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Lion's Pose & Lion's Breath - Pranayama Series

Learn Lions Breath or Simhasana with Adriene!

In this video we break down this pranayama practice and pose. We remind ourselves to have fun, let go of what people think and to invite in a practice that serves you! Explore this breath practice in many shapes or whilst in traffic.

Take a moment to find what feels good! Smile! Practice self love.

Let go and have some fun! Post a picture of your Lion's breath and tag it with #lionsbreathYWA! Join the Brady Bunch of Lion's Breath selfies on Instagram. :p

4 comments on “Lion's Pose & Lion's Breath - Pranayama Series”

  1. Hi Adriene, I really like your videos a lot, thank you for sharing these Yoga experiences with us.
    Greetings from Belgium 🙂

  2. Hey Adriene!

    Hope you are doing well!
    I am doing a lot of your online yoga viedeos and I am a huge fan.
    I just have a little request, as the upper part of my right foot is sometimes aching when I am in High Lunge, downward facing dog, extended child's pose and when I am in a seated posture on the knees.
    It would be great if you have any advice or maybe some feet practice I could do to find ease.
    Looking forward to hear from you!
    Hearty, Julia.

  3. Hye Adrienne!

    My name is Valentine. I am french and I love your videos!! Thanks a lot for all this pratices!!:)
    I am doing your video in my flat in Paris every morning. It is so great!!!
    Thanks a lot xoxo

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