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Yoga For Beginners - A Little Goes a Long Way

A sequence of things you can do each day - a little goes a long way. This is a simple yet effective practice for all levels, all bodies and all souls! Practice mindfulness, open up and ground down. Learn how the tools of yoga can support you in the daily grind. Adriene guides you through a combination of pranayama or breath work and yoga asana.

Adriene invites you to focus on sensation over shape, discussing yoga philosophy and encouraging you to cultivate a home practice that serves. EVERYONE SHOULD TRY THIS HOME PRACTICE. Take time for yourself. Process. Grow. Be gentle. Be kind. Find What Feels Good. Practice consciousness on your mat so you can be conscious off the mat. Try a little bit of yoga for 7 days straight! A friendly challenge at the end of this video!

72 comments on “Yoga For Beginners - A Little Goes a Long Way”

  1. I've tried yoga once or twice due to having RA in my hip. Having a hard time sticking with yoga due to the lack of flexibility. Do you have any videos that could help me with hip flex exercises? It's so bad I can't even sit crossed leg on the floor. Please advise. Do you have a private email so not all my information is public?

  2. I started doing regular sun salutations, 5 on each side 1/1/16 and have progressed to adding a YWA practice after work, almost every day. I have completed 14 days of yoga camp. I am happy to report I have completely resolved my lower back pain. My hamstrings still need work, baby steps. Thank you Adriene. I have the yoga practice I have always wanted.

    1. That is brilliant. So inspiring. I did 30 days of yoga in December. Love it! My hips are my main tightness.

  3. I have been thinking about doing yoga for a very long time. I finally went to one class, but didn't feel that comfortable there, but did love the practice itself. Anyway, I luckily found your videos on YouTube. Still very beginner, but I can feel how after a hard day when I'm in a bad mood, I do a 30 minute video and the day is great again. Thank you!

  4. I am so looking forward to starting yoga for beginners. I am needing to get in a routine. This sounds like something to help my mind and body. A co worker introduced me to Yoga with Adrienne and I'm very excited to start. I have red that yoga can help improve my back issues.

  5. I am so excited about getting started with yoga with Adrienne. A coworker introduced me to it and I am eager to get started. I have some back issues and I heard yoga can help improve it.

  6. Hi Adriene, thank you as always. You never cease to amaze me, although "on again off again" is pretty standard with my practice this video allows for an easy way get back. You really are the best!! Thanks again.

  7. Adriene your practice teaching is SO real and conscious. Yoga is just catching on in Oklahoma City...would love to attend a class here with you one day. Thank you for supporting the yoga community.

  8. So grateful I found you. Have been doing this for years and your focus makes yoga more vibrant for me. Thanks again!!

  9. I started with 30 days and was so excited on New Years when we started Yoga Camp. Daily Yoga with you is what feels good for me. PLEASE start a Yoga with Kids!!!

  10. I have been doing yoga on and off for decades, but your videos have helped me commit to a fulfilling daily practice. I completed the yoga camp, and am re-visiting 30 days of yoga, and your playlist: this is the first time in my long yoga history that I have really connected to ME, letting go of assumptions about how asanas should look, and how I should be able to do them flawlessly. As a result of 'finding what feels good' for me, I am much, much stronger in my practice, and I feel so good about myself and what I have accomplished. Thank you Adriene for reminding us that we need to love our unique selves first, breathe deeply, and be playful on the mat! Namaste.

  11. Ahh, another wonderful step in the learning process of connecting with who I am in my yoga practice with me and Wonderful YOU! I love this and all of the other videos you have shared... am up to day 7 on the Yoga Challenge after completing Yoga Camp with you. Who'd of thought one year ago I would so love coming to follow and do so much of this with you on a daily basis... You ROCK!!

  12. If I don't practice with you for 2 or 3 days, I get a very bad headache!
    It reminds me to take my time to be here.

  13. You are outstanding. So young but so together..

    Keep up the good work..

    God Bless.,


  14. Adriene, I love the alternative ways you let the viewer choose what's best for them. I have been practicing for about 13 years and I have to say I appreciate your charm and mindfulness. I am also enjoying your 30 days of yoga and I look forward to every day!

  15. So very lovely! I live with chronic illnesses and today has been a very high-pain day. Spending some time breathing and stretching on my mat with this video has been very soothing. Thanks again, Adriene!

