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Pranayama Potion

Join Adriene for this healing 20 minute practice that focuses on the power of a simple breath ratio technique. Pranayama Potion is for all levels!

Take twenty minutes to calm the nervous system and relieve stress and anxiety. Tend to your inner world to tend to your outer world. Find stillness, gather yourself, and connect to the magic within.

This video was shot on location at the adidas Brick Lane Studio in London and is designed to help you alter your energy state to feel present and balanced.

Roll out your mat or sit in a chair and spend 20 minutes tending to your breath through this practice.

Let me know how it goes down below! Enjoy!


33 comments on “Pranayama Potion”

  1. Dear Adrienne
    I can't Believe you were in Paris when you sent this video ! Though i am not very far from there it would have been tricky to see you (and you've been so Lucky with the weather !)
    Anyway this session was just perfect for me . It relieved me from stress and anxiety and I will treasure it for every time I need to relax and detress (which happens now and then)
    I also want to thank u for all your videos and for just being such a lovely inspiring Young lady . I've been Following u for almost 2 years , thanks to u, my yoga practice has become so important in my life and i can see all its benefits . Take care, Namasté
    a big hug to benji when you are back home 🙂
    Sylvie (from France)

    1. Adriene I have been following you for the past couple of years, and recommending you to all my friends. I actually work near Brick Lane. If you are still in London and doing guest classes I would love the chance to join!

  2. Blessings for the work you do. As a mom with young kids (who often share my practice btw), thanks for making yoga and pranayama practice accessible to me in my home. x

  3. Thank you. Just really jetting about
    Pairs is my fav too after Italy
    And your my fav yoga teacher.
    When you came on you tube seems long
    Ago I had just moved to a different
    Area I. Was sad over eating
    Gym way behold. My means. For year
    Membership only
    I found. A Angel who Sorted me
    Out. To find peace on my mat.
    When all the worlds going. Crazy
    You look good. Take. You Vits.
    England. Gets. Cold
    Beginning. To work myself back
    To 30 days. Yoga For. Long. Nights xxx
    Love all you do. For people. Xxxx

  4. I was lucky enough to see you in Amsterdam , thank you so much for your energy and the inspiration you bring to people all over the world. My at home yoga practice with you is something I cherish since the moment I started some time ago. And this video is exactly what I needed today, as it is often the case with your sunday emails filled with love ! You can be proud, I'm so grateful for this, thank you again !

  5. I am a 66 year old women started yoga several years ago. I came upon your videos last year and I am hooked. I have never felt this good about myself. You make me want to get up and get on my mat everyday and I do. I love you because you’re real and beautiful inside and out. You tell it like it is and your not fake. I have enjoyed every video I have done and look forward to continuing my yoga for years to come with your help. I love spreading the word about you too. Good luck good health and much love

    1. Hi Donna. I too am 66 years old and love practising yoga with Adriene. It’s such an important part of my life. Like Adriene, my little dog Darcey joins me on the mat. I took part in the event at Alexandra Palace, which was very special.

  6. Oh Adriene, that was truly beautiful. I woke up in a terrible mood, my mind was spitting out thoughts about how horrible this day was going to be. I checked my email, read your love letter, and decided to try the new video because I could just do it in bed. It transformed me! Now I’m focused and a little bit excited to see what this day brings. I feel connected and not alone. Magical! If anyone is on the fence about doing this video, just press play! You won’t be sorry. Thank you so much, Adriene! Namaste

  7. I too am on the road
    My husband and I are on a road trip from Canada and traveling through the states. I have managed to find time to practice with Adriene every day and it feels so good after sitting in the car for several hours
    I am looking forward to today’s new video much needed as I don’t sleep well when I am away from home
    We have been gone for 31 days so far! I wish we could make it to Austin but it’s time to head back.

  8. Hello from a drizzly dull day in the UK, it was a joy to see you pop up in my inbox today. Thank you for brightening my day. xxx

  9. I just want to thank you Adrienne for these beautiful practices. I have been doing yoga with you for nearly a year now and I can't believe the difference it has made in my life. I am stronger now than I have ever been. I hope you have a wonderful time in Paris.

  10. I woke up so dizzy this morning with my thoughts in a million directions. This was THE PERFECT way to refocus and balance both my mind and body.

  11. Helpful as always. Grateful. Med reduction symptoms cycling a bit and big life difficulties...need yoga 🙂

  12. Adriene ..... you’re amazing, and have made such a wonderful impact on many peoples lives with your videos & inspiring newsletters.
    Thanks for all you do! ‍♀️

  13. Adriene, you are lovely and I am trying to meet you every morning in my livingroom:) This is day 7, looking to make it to day 30!
    Next time when you will be in Europe, I want to show up! This time I was on holiday overseas. Please do come back!

  14. Dearest Adriene,
    I love your encouragement on taking responsibility for my own energy. Your newsletter is just what i need now. 🙂 Could you also make a video for relaxing the hands?

    thanks a lot,
    love from the Netherlands

  15. Dear Adriene, I missed you by a day! We had to leave on Saturday. Did not want to go. Hope you have time to enjoy it all!

  16. Dearest Adriene,

    Today after I practiced this wonderful pranayama potion I read my daily inspiration and came upon this and thought of how perfect it melds with Yoga with Adriene.

    As I still my thoughts, and center myself in the power of love, my heart space and my breath synchronize. I breathe in love. As I let this divine power guide my thoughts, I open to a new way of thinking.

    Practicing Yoga with Adriene has opened not only my mind to new ways of being but my HEART.

    Thank You.


  17. I've been really busy and haven't done my yoga for several days... Toniight I was longing to relax with a video on the couch - but I choose your video first and it was really perfect forme today!

    Actually - that is what I always find your videos to be! 🙂

    Thank you so much - I spread your FWFG to friends as well.

  18. Dear Adriene,
    I want to thank you for all the beautiful energy and the wonderfull yoga classes accesible to everyone. I always look forward to your newsletters and find great comfort in your words, which seem to be adressed just to me....;)
    keep up the good work, love from Holland, Namaste

  19. Adrienne,

    Thanks so much!! I always feel better when I get to hang out and yoga with you.
    Love your personality and zest for yoga!!

  20. Thank you so much Adriene for all that you do! This practice was perfect for today. I'm going through the stimulation (injections) phase of IVF treatment at the moment - I feel so swollen and uncomfortable! It's very hard to find a yoga practice that is right for now. I've been told no twisting, full inversions or core strengthening exercises. I went to a Yin yoga class and that was too much even! If you have any other routines available that would be suitable for this - I would love to know which you recommend. Namaste!

  21. As an occasional insomniac, I would love to see a yoga for sleepless nights, or a playlist of existing videos that would be good for the wee small hours of a “nuit blanche

  22. You were in London, my home town! I agree with Kate, a set of videos for when people can't sleep would be amazing!

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