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Sitali - The Cooling Breath

Our journey into the Pranayama series continues! Learn SITALI, the cooling breath, or as I like to call it - TACO BREATH!

I believe a breath practice has so much power. It can transform your patterns in the mind and body and can empower. Great after a run, a workout, an argument or when you need something simple to connect to the big picture - whatever that means to you. Balance your POWER YOGA class, your cardio, your crossfit with SITALI! Use pranayama to tend to yourself. Practice this one when you need to calm down, cool off, relax or decompress. This is a great one for when you feel discomfort from anxiety. This breath can help you focus, relieve you from that pissed off feeling and is also great when you are physically heated in the body. Offering a nice controlled breath to cool down.

This breath is great when you or a loved one is agitated. Great for the kiddos! Also awesome before big meetings, tests or if you are finding it hard to go to sleep. It may seem weird at first - but let's get the whole world doing taco breath as an aide to stress, anxiety, etc! Grow this practice with a focus on that long smooth exhale, activate your body's relaxation response... and feel the difference. Don't worry if you cannot roll your tongue - I got you.

9 comments on “Sitali - The Cooling Breath”

  1. Ii was watching this lying on my bed and just thought I'd play along with the breathing without sitting up properly (lazy!). It was so soothing and blissful that I fell asleep during the video. Ha ha!

  2. Hello !

    My husband and i we tryed it out and it was awesome !
    But we don't see us having a practice on the train...

    Thank you for the video !

  3. I love that you cracked yourself up a few times. I have lots of trouble with my breathing. It feels like when you need to yawn but it just won't come. But all the time. Doc says nothing is physically wrong. They've even prescribed xanax saying it may be anxiety but mostly that puts me to sleep. XD I also live in Austin and have the usual allergies as every other austinite. But it doesn't seem to coincide. Do you have any suggestions? Other breathing exercises or poses maybe? I know you're super busy. But thanks in advance for any help if you have a min. Anyway, I do love your channel and I*just* discovered you teach in town as well. *head desk*

  4. Adrienne you are a breath of fresh air.... You always seem to make me smile and that's before you say a word. Receiving your emails is like receiving messages from a dear friend...

    Thank you


  5. Hi Adriene, I ordered a 'Find What Feels Good' Gym Shirt (Large) from you and unfortunately still have still not received it.

    I absolutely love your yoga videos and wanted to support the continuation of your great work.

    Therefore, it's a shame that it still hasn't arrived, despite me contacting you a number of times about this.

    I hope this can be sorted out, if this is not the correct way to contact you could you please provide me with an email address where I could direct my correspondence?

    All the best,

  6. I just LOVE you, your yoga instruction, your sense of joy & humor and your outlook on life! Keep up the great, strong, inspiring and FUN work! I am grateful for your videos, as I am a Texan living in the UAE, and watch & learn from here. Take good care! Namaste

  7. I really enjoy your videos and want to thank you for your wonderful spirit, and yoga, breath workouts. Please keep them coming they have helped me tremendously with improvement about some of my health issues.

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