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Meditation for Self Love

Meditation for Self Love is a rescue remedy that can serve as a balm on any day. This practice is suitable for beginners and experienced meditators alike!

Join me for a 13 minute guided meditation to tune into the breath, honor your body, and lean into love. Carve out a little bit of time and space to just be where you are in this moment. You are worthy.

I got your back.

Let me know how the practice felt for you in the comment section down below!


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30 comments on “Meditation for Self Love”

  1. Totes agree to this post and video. Fall Equinox is teaching our bodies to shift gear and slow down. In Sedona right now from Portland OR, having down time for 1 week. Brought my “get it done energy” to Sedona and my body is not having it. Getting a humble blessing of a lesson that is on the one hand, “gung ho” energy causing discomfort and fatigue here, or finding comfort in thinking slower, moving slower, and doing less, much more gently.

    Thank you, with love
    Jeff Luster LAc, MAcOM

    1. I cried during this just thinking abut how far I have came with self love, its a never ending journey but I am proud of myself. I am love is such a strong mantra. my whole life I always looked for love in things or people and in the recent years I have realized I'm all I have been looking for. love comes from within. how can you not love yourself first. Thank you for this believe moment.

  2. Hi adri

    You My Sunday morning tonic

    Feeling much better now thanks knowing I am love

    Try Joe pass instead of panio

    And how about a fuzzy hair adri next sunday
    I'm sending you some of my excess downtime

    If I can get out of bed today

    African BOERBOEL agrees its a snoring day cold rain and wind outside

  3. Hi Adrienne, Benji and the team 🙂

    I really love your videos and newsletter, I'd like to subscribe to the FWFG membership but I am not super keen to give out my bank details to Apple.. I managed to live so far without connecting my bank account to my iTunes/AppStore etc.. and would love to keep it that way.

    How could I be a member without having to pay the membership through Apple?

    Many many thanks and have great day!
    Best regards from France,

  4. Thank you for your weekly note in my email box. Today's message about rest spoke directly to my life. I'm working a creative startup business and have been amazed how tired I am getting each day. But it is mostly mental so the exercise makes a huge difference in the way I am able to deal with it. Thank you for the blessing of your fee yoga videos. And the love I feel from you even if you don't know me personally. You are making a difference!
    Thanks, Gwen

  5. It's strange to think that at one point I felt and knew this to be true, but at this point I struggle to comprehend my mere worthiness of love.
    I think this meditation may be just what I need to get me pointed in the righ direction again. Even though I struggled with it, it did remind me that there is an abundance of love in this universe, why would I not be worthy of any of it?
    Anyway, this meditation will definitely be going into my daily practice.

    Thank you, Adriene, and namaste 🙂

  6. Hey from South Korea!
    I agree totally with the need to slow down and really take some time for me. Work, school, family, and all the crazy ins and outs of the day have been getting to me and I needed to read that email and I really needed this meditation.
    Thank you!! ♡♡

  7. Just did this after lunch on my office chair.
    I have got to slow down and be present in everything I do.
    I have to teach this to my children.
    Even my typing, needs to slow down.
    Thank you

  8. Adriene,

    My wife, three daughters, our chihuahua Rita, and I love doing yoga with you and Benji! Your vibe is so unpretentious and chill and we really enjoy your sequencing and scaffolding of poses.

    If you are ever looking for contemporary music for the background of a video, I am a neoclassical composer/pianist and I write music for piano and strings. You can listen to me at If you like what you hear, I'd be more than happy to send you my album (for free of course).

    Thank you for all that you do!

    All the best,

  9. Thank you so much for this video. It is the first time meditating that I actually starting crying at teh end of it, which showed me how much I needed this tonight.

  10. Was wondering where you get the great music behind this video. The message of this meditation is lovely -- resonated so strongly in a moment that I didn't even know I needed to hear it. And then there was also this lovely sort of trance like moment I got when I re-experienced this meditation the second time. Pretty sure the combo of the message and the music got me in a different way the second time. Do you work with someone who composes the music for you, or do you have some recommendations about where to find the lovely tunes on this one?

  11. This was a beautiful meditation, dearest Adriene. Thanks so much for shining your light. I am trying to adopt the mantra "Lots of love in, Lots of love out" first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and at moments when I remember throughout the day. So simple but totally gorgeous - and super effective.

  12. Dear Adriene
    Thank you so much for this video. Your words and gentle voice helped me to open up today, after hard words from my husband yesterday and not knowing if he will come home tonight.

  13. Thank you for sharing this video. I follow your videos every morning, as soon as I wake up! But today is a different day. I needed a break to escape. This video really allowed me to calm down.

    Your videos are so inspiring. They allow me to canalize my energy and start each day with a positive, relaxed and loving attitude. Thank you so much!

  14. Dear Adriene,
    Thank you so much for this and all your other amazing yoga videos! This is one of my favourites and become an important part of my morning routine! xx

  15. I am a 57 year old Have been doing yoga for 18 years. At home and classes here and there when I can. These Adrienne videos I am new too. They are awesome! Thank you, Larry

  16. Hi from London,
    I just did this meditation this morning after a little workout and your full body flow yoga, and... woman, it was powerful, tears and smile.
    Thank you <3

  17. I cried my eyes out during this meditation.

    It’s going to be a long journey, but I will get there, somehow...

  18. Thank you so much Adriene. I’ve been struggling very hard lately. My self love was all gone, I’m not sure it was ever there to begin with. Today is a re-birth for me. I have followed your yoga page for a while, but this was the first self love meditation practice I’ve done. Thank you so much. With every inward breath I filled my soul with love for myself, and every outward breath let that love flow over my entire body. I couldn’t stop crying while hugging myself and I feel the tears I cried was my self hate finally leaving my body. Thank you Adriene. Today is only the first step. A new beginning. I didn’t know where to start, and your meditation put me on the right path. Thank you Adriene. You are right, I am Love, and I will let that love guide me forward.

  19. Thank you,so much, Adrienne. I am from Bulgaria (Europe) and during this crazy pandemic times your meditation practice for self love and your yoga practices and your calming voice was my "rescue remedy". To be honest, after practicing some of your videos, I feel that everything is just all right. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!

    Wish you all the best.

  20. This meditation has helped me through a very difficult winter. I now meditate daily thanks to these free videos. Thank you

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