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Yoga for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can play a large role in the mind-body relationship. Regular at-home yoga is a great tool to help with the daily functions of those suffering from chronic pain. Join me for this 25 min practice that you can do on a mat or seated in a chair!

This gentle yoga practice helps you to explore these tools of yoga and how they can support you on your journey toward healing and feeling better. Cultivate more harmony with the breath & body. Find What Feels Good.

Optional Props:

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18 comments on “Yoga for Chronic Pain”

  1. Oh Adriene, I am so grateful for your videos and vulnerability each week. I am going through a really rough patch right now and it’s so helpful to have your videos and practices to keep me company and repeatedly remind me that I’m not alone and I have the power to support myself within. I truly love you to pieces and am thankful to have you as a friend that I have never met.

  2. I’m commenting on the email you sent today and not the video. Waking up and being grateful for the day was really brought into stark reality today. I attended a “ celebration of life “ for a very dear friend today who died very suddenly and unexpectedly. She did all the right things-worked out at the gym 4 or 5 days a week, walked every day, she was a vegetarian and did not drink or smoke. She was the friend you called a a nd knew she would show up to help and always had a smile. She had a massive stroke and never woke up and died that night. She was 62. When you wake up in the morning, that alone is a gift. When you wake up please be grateful.

  3. Hi Adriene, this landed in my inbox today, two days after I finally left a toxic co-dependent relationship after 14 years, the perfect calming practice. I have been doing (almost) daily yoga with you for a year and a half now, and more than anything else it is this which has given me the space and inner strength to find the courage to escape.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart

  4. Adriene! ☺️ Just wanted to say...I’ve been receiving your emails every Sunday for a long time now, and I love them. The way you write is very resonating and just gives me a sense of calm and positivity on a Sunday morning... I confess, I don’t often do your classes but I have done plenty in the past and they’re so great. Words/messages are so powerful. They can change the way your feeling immediately. Tone, language, sentiment- they can all shift your physical state from positive to negative and even negative to positive. So thank you for reaching so many with your uplifting message every week. Lots of love & warmth 🙂 x

  5. Dear friend. I have been with you a
    long time .
    You have got be through happy
    Times sad Times
    But I have but on my P C
    And. Joined with you
    Now it's come a every day thing
    With out my yoga. The day not
    The same.
    Love. Lots.
    Normajeane. X

  6. Dear Adriene, greetings from the UK (Wales). I don't do Yoga every day, but when I do, it is only your Yoga I reach for. Why, because I think you're quirky, and I like quirky, I resonate with quirky, and it makes me smile. If I'm smiling then I'm not thinking about the bending my body doesn't want to quite do.
    I am currently on my Buddhist journey, learning (again) impermanence. Learning that we all have emotions, but the trick is to not set attachments to them. Let them come, sit with and welcome them, and then let them on their way. The good and the bad. Anxiety generally tends to pop up around future stuff that hasn't happened yet. Stuff that may not even happen. We only have the now, this moment, this moment, this moment. The only future stuff I'm thinking about right now, is Season 3 of The Crown, woo hoo can't wait!!!
    Take care of you, look forward to seeing you in YouTube land.

  7. Your emails so full of love fills my heart each Sunday morning. Thank you for being faithful to send them each week. I always finish reading them feeling like I've just been hugged.

  8. My dearest teacher Adriene (that's how I came to think about you)!

    I am ever so grateful for your advice, authenticity and just general awesomeness. Thank you!

    One tiny request though. With the new platform in place, I started receiving mails addressed to my mail handle (fictive example "nanana_02" as part of [email protected]) instead of my username (Julia). This makes for odd conversation starters:

    "Dear nanana_02,
    I usually work pretty hard to move myself into a positive energy state before settling in to write you, my dear, this letter. [...]"

    Would you kindly change this back?
    Thank you so much!

    With love,

  9. Hi my dear Adriane! I am greatful for having you in my life!! Your words always come handy, as well as your practice.
    Hope you recover your good spirits soon, though it might be really necessary to go through our "down" times to value our "ups".
    From my heart to yours, as you always say.
    Happy week!!

  10. I'm sure you hear this all the time, but I need to say it anyway, you have changed my life. I have been through 3 back surgeries in the last 3 years. One was an ALIF, which was the worst I've been through. I was on pain medication for 2.5 years. I stopped taking them because they are poison but still lived in chronic pain. I started following you and stuck with it now for approximately 6 months. I've never felt so good. I can live again. You also helped my mental state more than you could know. Without sharing too much, I wanted to tell you that you've helped improve my life more than you will ever know. What you're doing and offering to people for free is the kindest, most generous thing that you could do. I imagine it takes a toll on you to give so much of yourself. You should know that there are people who appreciate you beyond words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  11. Beautiful Adriene, your mail today felt like a hug. Here in Mexico we just celebrated Dia de todos los Santos and Dia de Muertos, which always brings mixed feelings to the air. Celebration and sadness and pain mixed together. I feel everything, and I know not all that I feel is entirely mine. So my practice these days has been to just vow and allow all to pass in the most conscious way possible.
    Thank you always for reminding me that we are all one and the same. The more we allow ourselves to feel the more we grow, the more we live.
    Live your gratitude.
    Trust your love.
    The journey is the reward.

    Gracias Comadre! Bendiciones siempre.

  12. Love and light to you, Adriene, and to everyone (with extra sent to @Janice and @Susannah above).

    Thank you for the yoga for chronic pain video. Divine timing!


  13. Dear Adriene,
    I don't know if Yoginis can be also saints.
    Anyway, you are a SAINT (or almost). You spread health, well being, joy to the world.
    Thank you, thank you.

  14. This weeks love letter hit me right in the feels. It resonates deeply with me and I am so thankful. The simple realization that I am not alone in this life has immense power. Thank you for creating a place for love and positivity in this world.

  15. Dear Adriene,
    I suffer from fibromyalgia, is there any particular type of yoga you would recommend ?

    Thank you


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