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Reunite with Your Breath

The breath is the baseline.

Experience reuniting with the breath with just a few deep inhales and exhales.

Begin to cultivate a strong relationship with your breath and call upon it in times of stress or fear, to feel calmer and more centered, even out strong emotional feelings and aid in better sleep.

When in doubt, return to the breath!

Join me for this 19-minute pranayama breath practice! Stay nice and low to the ground in this session as you learn to develop breathing techniques for stress relief, anxiety relief, overall balance and wellbeing. This Yoga With Adriene practice invites you to get curious, invite in a new consciousness, and slow things down.

Optional prop: Blanket or beach towel

Let me know how this practice goes for you in the comment section down below!

For more breathing techniques and exercises, check out these videos:

26 comments on “Reunite with Your Breath”

  1. This comes at a really good moment in my life and while I'm not completely certain where this will lead I trust my breath to take me there. Thank you for this opportunity

  2. Love the this and particularly the last breathing section! Your words about being curious not necessarily getting it “right” were so powerful. Thank you.

  3. Oh my word honey this was so relaxing Thank you so much i stay so tense through my neck and shoulders all the time and it just feels so good letting all that go I really appreciate it Thank you

  4. Chanced on this, and did it, though I thought it was too simple. Realized there is something new I learn every time, from your videos; thank you! It's great doing yoga with you.

  5. So timely. Yesterday I was inspired to find the breath and lovingly give it to my spine. I have been struggling with misalignment and deep tightness in my thoracic spine. Suddenly, in one beautiful breath the muscles let go and my pelvis realigned and I felt such joy. The breath means so much. So mysterious. Adriene, you are my partner in yoga!

  6. This practice was exactly what I've been needing lately. Summer has been flying by so fast that I haven't even had a moment to stop and feel the air expand in my lungs. Until today. Thank you for a beautiful practice Adriene. Love and cuddles to Benji!

  7. Love this one!
    I 'lead' or rather, choose from your wide range of videos for my yoga group each week. We are evolving into an older group of ladies. . . ranging in age from 60 to 85 and for the most part, all new to yoga. I want to offer various. but also encourage those who find it difficult, or impossible, to get up and down for the floor work. So I am submitting a request--more chair routines, or routines that can easily be adapted to the chair
    Thank in advance.

  8. Thank you for this video! I’ve been doing yoga for about eight months now but also struggle with RA. I’m having a flare right now and knew there would be no way I could put any pressure on my wrists. I appreciate that you have created something that allowed me to practice during a time when I am physically limited. I was feeling a bit down before I started but realized midway through that my body doesn’t always need me to push, sometimes I need to be kind to myself and breathe. Thank you for always being inclusive in your practice and your community!

  9. I love how you embrace the simplicity of everything. "Not everything has to be harder, faster, stronger"! Totally agree. I enjoy learning to appreciate my breath and my body. Thank you Adriene and the team and the community! 🙂

  10. The challenge part was really challenging. I was proud to say that I kept breathing though and went through all the parts of my body. especially those with discomfort like my tightened left shoulder blade and creaky left elbow. I know I often stop breathing during the day, so this is a great reminder. Giving Thanks.

  11. Hi Adriene!

    So I had a question about chakras. Is there a difference between balancing and opening them ? Ive heard that opening them can be "dangerous" or something like that and id love your input on that and maybe how to balance them or realign them, I just dont want anything bad to happen haha !

  12. Thanks for bringing awareness to breath-body connection. This was so restorative to do this morning!

  13. Post-election reuniting with my breath....! The deep meditative inhalations and exhalations, rhythmic arm motions and gaze shifting are such a great way to transition away from the day's stresses and to a practice of asanas. Thank you for introducing me to another way to cultivate breath and calm my body and mind from over-active emotions.

  14. I just did this video. I really needed it, I am not feeling the best today (a very tired mother). I completed the 30 day Breath in January and since, I have been doing bridge but I need find time to dedicate ylto my breath and it's really no easy to find the time.

  15. Thank You, I needed this reconnection to my breath. I am a therapist and in the middle of my work day had a space for this much needed pause. My back and neck pain relieved and my clarity increased.

  16. Thank-you so much Adriene!!! This video has changed my life and improved my health. I used to sing before I gained weight so this is an amazing way of getting back to my singing voice. A million thanks! You have been my lifeline during the pandemic and I have now lost 22 pounds!!!! Yay!!!!

    Marie Sherman

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