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Yoga for Writers

This session invites you to choose a soft and easy approach that welcomes you to show up as you are. This 30 min video also offers you an opportunity to rejuvenate the brain and body.

This supportive practice is a great reminder to everyone, not just writers or aspiring writers, who is working towards a goal (whatever the goal may be) that your process toward the goal is perhaps what matters most. The hardest part is showing up. Let this practice be a beautiful step in the right direction as something that supports you in your efforts.

Create a healthy flow of energy to get those creative juices flowing. Write your own story.

Let me know how it goes for you in the comment section down below!


Optional Props: blanket or pillow

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26 comments on “Yoga for Writers”

  1. I wrote 5 things I wish for, and realized that money wasn't in my top 5. It is something I have little of, and could put to good use, so I found that interesting.

  2. I'm not a writer anymore except when I'm writing my diary. But this practice inspired me to write my diary better. I start my "daily review of my life" with gratitude. I never done that before and I'm impressed how I think about myself more positively. Thank you, Adriene.

  3. Adriene,

    You are such an inspiration.
    Thanks for your brightness, awesome vibes, and positive energy that shines through the screen. Your practice helps me keep steady in daily life.

    Thank you friend.

    Your Fan,

  4. Hi Adriene, I love all of your classes! Even my 5 and 7 year old know you! Ha! You have one for everything. I have just bought a bolster and I love the idea of ‘yin’ yoga using a bolster. I’m 47, with two young children, and studying Nursing and I have been practising yoga now for 12 years and I would love to see you offer a class like this. I live on the Gold Coast in Australia. Ps, keep that humour rolling, your bloody funny! Love it! Lisa. Xxx

  5. After a brief hiatus from the mat, enjoying summer & fall outdoors in New England, I returned to You to Find What Feels Good both physically & mentally, and Yoga for Writers did not disappoint. What a perfect way to renew my indoor practice, using all my favorite poses rolled into one. I feel invigorate & reacquainted to myself and you. Cheers Adriene, and Thank You. "See" you soon Xx

  6. Thank you so much for this. I was one of those who requested yoga for writers. I've been writing a book for almost two years, as well as my day job, and your yoga has helped me stay sane and flexible. Yoga has given me the energy and headspace to keep to the routine of daily writing, through the rewarding but slow process.

    I've finished the writing and I'm now in the last stages, struggling to sum up the energy to complete the last, less appealing tasks such as diagrams and proof checking. This session was perfect, as you've dealt with the spots that ached but also helped get my head into the right (write? ) place to plod through the final tasks.

    Writing is as much about habit and discipline as it is about talent. If you are working on a writing project keep writing, and keep turning up on your mat. And good luck!

    Thank you again Adriene x

  7. Hello Adriene,

    I’m from Poland. I’ve been practised yoga with you for 2 years.
    I’d like to ask you for yoga for varicose veins.
    Thank you friend,
    With LOVE,

  8. After a long, tedious working day, this was the perfect yoga to let it al go.... Thank you Adriene, you are my hero

  9. Adriene, this is a lovely body and mind practice for writing. I've been writing and teaching writing for 25 years and take care of my body through constant yoga (home and class) practice. Thank you so much for adding your steady wisdom, along with Benji, to my home practice.

  10. This practice feels SO good, so restorative, both physically and mentally. Thank you!

  11. Adriene,
    I write and draw. this is perfect for artists too! at the end of the day, after all that bending over drawing. my back thanks you. Going to share with all my artist friends. pets to benji!

  12. Thank you Adriene. For your time and dedication. I've enjoyed all the classes I joined in so far. Namaste.

  13. I am a writer/author and I love this Yoga for Writers. I didn't know why I needed it but it felt totally right for my body and my mind. Thank you for your inspiring videos.

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