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Intro To Yin

An at home beginners Yin Yoga practice led by Adriene. In this session we use things that you might have around the house to support, find comfort and restore. This practice is good for anybody who is constantly on the go. Grab a blanket and a pillow and set aside 30 min for yourself. Listen to the sound of your breath and enjoy!

41 comments on “Intro To Yin”

  1. Adriene ~ I absolutely LOVE your yoga videos and also the one where you went to Whole Foods! You are 50 shades past inspirational, with no BS, just plain authenticity. I enjoy listening to what you have to say and I really love that you explain why all of the yoga positions that we do are good for us. You give alot of insight into the practice and you allow me to feel 'no pressure' to be perfect....rather, just roll with it baby! You are awesome and I'm so glad that I've found you!! Keep up all of the hard work ~ there are so many of us benefiting from it! Thank you.

  2. I'm doing this yin practice again today I needed this in more than one way. Thank you Adriene

    1. I will try to keep the idea of surrender all day long as I return to a hectic work schedule. But it is gonna be a good day as I certainly feel stretched out and breathing deep.

  3. Thank you for sharing this moment.. I wasnt feeling well.. have fever and needed to calm my mind. It did help me to lift up...

  4. Thank you, thank you Adriene! I so needed this. I have been feeling "off" lately and this practice has guided my spirit back into balance. Perfect timing. 🙂

  5. Dear Adriene
    By chance I came across your yoga app about 20 days ago. And now you have really got me hooked on yoga. I have tried many times to attend a yoga session but I have always given uo again as it has been very unpleasant as I am veryvery stiff on the back side of my legs and spine. But with your video help I discovered that around day 12 that yoga was starting to be nice start of the day. Suddenly I feel the heaviness in my body start to loose up. So now I am really eager to continue my daily yoga practice. You are a very inspiring person - thanks for your support-:)
    Best regards from
    Birgit, Denmark

  6. Hi Adriene! I love your videos! Thank you so much for sharing your gift with others. Your videos have helped me so much, with chronic pain and depression. Bless you and please keep the videos coming! Love your humor and down to earth instruction.

  7. Thanks so much for this Adriene. I'm a nurse and I just got off a crazy 12 hour shift at the hospital and this was exactly what I needed to let go and relax.

  8. Absolutely loved this! It's been a long time since I've done Yin and this was a great relaxing refresher. And yes, go full on burrito.

  9. This looks like a beautiful restorative yoga. Not like yin yoga that I've taken before. Yin as I know it is when you hold poses for a longer period of time to target connective tissue. Anyway, this looks lovely.

  10. I just had to share this, I friend of mine was doing one of you meditation practices and her parakeet fell asleep! Your voice relaxes humans and animals as well. Thank you!!

    1. My cat likes to join my yoga sessions too, she joins in with a few stretches of her own then settles to watch and sleep! Loved this session Adrienne thank you, I will be sharing it and revisiting- with cat-

  11. awesome!!! I am so grateful for you Adriene. I can have a full home practice because of you, Namaste.

  12. Absolutely love your videos Adriene. I am a yoga teacher trainee and have recommended your videos to my students to do some practice at home in between classes. Thank you so much for your generosity. Namaste.

  13. Adriene, your video was just what I needed today, a day with great stress, grief and anxiety in Europe because of the attacks in Brussels. Also a day with a daughter who told me that she'll make an end to her relation. A lot of tears and sadness, but your video made me capable to breath again. Thank you so much for all your fantastic videos: Texas in The Netherlands is so good!

  14. I never had heart yin yoga until now. Thanks for introduce in me to these practice. It would be great for us if you could tape a series of yin yoga.

  15. HI Adriene, my bff raved about your 30 day challenge so I looked u up and I've done 2 videos! Thank you.
    I've had mild whiplash since November (I tripped over a gym bench in the dark). Any videos/exercises for the neck? Williams Lake, BC, Canada

  16. Just heard about you this morning, tried this one first, loved it!!! Thank you!! I WILL be doing the rest! 🙂 loved the dream and drool comment!

  17. This video helped me slow down and realize that a toxic thought has been weighing on me all day!

  18. I had never done this type of yoga before and I love it! Will return to it at least once a week. Feels wonderful during and after the practice! Thank you so very much for these practices that you share with your followers!

  19. I just finished my first day of yoga! I utilized Adrienne’s Yoga website on the internet and practiced with her video, “Yoga for Complete Beginners.” I can’t do it very well yet because my body is so stiff from years of inactivity, stress and depression.

    I’m sixty-years old and haven’t done any real physical activity for eight years. I’m fifty-five lbs. from my ideal weight. I take the generics for Cymbalta, Wellbutrin, Buspar and Abilify for the depression and Diovan for high blood pressure. My doctor wants me to take Lipitor for high cholesterol, but I don’t.

    I’m thinking about doing the thirty-day challenge because I felt so much better after Adrienne’s first class. Maybe tomorrow. No, I'm deciding I need to sign up right now! Wish me luck! And, a big thanks to Adrienne for providing hope for the future.

  20. This feels soooooo good! Thank you. It is Monday morning and I'm feeling tired and sore. Perfect. I will be doing this again. And to Ruby (above) yes, do the 30 days of yoga - it's fab and got me hooked, The 30 day yoga camp is great too!

  21. Thank you for this important life affirming inspiration you are giving to all of us. I was a serious yoga practitioner as a young woman, studying yoga in Kashmir and believing that I would do yoga for life. Now, 3 decades have passed: graduate school, kids, mortgages - all has been an amazing adventure. Yet somehow in the busyness of it all, yoga fell away, but the cellular memory of how precious it is has remained.
    Now recently, I paid off a medical debt for my 24 year old on the condition that she would study yoga as a way of taking better care of her health. She found you and in hearing your voice everyday, I, too, looked up your site. After all these years, between my own patients and now, grown children, I have returned. You are the catalyst and I am flooded with gratitude. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  22. Did the yin yoga this morning. My body does feel different. New awareness across my being. I will do yin again for the experience and the learning.

  23. Hi Adriene!
    Love your gift to this world.
    Any chance you would do a 30 day yin or restorative practice?
    Thank you

  24. Found this practice on April calendar. Perfect for a Sunday morning after an exhausting week. I appreciate the variety of offerings.

  25. Thank you Adrienne.
    I’ve been looking for a Yin Yoga beginner online video.
    Now I can start with you.

  26. Wow! I was looking for a restorative practice and this was it. I will definitely return to this practice. I will surrender. Thank you Adriene.

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