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15 Min Yoga For When You Are Stuck

Yoga for When You are Stuck is a 15 minute at home yoga session designed to move stagnant energy. In this practice, we will use poses to ground and find stability while using pranayama to move the stagnant energy.

This therapeutic practice will bring a healthy flow of energy to the body to aide the mind and heart as well so that you can find forward movement. This is a standing, hands free practice that can be done without a yoga mat too!

Use this 15 min practice to get out of a low situation, flush low energy, and gently stimulate your core. Come as you are, welcome balance back in.

Let me know how it goes in the comments below.

70 comments on “15 Min Yoga For When You Are Stuck”

  1. Hi Adriene, I’ve been sick with a chest infection and was wanting to ease back into yoga. Can you recommend some gentle videos for me? Thank you, Dinah X

  2. I’m a flight attendant and just did this routine after my flight from Atlanta to Amsterdam to help me unwind, relax, and get all the junk out of my head. It was perfect. The junk is out, I feel refreshed and ready to take my nap. Thanks so much!

  3. Kind of went through it last night. Wouldn't call it as much "stuck" as I would say I was feeling a lot of difficult emotions at once. When I saw this video with your email this morning, it felt like a message from the Universe. Working through those feelings with movement this morning was once of the most helpful things I could have done. I feel ready to take on the day day with a revitalized, creative spirit and an open, loving heart. Love you, Adriene. So excited for our journey in January! xxx.

  4. Dear Adriene ,
    Thankyou so much for your weekly newsletter . It’s as if your speaking directly to me . I love how you often reference the ocean . You do so poetic , i am a avid surfer so I truly relate to your words. it’s beautiful .
    Your a beautiful soul and I’m so happy I found you . I need to get on the mat more and perhaps one day you will come to Southern California and hold some classes. Would be so juice to met you in person . Till then I’ll enjoy your words .
    With love ,
    Costa Mesa

  5. Thank you Adrienne for making me actually laugh during my practice. You are the best medicine anyone could ask for So glad I found you and that you are now a daily part of my life.
    Much love and happiness

  6. This was a lovely practice, even while yoga-ing amongst kids, toys, cats. I enjoy the focus on the breath and find that very helpful. This allowed me to vary my normal routine of the 16-minute practice for flexibility, which keeps my back and hips loose, and helped with a recent slip on snowy steps.

  7. Adriene you are awesome Thank You Thank You so much see you and Benji next week. Namaste !

  8. Loved this after my walk thanks Adriene as always a joy to do yoga with you xb

  9. Good happy day Adriene

    I’ve been doing your free online classes at home and on nightshift at work. I must say you are a great inspiration and mentor to millions off us who have had dark days .. you my sweet Adriene are send to us like an Angel from above .. I wish you love and mega yummy happiness
    Namaste X

  10. Thank you! So exactly what I needed, in the middle of the day, feeling not quite good about myself and rather than take a nap or escape to something mindless, you refocused me and helped bring good energy to continue to face the day, maybe even with a smile. Thanks from Israel.

  11. Around here we have to worry about getting stuck. IN SNOW! It's way too early this year. Do you have yoga for shovelers? Maybe a passive-aggressive warrior pose? Seriously though shoveling can be difficult and many have heart attacks. Love your videos and humor. Love from the cold heart of Maine.

  12. That breathing exercise opened up something in my lungs I didn’t know was stuck!! I feel about a million times better. Thank you!

  13. Perfect. I am letting go. Getting unstuck. Thank you. Been reading Singer's Surrender experiment this weekend. it fits perfectly.

  14. Shucks .. I am definitely on the boat that you noted on your Thanksgiving message .. as long as Adriene is guiding and her global crew is riding! Thank you Miss A.

  15. It's always amazing to me how perfect your message and workout is on any specific day! You/We nailed it again!
    Thank you.

    1. I know exactly what you mean. Adrienne always comes through with the exact workout I needed on any given day. Yoga for when you are stuck is a great example .

  16. Thanks for reminding me about our boat! Inspired and genuinely tickled by this practice ("smack that..."); your kindness and humour helps so much. The ultimate de-stuck approach. Who else can I turn to for a great class at 11 pm on a Sunday? Namaste lady!

  17. Adriene, finding you and yoga has truly been a blessing in my life. I feel more connected to myself and others than ever before. Your practices always give me what I need, day to day. Thank you so much! I can't wait for January and 30 says of yoga!

  18. Hi! Good morning!
    Great practice for a cold, rainy and windy monday morning
    Thanks for your time
    Have a great week
    Love and blessings

  19. Morning: Really needed this today! Love your style!!
    Coming to see you live someday!!

    Kind regards,

  20. Love your funky vibes and the light-hearted humour and grounded energy that you infuse into all your videos. Been a while since I've done a YWA video and so glad to have given this one a go today. Just what I needed. Thank you! <3

  21. Haven't done a video in a long time. So this was good. Hoping to get it back into my routine to control my anxiety.
    Thank you

  22. I loved getting weird with "Knocking on Heaven's Door today!" It's truly a move that completely flushes you with energy and this practice it gave me a laugh. You have no idea how many days your practices get mentioned in my gratitude list. Thank you always, for everything! I hope you had a wonderful Holiday weekend, Adriene!

  23. Thank you so much for this, did it right before bed. The sense of play you bring makes my heart smile.

  24. Thank you! it is a start. my first ywa video and beginning to practice yoga. turning 58 this week and not happy with where I am ... on so many levels...believe this is the place to begin making my self feel good. ~ namaste

  25. This made me laugh out loud (in a good way)! I so enjoy your lighthearted, playful practice, combined with solid principles and teaching. Thank you for sharing!

  26. Loved this and was perfect for today to get me going and to refocus on being back in school and teaching my students.

  27. I love your letters! I am working on being able to watch the videos more. Thank you for encouraging us new Yogis to continue with it. 🙂

  28. Ahh Adrienne, you are so and i love you so! And I mean that in a one boat altogether go deeper way!

  29. Adrienne,
    Thank you for this 15 min. Yoga, just what I needed for today.
    I have fibromyalgia, and your yoga videos are great for me.

  30. As in all things Hope has its in order to feel Hope ,one needs to experience Despair..I love your your invitation to join the Boat of Hope as we sail through December !! And thank you for the way to become unstuck this morning ..A strong inclination to hide under the bed covers. Xxx

  31. Somehow this video found me now that I've been postponing starting yoga again after an illness. I feel a bit more unstuck now, will definitely continue the process of unstucking with this video. Thank you!

  32. This was my first visit to your site after recommendations from friends and family. What a lovely and effective session, thank you!

  33. I laughed out loud when you broke into Billy Ocean thanks again for a great session. I think I will be coming back to this over the Christmas season.

  34. Hi Adriene,
    My daughter has a disease that makes her wrists and ankles hurt during yoga, but she needs the yoga for her health. Can you send me a list of your practices that are only I have heard others with her condition say those poses are the most comfortable. I have been encouraging her to do 10 minutes a day...but she fussed a lot. It is called CMT and it makes the signals to the hands and feet weak.

  35. Hello, the intro and exit music is so beautiful on the yoga under 15 minutes series one on amazon prime. What artist is it?

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