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Yoga For Post Traumatic Stress - PTSD

Yoga is beneficial for healing from trauma in so many ways and on so many levels. Trauma stays not only in the mind but also the body. Our fight or flight response can be disrupted because of traumatic events or experiences. Yoga for Post Traumatic Stress invites you to reconnect to your body and tend to the nervous system. Through regular practice, we will rewire our central nervous system to trigger our relaxation response.

This 45 minute at home yoga practice is created for you to be able to do on your own and designed with many types of people in mind. Hopefully, the title will bring many people to the yoga mat and it will provide tools for healing, understanding, connection, and recovery. Yoga With Adriene focuses not just on postures but on Integral Yoga that can benefit all types of people through breathing techniques, meditation, and mindfulness.

Take 45 minutes to practice today. Share this practice with someone whom you think might also benefit. Subscribe to the Yoga With Adriene channel to help support free high-quality yoga for everyone.

Let me know how it goes down below!


75 comments on “Yoga For Post Traumatic Stress - PTSD”

  1. Another absolutely amazing practice. I have been struggling with tethered nerves for a couple of weeks and having physio every other day. This practise was exactly what i needed as I start to recover.

  2. Many thanks Adriene
    Just completed on a sunny Sunday 11/11/18 in Dublin, Ireland.
    A beautiful mix of yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

  3. Thank you so much Adriene. I'm going through some things and have let self-care slip. This video is exactly what I needed to re-set my priorities. <3

  4. Similar thanks and abundance of love back for giving us so much of your time and energy Adriene!
    xoxo from rainy and grey Berlin

  5. I lost my home and everything in it in the Woolsey fire on Friday. How did you know I needed this?

    1. So relieved that you made it out alive. May the grace of God bless you and your family during this difficult time

    2. Thanks Adriene your classes are helping me get through this quarantine it's so helpful and grounding.

  6. Thank you for this. Feeling rather stressed this weekend and this has helped, as your yoga videos always do. Namaste.

  7. Greetings & gratefulness from Wisconsin,..thank you do you know exactly what my body needs & craves! Been having a lot of stress lately which has affected my upper back and shoulder...this was perfect. Enjoy your Sunday
    Deb from Necedah

  8. Hi there Adrian!
    My name is Emily and I experienced something different during this yoga video that I thought maybe you could give some feedback on?
    During the crouching and forward folds, during coming up on the last one I experienced a rush, at first I thought it was the blood flowing, then I fell over and honestly thought I had just took a really big riff from a bong, then felt a sudden surge of anxiety, and then it was calm.
    It really struck me! I think it was a blockage opening up, and I’d really love to hear your feedback 🙂

    P.s. I also just wanted to mention whenever I fall out of my yoga practice your videos always get me pumped up and ready, reminding me why I do yoga and really helping to clear a path. I am truly thankful for your videos!:)

    1. This type of question should be directed to your primary care physician. Even a physician would require you health history. Take it slow and like any fitness program, check with your doctor before starting. Adrienne cant give medical advice, yet several people reply with physical concerns after a workout. It's just not fair to expect medical advice. Who knows why you experienced this, it could be many factors. Make an appointment with a doctor, and remember...2nd opinions are usually always necessary. Best!! 🙂

  9. Thank you for helping us connect. Too many people are feeling isolated and alone in this fast-paced techno driven world and your approach helps develop a healthy, relaxing, connected lifestyle. I continue to look forward to your Sunday message in my email.

  10. Hi Adriene! Thank you very much for this video.
    Do you practice a Lotus pose? I was wondering if you could make a video with tips and exercises that should be practice in order to get into this pose.
    Thanks a lot! I love you!

  11. Omg Adriene! This was so wonderful in every way. Your love just bathed me in the warmest safest space ever. Thank you precious one. Namaste

  12. This will become how I either begin or end my day. PTSD can eat my lunch at times. Thank you so much.

  13. Now I understand better what is SO SPECIAL about you Adriene .
    You Flow Love and You Spread Love and that's make me feel so good !

    I have seen many yoga videos and was never attracted by any . But When I met you online, and it is only online, I cannot go a day without at least one practice with you !

    You are amazing , You are Kindness and Love in person !

    THANK YOU from my heart to yours

    Keep it up, the world needs you, we need you

  14. Adriene, you have helped me become so much more flexible, at age 69! Yours are the only yoga videos that I use. I think Benji is great too! Thank you so much.

  15. Thank you so much for this video Adriene. This restorative yoga practice was exactly the reminder I needed to stay present and mindful. I suffer from PTSD and after completing this practice, I felt warm and cozy and safe. Thank you so much for all that you do; you are truly an inspiration.

