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Yoga For Wrist Pain

Yoga for Wrist Pain. Adriene guides us through a yoga lesson for the wrists. Avoid wrist pain and deepen your practice. From the foundation we explore alignment and action -then actually apply to poses in your practice. Tend to it, stay curious! Take a little time to workshop what is going on in the wrists, to find support, ease and what feels good!

15 comments on “Yoga For Wrist Pain”

  1. I have come to love and look forward to my yoga because of you Adrienne. I so enjoy all your little comments and quirky, cute little things you do. I am 68 years old and have tried on and off but because of Yoga with Adrienne and your cute little personality I am sticking with it and I am taking you away with me to Europe this winter via my laptop. Thanks so much Adrienne. Keep up the great classes. Love ya

  2. Thank you! My wrist feels better and I always thought there was nothing I could do about it. That was simple enough for me to do and I love that I can do it anywhere, anytime. Much appreciation for your relaxed style of yoga!

  3. Hi Adriene,
    This couldn't have posted at a better time. I have increasing wrist and nerve pain in one palm. Will give this a try and see how I do. Thank you so much!

    Happy Holidays to you!

  4. Adrienne you are awesome,
    I have weak wrists and problems with tennis elbow and the radial nerve in my forearm so finding exercises to strengthen that area is amazing. Thank you 🙂

  5. Hi Adrian
    Your new designed sight does not include the time of each video.
    This is so crucial to me so that I know what sequence I cold squeeze in my time slot. .......

    Thanks so much for everything!

  6. I did crane pose during yoga class and hurt my wrist. Now I feel a pain and I do not know what to do..Should I go to a physical therapist? Is someone from NYC? Who is familiar with this clinic

  7. Hi there Adriene!
    Thank you for this video! I just found you and your amazing yoga videos and this one really came to use. I've had wrist pain for about 5 years and thought that I just gotta live with it. I hope this can help me to get stronger wrist and arms... How often do you recommend me to do this sequence?
    Greeting from Finland 🙂
    (Sorry if I spelld some words wrong... I'm not that good in writing in english)

  8. I just started to do yoga. So I started to look at diffrent websites until I found this one. Adriene, you re so amazing!!! Also, you are a gret yoga instucter. I started to get some knee pain and some back pain and I am only 9 years old!!!

  9. Fantastic Adriene! That move at the end with the fingers beneath the toes... absolutely perfect move for my wrists. It felt great. So glad to have learned that!!

  10. Should I try this if I am having wrist pain already? I had a kidney transplant in December and I don’t know if the wrist pain is a side effect of medication or if starting yoga with your videos is the culprit. I’ve never liked yoga, but when a friend introduced me to your website I started trying it and it has definitely helped with body aches, which are definitely a side affect of the medication. I am so sad I am having this wrist pain. I have been to the orthopedic and they told me it was tendinitis. Both wrists.

  11. I wish I discovered this video sooner. I've had pain in my forearm for several years and this practice provided great relief. Thank you so much for sharing this. I'm a regular follower of your yoga videos and I'm adding this to my favourites and will share this with my fitness group.

  12. First of all, Ive been loving your videos, they’ve helped me get back into yoga. Second of all, wrist problems though. I have wrist pain on both sides— for quite some time I have wished and wished that someone would create yoga sequences that are easy on the wrists but also interesting and challenging in other ways. Do you have any interest in making any of those? I think theyd be a hit 🙂

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