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Breath of Fire

In this pranayama practice we tackle the Breath Of Fire or Kapalabhati. This powerful breath is rhythmic and consists of short strong exhales and passive inhales. It works the diaphragm and when practiced regularly can benefit the entire muscular body, remove scary toxins and sharpen your focus! Breath Of Fire is a cleansing breath that can reboot the system and is especially yummy during winter months when the respiratory system/bronchial passages could perhaps use some extra TLC. Go deeper with Kapalabhati Pranayama!

9 comments on “Breath of Fire”

  1. My dear yoga guru Adriene,

    You became my Rodney Yee replacement while I was in Netherlands for a month and got sick of the one yoga video I brought. Since returning to my enchanted state of New Mexico, I have kept enjoying your wonderful energy and lovely practice on a regular basis. Thank you!!

    Even though you are young, and need not think about aging as of yet, I'm wishing you would offer some more face and neck yoga practices to help those of us whose faces are aging faster than the rest of our well exercised yoga bodies.

    Thank you for enriching my yoga practice and bringing a smile to my matt on a regular basis.


  2. Dear Adriene,

    Thank you so much for your videos, and for just you! I love your personality, presence, instruction, and I especially love this pranayama series as someone who struggles with toxic thinking and anxiety. Please continue posting more videos, you are my favorite, thank you so much for the impact you've had on my life! You're such a blessing!

    With affection, Jean

  3. You are amazing and have helped me start a yoga journey! I really felt this in my nostrils lol

  4. Hi Adrienne, your videos are really great. Thanks so much.
    One question about Kaphalabati....I've recently attended a pranayama workshop and they mentioned that you can practice it safely everyday.....what do you think?


  5. Hi Adriene,
    A quick question about Kaphalabati (I have just tried it for the first time via your wonderful video, thank you). Is the tummy focus intended to make us swell the tummy in and out with each breath? I found that I started like that but lost the ability to keep it up, so ended up focusing solely on the breathing - but that felt like the breath was only reaching my lungs, not my tummy. Feel like I'm not quite getting this right - can you help?
    Thanks so much, Michelle

  6. Awesome foundations video! I LOVE learning new stuff PLUS my practice is growing growing growing!!! PLUS PLUS, I literally laughed out loud very hard at the end of that vid! Yo, Adriene, you are my shiznit! ✌

  7. I deal with bad hunger pangs I know I don’t eat enough so I know it’s between that and my blood sugar levels but during this practice was the only time I noticed it wasn’t bothering me as bad I eat believe me I’ve just been dropping weight for no reason and I just think the whole thing is really weird Happy Halloween - right ? wish me luck and Namaste to you and Little “Ben - Ben”

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