  16. I have been doing yoga on and off for the last 25 years. A great friend recommended a checked your website and I started doing the yoga camp, caught a cold and I can't wait to start it again tomorrow.
    I have to say you have helped me center and ground myself and provided me with a daily practice I wanted to commit too. So a big thank you!!!! I totally excited to starting tomorrow again and my ultimate goal is to do it now every day for the rest of my living days. Hugs and squishes and loving energies to you! Namaste.

  17. 1 YEAR!!! I have made it 1 Year doing yoga with you 4-6 days a week. The longest I have ever stuck with any type of exercise consistently. Before I found 30 days of yoga a year ago, I wouldn't have believed I could find an exercise program I would grow to love and enjoy as much as I have your videos. In May of 2014 I was diagnosed with cancer, and after many months of surgery, treatments, medications, I was a mess. To tired and in to much pain get off the couch - I had to do something. So I turned to the internet looking for something...anything, most videos hurt to much. After trying various chair yoga videos for a month, I finally was able to move to the floor, but most yoga video were still way to hard and caused pain. Then one day I happened to click on one of your videos. I explored your web page and decided to give it a try, and here I am 1 year later. I still have a very long road ahead of me before I will reach my goals, but your videos are helping to make them possible, Thank you so much Adriene for sharing your passion and talents. You are literally saving my life, one video at a time. God Bless You!

    1. Your post made me so happy and gave me more encouragemebt. May God continue to bless you, you're in my prayers, Julie ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Dear Adriene, a gentle restorative week is just what I need. My 60+ body says Thank you! Lizx

  19. Namaste, Adrianne. A lovely sequence, great way to start the day and, indeed, the small challenge!

  20. Thank you for sharing. I noticed a lot of improvements on my flexibility since I started doing this practice. My right knee is not as good as my left though specially sitting down cross-legged. Is there any move that can help?

  21. Hi Adriene, as always you inspire me with your yoga tips for my own yoga classes.

    Many thanks,

    With love
    Christine X

  22. Hi Adriene,
    Love your Yoga tutorials.. Enjoying and looking forward to my morning yoga. 30 day challenge has been brilliant. Thank you from Melbourne Australia ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. I'm almost 75 and have had a couple of falls which left my right arm and wrist very immobile. Also have lots of arthritis!! I love this video and you for getting me back into some sort of belief in my body and what we can do together. Thank you so much! I would love to have a series of you doing yoga for older folk like me, but in the absence of that, I will continue to do this and feel grateful for 'A Little Goes A Long Way'!

  24. Just getting started with Yoga and am loving your videos, your enjoyment makes me excited to come back tomorrow and do it again. Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us.

  25. Love your videos and appreciate all your hard work that goes into sharing them with us! They are just awesome! I've dabbled in a little bit of everything from foundations to yoga camp and 30 days of yoga, skipping around here and there and I'm never dissapointed. Thank you so much for doing what you do. I hope to attend a live class one day!!
    Also love reading your emails every week!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Ok, so I took you up on your challenge and did this video, plus some of my own practice, each day this week. I also did the Yoga Camp last month. My practice is becoming more focussed and I am really getting a good sense of what my body wants and needs.
    I also had a big eureka moment this morning. I am a cyclist and here, in Toronto, Canada, the safer option for riding is inside on the trainer. This morning, my workout was a series of intervals at something called FTP (functional threshold power), basically pretty hard for 6 to 8 minutes at a time.
    A couple of months ago, when I was challenged physically and mentally on the bike, I would try to focus on my breathing but could never get my breath to go deep enough. Today...I had success! I really felt my breathing was deep, full, and beneficial to my physical and mental ability on the bike. Looking forward to seeing how this translates outside on the road!
    Thank you for helping me achieve this goal.

  27. Hi Adriene! I just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful vidoes you put online. I love the variety which means that, every day, I can choose what feels good :D. Also, I love your sense humour. You often make me smile during my practice. So, thank you for making me exercise and smile!

  28. Woke up at 4:30 am; couldn't sleep with too many anxious thoughts reeling through my mind - needed a gentle yoga to bring me calmness. This was so centering. Adriene, your care and compassion shine through every time! Thank you!

  29. your videos are amazing and I've been following for a long time! Super cool because I live in Alaska and yoga classes are hard to find and super pricey. So I just wanted to say thank you and I didn't know where else to say it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Also can I request a yoga for knee strength. I know I'm not the only one who suffers from bad knees... Thanks Adrien! Your the best!

