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Cozy Yoga

Cozy Yoga is the ultimate at home yoga practice for the whole family! All bodies and all types welcome for this gentle 40 min Yoga With Adriene (and Benji) practice designed to help you balance the energy of your body, process, stretch, soothe, and Find What Feels Good.

Hop into something extra comfy and share this one with your tribe.

Happy Holidays to all. We are one.

15 comments on “Cozy Yoga”

  1. Thank you, loved cozy yoga with you today (and Benji) so happy I started doing yoga with you during my week. I love the refreshing way you teach and share your thoughts. My husband who is not really a yoga enthusiast is also enjoying benefits from your yoga for migraines. Would like to ask if you might consider including some yoga for those with osteoporosis arthritis. Thanks again Adriene, Namaste and Merry Christmas, Janet

  2. Thank you! That was so nurturing. I really appreciated the 'permission' to take that time to feel into myself today. Looking forward to TRUE in January. Namaste.

  3. Oh this was a bit funny - getting tangled in the blanket! And I am in rural Australia - heading for a hot hot day so this was just making me giggle (the last thing I need today is an extra layer of warmth!) Thanks Adriene. It was such a lovely practice.

  4. that was AWESOME AF ๐Ÿ™‚ just what I needed after taking far too long a break from hanging out with you on my living room floor. my body is tight and needs a slow intro back and all the giggles and laughter certainly help.
    happy holidays dear one
    cannot wait for TRUE xox

  5. Absolutely loved this practice! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ Requesting a Yoga For Weight Loss/high energy strengthening practice focusing on the back and posterior shoulder muscles! I love the core-centric ones, but I'm working to balance out my body for posture. Thank you so much again!

  6. Started 2018 off right!!! Thank you from chilly AF New England for this session. Happy New Year!

  7. Ever since this video I have been making so many other yoga practices "cozy yoga" 'cuz I live in Canada and it is winter.

  8. Dear Adriene,
    You just made my day!
    ร'm still in a post-operation stage, unable to do any regular yoga, and so frustrated about it. I've been trying out many video's during the last 6 weeks, hoping to find the one that suits my present physical stage, without any succes.
    But today, I found this yummy, flushy, cozy yoga, which totally suits my needs. I'm back on track, or rather, back on my yoga mat! And so happy to be there!
    Thank you so much Adriene, for posting all these free yoga sessions of different levels, enabling everybody around the world to find what feels good,
    With love from Belgium

  9. Ten minutes after practising, and a big smile is still spread over my face.
    Thank u so much Adrien for this funny and yet so useful yoga practice.
    Pigeon pose used to be hard for me to do, but now it's so easy.
    You're one of a kind.
    Best regards,
    from Israel.

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