  16. One of your very best! I will definitely be returning to this practice again & again. Thank you so much!
    PS--Benji did great!

  17. Adriene could you please tell me what all yoga could be done postnataly after caesarean section.
    Especially to avoid diastasis recti.

  18. Thanks again Adrienne 🙂 You never disappoint!
    Today marks exactly 4 months of practicing yoga with you at home and I couldn’t be more grateful. Whenever I come off the mat I leave with a sense of clarity and calmness, which has helped me work through life hardships (including the recent passing of a very close loved-one) with a sense of understanding and ease in the midst of adversity. What you reiterate in your classes is so true... What you do on the mat, reflects how you move off the mat.
    So again, I personally, thank you for providing such amazing content filled love, harmony and positive guidance. I truly pray God continues to bless you on your journey as well.

    Keep moving with love!!❤️❤️❤️

  19. Hi,Adrianne this was a great yoga video workout. Thanks for your ongoing support I found you from the Rachel rays show so inspiring. I really needed this I have so much ongoing stress with my health,and my back due to spinal surgery. I really need this support. Thanks Lily 🙂

  20. Thank you so much, Adriene and Benji! I feel calm, warm and cozy after this practice like just wrapped myself in the sense of love!

  21. I have been waiting for this.
    Thank you. 130 days straight of yoga with you and it has been a slow but steady transition to finding a safe space.

  22. Amazing got to all the bits ungot to before. Felt my sit bones and rested on them, first time hips released in cross legged. Had a little cry when I breathed out ‘I am safe’. Thank you Adrienne with love, Mary

  23. Oh wow, what timing. I had a terrible ptsd attack over the weekend. I'd forgotten what time of year it was, and although the thing happened 12 years ago, my mind and body took off and got trapped as tho it was this second. :/
    I will look at clearing space to be able to do this.
    Thank you

  24. Adriene & Benji,

    A huge warm and wonderful hug to you, thank you so much for bringing some beautiful peace at this very foggy time. You guys are super special xx

  25. My husband passed away 6 weeks ago, with a lot of trauma and stress in the weeks preceding it. I'm still trying to process it all, and this practice was just what I needed to get my brain and body to slow down. Thank you, with love.

  26. As always Adrienne, I thought this video was fantastic, prob one of my favorites. I love your yoga videos. Thank you for sharing them.!

  27. Thanks for making this video. I work with women living with poverty and addiction and today I did this video with a woman who has been living rough for many years. Her first yoga class! While she was nervous at first I watched her relax in response to your gentle guidance and reminders to breath. Now she wants to try True everyday, so here we go! I'll keep using this video with women who have experienced trauma - thanks again.

  28. Hi Adriene,

    Thank you very much for your videos, love them and also love you and Benji!!! I have tried to post comments other times but it did not work. Hopefully this one is posted 🙂

    Much love,
    Cynthia from Buenos Aires but live in Auckland, New Zealand 🙂

  29. I’m going to be honest, Knowing that people are being burned alive in their cars trying to run from fire is something that stays with you long after the news program is over. Not to mention the suffering from recent shooting victims. How do we get up in the morning and move through our day as if nothing has happened, because that is exactly what our world demands us to do. We must keep our sanity in the face of absurdity. We must be kind in the face of utter hatred. We must stay aware of our surroundings and what is happening in our world even though it is too much to bear. We must strive for love always no matter what. We must go forward armed with that love even if it is like moving through mud. We are being challenged. Let us be like the citizens of Whoville singing arm in arm though we may be stripped of all. Let us call forth our true grit and the exceptional beings that live inside all of us. We can do this.

  30. sometimes i find myself crying during yoga--i figure that my body is releasing those energies as i move it around. with this one, however, one of my kids said something while i was doing the practice, and i started laughing & could not stop. it felt good, but it was a bubbling over of glee that i haven't felt in a long time.
    thank you.

  31. Thank you Adriene, you inspire me how with soft movement we get much further then with hard and pushing ones!! I'm a fan!!!

  32. Thank you for this amazing yoga session. My heartbeat dropped 15 points ( I verified this afterwards) so this really works. Thank you for caring so much for others. Blessings to you~

  33. Hi Adriene,

    Thank you very much for posting free yoga videos every week. I want to ask you if you could a special class to relax hands. I had carpal tunnel more than 6 years ago and still suffer from very sore right hand, specially when sleeping. It is really painful and not sure how to alleviate the pain.

    You are amazing and very beautiful, Benji too!!!

