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Yoga For Hangovers

We've had many requests for this: Yoga for Hangovers! Tend to your throbbing headache, nurture your system and find what feels good with the gentle and rejuvenating practice. You don't have to be hungover or have a headache to enjoy this sequence! Heal your body. Breathe deep. Onward, we move.

16 comments on “Yoga For Hangovers”

  1. This is great even for study hangovers, when my head is throbbing and I feel like everything is awful. Thank you!

  2. Hi! I get a heap of migraines, and I just tried this at the onset of an aura. The headstand seems to make the worst of it go away 🙂 thanks! I am definitely going to try essential oils on my mat too.
    Would love any more yoga tips for migraines.

  3. Hi Adriene!

    In the video you mention you don't really drink much anymore and said there was a blog post about this. Would you mind providing me with the link for this blog post? I think I would value your perspective on this topic! Thanks.

    1. Erin - did you receive the link for that post? I would also love a little more information!

  4. Hey, great video. You mentioned E.O.s (Lavender & Peppermint) in this video. How about including more one them in other videos? Maybe a recommendation in each video on a specific E.O. that would be good? I use them all the time when I'm doing your videos!

  5. Hi, in the video you mention that you will write a piece about yoga and alcohol, you say at the end that the more yoga you practice, the less alcohol you drink, I would be interested to read more about your thoughts on that if you find time! Or perhaps you already wrote it? Thanks for all the positivity and yogic love!

    1. I’ve been looking for the piece she refers to in the video as well. Anyone found that yet?

  6. Can honestly say that this helps.
    I wasn't super hungover, but had a swimming headache. Tense muscles at the back of the head and swollen painful lymph glands at the front of the neck.
    I was really glad she didn't shy away from inverts because hanging my head always feels good when I have a headache - so if anybody is sitting there thinking "I dunno 'bout all that", just give it a try.

    Thank you

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