and I pass on my luck in finding it to as many friends as I can.

  4. It is 9:40 am in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia Canada. I am 44 years old. At this moment my energy is full of love and light."What sort of energetic state am I currently living?" Going day by day. "How is my energy?" Growing stronger

    Do you feel stuck? Sometimes I do.

    Do you feel old, mentally? Sometimes, it depends on what is going on at the time.

    Or young? I always like feeling young and have no care in the world.

    Do you walk around while promptly getting mad and grumbly.
    Or do you take another lighter more playful, dare I say even fun, approach? I usually go for the lighter more playful side of things. Well at lease I try too.

    I love my energy. With your help on the Yoga Mat I get reconnected to my higher self and get grounded. I do yoga every Morning before I head off to work. With the energy and positive grounding it helps me stay positive and enjoying the amazing day God has given us.
    God Bless and have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Hi Adriene!

    Just did this video and amazing as always! Looking forward to the next one. I learned yoga from you and just want to say you're amazing and influential. Love to meet you one day. Have a great day*

  6. Adriene, YOU rock. YOU make my day. YOU speak to me!

    I just moved to a new town. I created a "Yoga room” based on the space in your videos. I love the Ritual and plan to continue it until I feel like changing ... It is just the right amount of time and leaves me time for a lovely walk. The quiet is worth it’s weight in gold.

    I am going to be 75 in October, and I relate to you as my friend, teacher and companion.

    Love who you are and what you’re doing.

  7. Hi Adriene!

    Is a yoga sequence for horse riding a thing? 🙂 It tends to focus on the hips, lower back, core (A LOT), inner thighs and side of the calfs

    Truely grateful for your youtube channel! x

  8. Adriene, is there any yoga book you recommend? I wan to learn more about the things you mention in your videos!

  9. Dearest Adriene, this will be a looong comment but I hope worthwhile: I do remember making this request to you for my sweetheart who is a plumber (and he is also 50+). Don't know if others have also - with 2 million followers the chances are pretty good. SO SO SO GRATEFUL TO YOU and your team for this. It will open doors to healing for so many who truly need and deserve it / and may not even really know about yoga outside of stereotypes.
    Here's a cool coincidence: He happens to have a very deep voice and is known for saying "OH YEAAHHH" exactly the way you said it in the video -- so much so that last Halloween his costume was the Kool Aid Guy. It's like ya know HIM.
    So here's my puddle in the sidewalk: I told him all about my request and this video and "let's do this together" ... he's saying he is "not interested." (But in the next breath said he's happy I found something I love) Will not let that get me down, and will not let it turn into some toxic tango. WILL share. I/we have so many friends who are in the Trades and those who love them. Will practice this ditty myself to give me more empathy for him at the end of a hard day.
    Since I'm in "Dear Adriene" mode I'd also like you to know I am going through a positive "breakthrough" time facilitated hugely by your Yoga Ritual. Going into the second week and then the full month experience - which means the journey will complete on or very near my birthday. (I've been looking to you as my Yoga Buddy for about 2 years now & am a member)
    As a last comment, KUDOs for practicing your craft as a yoga teacher and everything that goes into YWA. Talking and practicing Yoga at the same time. WHAT??? You make it look easy but I know IT TAKES LOTS OF WORK. YEEAHHHH! TY!!!. ROCK ON.

  10. Hi Adriene!
    I love Your weekly e-mails. They always arrive on Sunday and cheer me up ahead of the comming week. Thank You.

  11. Hey Adriene,
    You have many fans over here in nz! I am the biggest! I love your videos! Any chance of a vid for broken/injured arms? (No weight bearing allowed... needs elevation...huge heavy cast and a little pain) Im doing parts of your vids but I don't know how to balance it. Also struggling with the enforced slowing down... there must be others out there like me!

  12. Thank you, Adriene, for the emails. I know they're just newsletters but this one, in particular, is giving me a little strength to start the week. <3 Keep up the good work!