    Have a great weekend!!
    Un abrazo,

  34. Thank you for this lovely practice. I work as an emergency nurse and as a result I'm exposed to a lot of terrible stuff which I think I subconsciously push to the back of my mind. This video reminded me that i need to make sure i make some time for self care. This will definitely be a practice i return to on my days off!

    Love from a rainy London


  35. Thank you so much for this wonderful stress relieving practice Adrienne, even got out a few tears that were stuck... I have found some videos for digestion but would you have one for IBS ? I was recently diagnosed with this and find it hard to manage ! Much love !

  36. after doing your PTSD yoga session, my blood pressure dropped 20 points. THANK YOU for what you do! You are totally awesome in every way.

  37. You’re a blessing Adriene. You’re love and care during poses is what makes us/me feel great. Thank you for giving so much love, Namaste

  38. Adrienne!
    For the first half of this year, as every year, I was working fast and furiously and just became exhausted. I couldn't stand up straight and could not bend over at all. I have always been an avid excerciser but I was just falling apart. My daughter and I put our belongings into storage and left for a cabin in Wisconsin for four months. WE did your yoga workouts every day with our dog and cat too. I am completely healed and we have come back to Pasadena where we live. Your workouts healed me. I am a different person that I was in June! I cannot thank you enough and we try to do a video every day. I truly love yoga and your workouts are just perfect for me. My daughter would agree! Thank you, you've changed my life!

  39. Thank you Adriene. We're recovering from the earthquake here in Anchorage, and I'm especially thankful for the gift of yoga at home!

  40. Dear Adriene,

    I use this video again and again - it´s the best, Thank you! <3

  41. Hi Adriene, what would you recommend for me recovering from pec minor resection surgery, first rib resection, I had 2 scalene muscles removed from my neck, and I have PTSD along with post concussion syndrome . I’ve done a 30 day program in the past and loved it. I’m at the recovery point that my physical therapist gave me the okay to do yoga that doesn’t have a lot of upper body weight bearing. I’m hoping that you have something

    1. Take it slowly and be sure to follow your physical therapist's and medical provider's guidance. You might want to ease in slowly with standing practices, hands free practices, or seated practices. Best wishes for continued healing, Jodi.

  42. I had some really crazy dreams after this practice and woke up several times feeling unsettled. Is this normal? I have OCD and my therapist has told me to stick to very grounding practices and not try to release too much old emotion at once. Can you recommend some specific videos for this? I'm new to yoga, about 6 weeks in with Adriene. So glad I found her YouTube channel!

    1. Hi, use the search function on this website and search for "grounding". It will pull up a list of Adriene's grounding practices. She has a lot you can choose from to help balance out your practice with grounding practices. Best wishes as you grow your practice. 🙂

  43. You are a ver y ama Ing a Sweet person. I love your yoga practices . Post traumatic practice was great if you could give us more of this kind. God bless you

  44. Thank you so much Adriene. This beautiful video brought to mind the power of compassion in healing trauma.

  45. Hey Adriene fans!

    Thanks for all you do!

    I work at a university and we’re currently running a pilot of a lunchtime yoga initiative with teachers in training from a local studio. Sometimes the teachers need to cancel, leaving us in an awkward position though.

    I was thinking of making “Yoga with Adriene” a weekly lunchtime event and playing some of the videos on a projector for people who want to do yoga at lunch when an in-person instructor isn’t present.

    Can you recommend a couple of videos that would be well suited for this sort of audience? I was thinking of something like a standard series of poses (sun salutations or whatever) without very much dialogue.

    Anyway, let me know what you think if you have time to respond!

  46. A helpful practice that (I felt) took us wherever we're at and balanced ease with some gentle but insistent challenge in terms of encouraging us to release, trust our bodies, trust our breath (repeated trauma has left me with body & breath anxiety, I'm sure I'm not alone). I'm having a low day and teared up twice during this session. I'm very grateful to you for putting this video out there.

    1. I struggle with body and breath anxiety too. After running from my abusive husband two years ago, I've been completely focused on healing. Intensive therapy twice a week and daily meditation, research, and learning that my body needs to heal as much as my mind does. I teared up twice during this video. Repeating this practice will help, I'm sure of that now, until its time for the next step in my healing journey.

      Deepest thanks to Adriene for releasing these videos. I will learn to feel safe within my self, trust and love myself...with practice and dedication. After I do, I want to learn to help others learn to love, trust and feel safe with themselves.

  47. Looking forward to doing this. I have PTSD and my shoulders and neck are constantly super tense

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