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Yoga to Slow Your Roll

Time for a break! Yoga to Slow Your Roll is here to support you in finding ease, a little grace, and some well deserved softness. Join me and relax.

There is this tendency to focus on the hard and fast hustle in today's world because of this it’s more important than ever to retain a willingness and the ability to slow down. It’s not always easy to do, but we heal and regenerate when we rest. Mind and body. We feel better when we take time to move slow and be still. Tap into the parasympathetic nervous system and invite the body to find a peaceful homeostasis.

This practice allows you to relax the weight of the body. It invites you to wring out a little stress. Bring your attention back to you.

Suggested Prop: 1 or 2 blankets. (A towel works too!)

Let me know where you are practicing from and how you are feeling in the comment section down below!


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15 comments on “Yoga to Slow Your Roll”

  1. Adrienne I do one of your practices every morning as soon as I get up, having started in January this year. I've done many of your specific videos and am halfway through my third 30 day yoga practice. They have helped me through some difficult times and now you and Benji are part of my life. My little dog Sadie always sits by my side while I practice and watches Benji intently! Thank you for sharing your love with us

  2. Adriene, You have been my yoga goddess for five years now and I do your practices daily. Always first thing in the morning and again in late afternoons as a work break (to de-stress and clear-my-mind) You are the great highlight of my days and a shining light in my life. I admire and love you so much. Love Benji, too. He's a super-star!
    Thank you for everything you do. I practice from southwest Florida. (Sarasota) My cat Snuggles joins me on the mat and sends meows to Benji.

  3. Dear Adriene!

    Yoga to slow your roll - what a wonderful, quiet and loving practice.
    And perfect for this very hot and tiring summersunday.
    I thank you so much for everything!

    Lots of love to you, Adriene, in Austin, Texas, from me, Lisa, in Ulm, in the south of Germany.

  4. Thank you Adriene!
    My husband passed 3 1/2 years ago and starting the day alone has been a challenge. In January, I did your 30 day Yoga Journey and since then, I start each day with you and Benji. The physical benefits are paying off too!
    Really enjoyed this short practice today, Yoga to Slow Your Roll, and the reminder to have peace in our thoughts, in our words and in our hearts.
    I live the t shirt you’re wearing in this video.
    What do the symbols mean? Can I buy it?

  5. I have been doing yoga with Grokker. I find this outfit has all that I need. Currently doing a 28 day plank workout. I have also gotten interested in yin yoga and will return to it after this. I am searching for a teacher training program either on-line or in house. I hope to find one that includes yin or specializes in it. There are several to choose from in the NYC area, however, I haven't seen yin offered..

  6. If I had a daughter (and I wish I did) she would be very much like your you and your 'yoga personna' . . . loving, open, happy, and real. Kudos to your parent(s). And thank you for the diligence and love you put into your work. Lovely that you have touched so many lives and generated so much love ..... hope you feel it coming right back at you.

  7. Adriene
    I first started your guided-yoga practices 18 months ago and it has changed my life. I am always so amazed at how the practice I “tune in” to seems to somehow channel onto what I am feeling that day and I am transformed at the end of the practice. Thank you for your selfless generosity and love

  8. Thank you, Adriene! Needed this so much. Summer can feel like exactly that - a forced march through syrup-thick heat. This felt lovely.

  9. Thank you Adriene! This was my remedy for incredibly frayed edges around my heart today. My 2 dogs and cat enjoyed the practice too. xxx

  10. Thank you Adrienne,

    for these amazing yoga classes. All the best for you and Benji!


  11. Hello, what a blessing to do yoga on a roll with you in Venice, Italy. My friend shared your practice with me and I look forward to many days of yoga on vacation and home. Namaste.

  12. Morning Adrienne,

    I have just completed this video, how lovely and relaxed I feel. I am sitting in a tent in a wet and windy field in Somerset, just enjoying the sounds of a British summer and now know that there are some things you just can't control so just appreciating being here in this moment. Thank you my dear, you are a help to us all. Much love and gratitude

  13. I Love Benji! And I love your yoga videos. Just what I need after a stressful day at work. Thank you 🙂

  14. Dear Adrienne,
    Your love has changed my life, given me an anchor and support when I most needed it. You are a blessing that I am forever grateful for. Thank you I love your practices and having Benji along for the ride is wonderful.
    I love you and know you are a very beautiful spirit.

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