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Yoga for Focus and Productivity

Reconnect, refocus and tackle it with this 10 minute Yoga With Adriene sequence. Use this practice to reboot the system, soothe the nerves and move circulation. Connect to your breath, reduce stress and anxiety with yoga. A Little Goes A Long way!

28 comments on “Yoga for Focus and Productivity”

  1. I'm really new to Yoga and I'm not young anymore so there is a long journey ahead. I think you are a smashing teacher Adriene and just wanted to say so, thank you. Alison, Hyde, Cheshire, England.

  2. Hi Adriene
    I discovered you about 6 months ago when I found the 30 days of yoga online when I was looking for a challenge to motivate me to get a bit fitter. Since completing the challenge I've been doing yoga at home atleast 4 days a week and while I might not have lost a lot of weight, I have no doubt I'm in better shape in terms of my well being. I love this one, because you can squeaze it in even on long working days. So, from her, in the middle of a sunny, cold English afternoon, I wanted to say thank you. You've improved the quality of my life and I'm grateful to you. Namaste.

  3. Adrienne how did you know! This light little practise was just what I needed today . Just getting.over a yucky cold this was just enough for the first day upright in a few so thank you so much

  4. Awesome. And love the dog. I thought I was the only person with dog-and cat- participation. Seriously, a phenomenal short practice.

  5. Adriene, love your weekly letter, you have a way of making me feel "happy," Thank You!

  6. Always a pleasure sharing in your online practice, thank you for your living heart!

  7. This was so great!! I was having a particularly challenging day and I took a 10 min break to do this and I feel so much better!! I will bookmark this one for sure for when I need a mental break. Thank you, Adriene!

    Much love,
    Angela <3

  8. Adrienne! I just love you. Your emails brighten my day in a sea of junk mail I'm too lazy to comb through. I loved this pick me up- perfect for my nerves on a day like today. Thank you always

  9. I so enjoy you and learning yoga - love learning yoga with you- I look forward to it each day. Thank you

  10. Thank you so much for this video 🙂 it's ever a pleasure to do yoga with your help 🙂


  11. NICE! Perfect length for my attention span this rainy morning.

    BTW, my caregiver (I have severe Lyme arthritis) got me into this, and she had knee surgery to correct a torn meniscus three weeks ago. I really miss our practice together, She's just started her physical therapy, and I wonder if you could help get her back on the mat without re-injuring her knee. I also have another disabled friend (back injury) that your teaching might benefit. I know you are incredibly busy lady, but would you ever consider doing a beginner's yoga for the disabled video?

  12. I needed this video and would LOVE to be able to download it. I started a Yoga practice a year ago and it's been the best thing ever. I got to a point that if my practice wasn't 20 min+ it wasn't doing anything...and then we traveled and you posted this beauty! So with travel I feel like although short I've gotten something signification in to hold me over until I am back in my rhythm of 'normal' practice. THANK YOU!!!

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this video. I have been working so much, so stressed, that I forgot to do anything but work. This little 10 minute yoga video broke that treadmill I was on, reminded me that I am a person who needs things like yoga, and gave me ten minutes to focus on my poor tense, stressed out body. I feel light years better, and ready to tackle that job from a different perspective and with more balance. Amazing! It was like a very zen slap up side the head to pay attention to the rest of my life outside of work. Thank you.

  14. Perfect for today - thanks Adriene! I'm in my second year of practice with you and it's part of my fitness program as I age in my mid fifties, and teaching me to be in the moment more. Thanks for the immense selection on your YouTube channel too.

  15. I've always wanted to do yoga but like many others with family is hard to squeeze in TimeWise. I like that this routine is for being able to focus and be more productive. I will go ahead the do oh, but I wanted to know is it best servedein the morning or in the evening or in the evening. Keep up the good work, God bless.

    1. Hi Mark, try it and see what works best for you. This is probably better for morning time though to boost your focus at the start of the day. It depends on your personal schedule though.

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