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Yoga For Strength - 40 Minute Vinyasa Sequence

This practice cultivates heat, trims, tones, builds strength and flexibility. Adriene works with a strong foundation and encourages you to integrate a long lasting breath practice in your Vinyasa flow yoga.

With full body awareness and strong focus on alignment this practice is swift but offers variations for you to try as you build your practice. Open the hips, the shoulders and tap into your core strength. This vinyasa yoga practice tones the legs and the arms while offering a strong foundation to protect the joints.

Be mindful and meet your edge!

Return to this practice to experience your growth and deepen your practice. "The journey is the reward." Practice.

19 comments on “Yoga For Strength - 40 Minute Vinyasa Sequence”

  1. Grrrrreat Class! So enjoy your style and instruction. Question about Malasana: my heels down come down to the ground...what do you suggest? Many thanks. J

    1. Dear Adriene,
      Thank you you for your nice lesson. You bring me very much inspiration!

      Kind regards from Lemmer (friesland, the Netherlands)

  2. Thank you Adriene, I really enjoyed this vinyasa.
    Definitely feel better prepared for the day ahead.

  3. What a great flow! Thank you! I needed some body awakening and this hit the spot perfectly. I even tried crow (I almost never try crow!!) and managed to lift toes off the ground alternately which was an exciting new thing! Exactly the yoga I needed to start my day today! thanks again!

  4. Lovely! A cold and dreary day here in Wellington NZ so that really sorted me out, lifted my spirits and gave me some heat! Intention of 'feeling good' totally nailed! Thank you so much Adriene, you are my best online friend and have helped me to rediscover my health and happiness after far too long in a stressful desk job! Never again! All of the love, Namaste xxx

  5. Thank you so much for this wonderful practice. It is grey outside in The Netherlands, but I feel warm inside, after this invigorating practice.

  6. Dearest Adriene
    Thanks for sharing your awesomeness with us and beautiful yoga. I love you and your philosophy FIND WHAT FEELS GOOD #yoga with Adriene ♡
    Hugs to you ❤ Namaste Happy Thanksgiving to you
    Love and light

  7. Thank you so much for the free lessons! It's so relaxing to do this at home and not pay a membership fee for a class! I hope you know how appreciated your videos are 🙂

  8. Thank you for the great vinyasa video. Just wondering how can I improve the pose with the bent knees and puttin my elbow around the opposite thigh? I can't seem to twist far enough to keep my hands at heart center.

  9. Adrienne, I love your videos. You have given a wonderful love for yoga. I did the 30-day challenge in January and it was AMAZING. Blessings

  10. hey adriene,

    I always click your ads when I visit the page. this way I can help you in anyway I can.

    Please do this pipz as a gratitude to this wonderful lady.

  11. This is my SECOND FAVORITE YW practice! I have not been able to do it since February (it's June) because of ACL surgery. Still modifying a teeny bit, but it felt SOOOOO GOOOODDDD to do this practice again! I will sleep well !!xoxo

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