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Fundamentals of Ease - Yoga For Beginners

This holistic session will be nice for beginners but also beneficial for anyone at any stage of their yoga practice as it focuses on the philosophy of one of my favorite yoga sutras which teaches us ultimately how to balance effort with ease.

Join me for this 35 minute practice with a focus on the movement and philosophy of ease. Sometimes, this is easier said than done. It can be “easier” to do what you are told rather than find what feels good and be present in your body. The fundamentals of ease is a practice that can shift the way you arrive on your mat, and the way in which your time there serves you.

Start by asking: Where can you soften?

And, breathe, baby, breathe. 

Let me know how this practice goes for you in the comment section below. 

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15 comments on “Fundamentals of Ease - Yoga For Beginners”

  1. Hi Adrienne! I did this a few days ago and this was a wonderful practice!

    Also - I have a slightly unusual request. I've injured my toe and that surprisingly limits my range of movement in yoga! I know gymnasts and dancers also get injuries in their ankles. Could you please make a yoga practice for injured feet?

    1. Thanks for this yoga ease video. I want to learn and experience more! I will be returning! Thank you!

  2. Hi. Thank you for this practice. I am returning to yoga after years away. I find it sometimes difficult to follow along on a computer screen, but your constant verbal clues and encouragement are so helpful. I only need to occasionally glance at the screen and can focus my attention on myself.
    I have arthritic knees and I wondered if there were any postures that might alleviate the pain and stiffness. I cannot sit back on my knees but if I open my knees to the edge of the mat. I can manage a sort of child's pose.. Anything posture or practice you could suggest.
    Many thanks.

  3. Hello Adriene,

    I just completed the beginners yoga video on youtube. i would like to thank you for making these yoga videos available. I am looking forward to getting back to practicing yoga to help with managing my Parkinson's . Take care and keep up the good work

  4. Adriene, I love your gentle patient but very detailed approach! I dappled with Yoga many years ago, but still consider myself a beginner. Working now with your Yoga for Beginners videos, I feel I am in very good hands!

    Will you be doing a Beginners series?

    A heartfelt thank you!

  5. Thank you for offering free videos to try your material. My 3 year old daughter and I got out our yoga mats to try this one. I appreciate the calm moments in busy life.

  6. Adriene,
    I have been doing one of your YouTube videos daily since March, 2020 when I could no longer go to my live yoga classes due to covid.

    I am wondering if you have a 30 Day Yoga for Seniors on YouTube. I would love that, even if it means pulling together previously recorded sessions that would apply. My wrists and joints are beginning to feel some twinges. I want to continue my yoga practice with you. I have signed up for Breath. I am going now to my "studio" to do the one YouTube video that I found Yoga for Seniors with Adriene. Happy New Year. You are a joy and your love of us and what you share shines upon us. Namaste

  7. My 5th ywa beginners video... really helps me to ease into the practice. Slowly building my yoga practice with these beginner's videos!

  8. Adiana

    Watching your videos and trying to follow is simply nutrious steps for the body and feeling alive.

    Thank you.

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