  13. That was so well for me!!! I do Yoga much to less, I know ist would be much better for everything!!!! But often I am too san I overcome this inner lazyness? From the bottom of my heart......thank you <3

  14. Hi chick,
    Your email regarding energy really touched me. I am studying nursing full time so exercise often gets pushed aside to meet deadlines. I broke my arm a month ago and had just gotten back into regular yoga. Now I am missing it and the amazing physical and mental benefits. The injury to my arm has meant i am falling behind in clinical placements and that has lead to the highest anxiety I have ever experienced. I know my arm needs to heal, i know it's only temporary but the anxiety has drained my ENERGY. I do not feel like my usual self at all! So, thanks for the email - I really had to acknowledge that I am stuck in an energy lull and need to get out of it but that it's okay to chill for now too.

  15. Hi Adrienne,

    Today's email really sang to me.... thank you xx

    I'm so tired, i am hungry, i feel sluggish, i've a 15 month old, a darling, but an active darling!!! a new job.... an active social life where i can... its a juggle!! So thank you xxx and I will turn up on the mat and im hoping to go to the gym later this eve 🙂

    Have a GREAT day!

    SJ xx

  16. Do your OM thing. By Rebecca Pacheco. So informative and yet light and easy to read and understand. As I've been reading it, I keep thinking I'll just start reading it again! Just a suggestion.

    I've been doing Yoga with Adrienne for 2 1/2 years now. "Game changer"

  17. Hi, Adriene. Like many of your commenters, I want to thank you for your uplifting videos, which brighten my days. As the mother of a one-year-old, I am striving to find more balance in my life by adding a little self-care into every day. I was wondering if you would consider creating a video aimed at people who suffer from fibromyalgia. I believe yoga in general helps me manage the chronic pain I experience due to fibromyalgia, but I would be interested to know what specific exercises you might recommend. I am also interested in whether you might have specific recommendations for dealing with "fibro fog", which some experts believe is caused by not enough oxygen getting to various parts of the brain (there are lots of other theories about what causes this as well). Thanks for any help you can offer! Again, your videos are a ray of sunshine in my stressful days - thank you for sharing your practice with me!

  18. Hi adrienne, I am from NZ and will be visiting Texas in January. I would love to come and join in on one of you mat sessions somewhere and meet you to say thank you for helping my back pain. I am also interested in studying yoga to teach and practice where I live. I live by the mountains in NZ and we have a lot of international people passing through for ski season. A lot of them like to unwind through yoga. I would like to provide a service at the motels I am building that focuses on rejuvination and healing.

    Would love to hear back from you.

    Namaste - Have a great day!! 🙂

  19. Hi Adriene, I'm from Australia and love your yoga practices. I've lost 2kg without even trying and feel toned and strong.
    I wonder if you could advise what the best practice would be for someone suffering from an under-active Thyroid. Is there such a thing?
    Thanks for all your great work!

  20. Howdy Adriene!
    Frist, off I want to say thanks for everything you've taught me. I've shown your videos to many of my friends and family and they are no longer afraid of yoga. You've given them and myself the strength and guidance to understand that yoga truly is for everyone.
    We all live in different locations and we're able to stay connected by virtually practicing together. I'm getting married next Friday and I know this is a crazy request, but I was wondering if you could guide a simple flow (maybe for nervousness) that all my friends and family could do together the morning of my wedding. It will be the first time we'll all be in the same place and it will be amazing to share a customized practice lead by you.
    I understand you're a busy lady and this is a shot in the dark but I figured I'd throw it out there.
    Regardless, you have plenty of videos to choose from and we'll be practicing together either way.

    Thanks for all you do for the community.

    To your success!

    Loryn Leslie Roberson (soon to be Wippermann!)

  21. Just wanted to thank you for the work you do & the videos you provide. I've done the 31 day revolution, and just finished day 8 of the yoga camp. Your yoga has been vital in my healing & recovery from sexual trauma, and alcohol/drug addiction. I am forever grateful !

  22. Hi Adriane,
    I burst out laughing on my mat today when you said it was trippy looking at your fingers for so long, like when you write the same word over and over again and it starts to look weird. Say what? ... So the laugh felt as good as the yoga. Love your spontaneity, keep it up lady!

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