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Reunite with Your Body

This session is your invitation to check in with your entire beautiful body. Join me for this 19- minute total body yoga practice!

Observe. Feel it out. Move with intention.

In this full-body vinyasa flow, turn up the heat a little, link the breath with the movement, and cultivate a healthy blood flow.

Stretch and twist it out. Reconnect and reunite. Learn to love your body. You deserve it.

I hope you enjoy! Share your experience in the comment section down below! Namaste.

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13 comments on “Reunite with Your Body”

  1. Adrienne, would you ever come to Boston, MA and do a YWA event here?! I know myself and my friends love your online yoga videos and would be ecstatic if you did a live class!

  2. Hi Adriene!

    I used to be able to watch all of your videos but now it says it's not available?! Has there been a change in some sort? :'(

  3. Hi Adriene
    I love your videos. Thank you!!
    I had a disectomy operation on my back 3 months ago and am just getting back into Yoga again. What exercises would be best for me? I need to strengthen my lower leg muscle as I have drop foot as a result from the back pain before the operation. I also need to work on strengthening my torso muscles (particularly my abs!). I'm itching to get back into shape but don't want to do too much too soon and regret it.

  4. Hello thanks for your amazing videos. I love all your series. I would love it if you can do a prenatal yoga series as am pregnant now and I need more pregnancy focused yoga episodes please

  5. Wasn't an easy one, but I didn't give up, and now my whole body is fully awaken -:)
    Thank u so much dear Adrien!

  6. Hello Adriene, thanks so much for all this wonderful content! Do you have any videos for mums with babies who are starting yoga again after birth please? Thankyou.

  7. Adriene,
    Thank you so much for your sincerity. You positivity is so needed!

    I am still somewhat of a beginner but feel confident in a lot of your easier workouts. This one felt a little less fluid as there were times I needed to put my knee down. I am an ex hockey player, have held my three young kids a lot in my arms and have sat at a desk as a film editor too long with my left elbow and left shoulder rotated too often inward.... any ideas welcome!

  8. This session was the perfect length to get the blood flowing, but not so long to incapacitate me for the rest of the day. Thank you so much for your videos and all that you have given to the world! ❤️
    I wonder if you might have a slow-paced video to help children to build body awareness - I have a child who is very dyspraxic and can’t keep up with typical children’s yoga but yoga is the very thing that he needs!

  9. Thank you, Adriene. It's been a while since I gave myself time to do yoga. I love your videos and have been using them (on and off) since the mid-2010s. It's nice to start with this one, again (haha). Thank you again for creating a space that is not judging.

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