  30. This one is perfect for when you're grieving or depressed. Those leave us with barely any energy to move so the thought of a 30 min intense class is much too overwhelming. I think every widow out there should try this as a way to get a bit of movement on those frequent bad days when grief is so fresh. Thank you Adrienne

  31. Tonight will be my 9th consecutive night of yoga--I've been doing 20 minutes a day. I already feel more flexible, and most importantly, more calm and relaxed. My goal is to do 30 days straight but at this point I'm pretty hooked so I'm sure it will continue for longer than that!

  32. I love your yoga videos. Do you have any that are geared towards toddlers/babies and moms... to get my kids interested? Or do you have any recommendations? I would love to eventually do yoga with my kids instead of waiting for a chance to sneak it in on my own. Thank you!!!

  33. I found you recently Adrienne! I love you already! Your frankness and kindness and expertise are beautiful! Too bad Ilive in L.A.far from TX! I really just started yoga altho I've done it a little before. I'm working with an Ayeruvedic practices, especially working to heal a long long chronic cough I have. I'm a singer, and a teacher, and I need my voice and body to work well....Thank you very much for your generosity Adrienne. I appreciate your gifts!

  34. Hi everyone,

    love this practice, it is perfect to squeeze in before work. I have done the 30 days of yoga challenge (although it took me like 80 days ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and have practised regularly or occassionally since. I have one question regarding the breathing practice: whenever I start to make my breaths conscious and (especially) longer and deeper, I get a 'rushy' feeling in my head, similar to a small head ache or the feeling of dizzyness. It is especially pronounced when I roll up from forward bend to standing position. Does anyone know why this happens, i.e. what I should do differently in the breathing practice?

  35. I like your tip about trying to implement yoga practice into your daily routine. It's hard to reap the full benefits of yoga unless you do it on a regular basis. I especially like your part about being mindful of the sensations with your body. This can help you know the pace and proper posture/technique to help avoid injury. Thanks for your tips and video.

  36. Ugh bless you woman!!!!!

    I hurt my back 3 months ago and have been painfully dragging myself toward recovety. This is my first yoga in 3 months because i was too scared to go to a class. I've never felt so proud of myself after a workout! I cant believe i got a workout FINALLY!!! Youre a goddess, i'm so pleased I found you.

  37. I started doing ur yoga for beginners last week i love it so relaxing but i only done it for 5 days bc i went camping but started over again yesterday .you are an awsome teacher thank you so much for posting ur free yoga classes karen mcintyre

  38. Hey Adriene,

    Just wanted to say that I love the fact that after you've done a gazillion videos (btw keep going we all love them and really need your guidance <3 ) , you still take time to go back to the beginning and improve the beginers practice.

    I'm so grateful to have found you as a teacher, you are a true nut blessing :*


  39. Adriene,
    I am completely new to yoga and am greatly inspired by your videos. I look at them almost daily and resolve further to start.
    I have RA, arthritis in many of my joints, knees worst affected, along with back pain.
    Is yoga a good modality to reduce this pain.
    Please let me know where to begin for hotm practice for the abive.


  40. I've been doing yoga since I was 7. Now at 60, I can't do moves like the scorpion, as I did at 14. But I've always done yoga. Then, I bruised a ligament in my left foot. OUCH. This easy yoga, that doesn't require standing has allowed me to maintain some form of practice, without re-injuring my foot.

  41. I've been struggling with a very painful hip injury for months. I discovered Yoga with Adriene about 6 weeks ago and it saved my life! I started doing it daily along with my physio, and I can't believe what a difference it's made. My physiotherapist is impressed with how quickly I'm progressing, and I'm sure it's because of the yoga. I feel like I'm finally myself again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  42. Hey Adriene!
    I started yoga about 1 year ago and I've been really enjoying it! Your videos are also very helpful and the way that you instruct is very simple and nice and chilled. (:
    I was wondering if you had any tips on sitting cross legged? I can find a comfortable position and it's not the flexibility thats the issue, but my legs just seem to go numb quite quickly! Which means I find it a little tricky to sit for more than 5 minutes.
    Do you have any suggestions, tips or tricks?
    Thanks heaps for any help.

  43. Adriene, You make yoga fun and inviting. Thank you. I'm somewhat intimidated to attend a class.


  44. Thank you so much for this practice Adrienne! Going to return to it for 7 days as you said! I have a question - when we're stretching the legs before this pose with a twist must the spine, posture be straight? I have some troubles having it straight all the time. By the way, can you give some practice for posture improvement?

  45. Adriene,

    I am going to start a month of yoga. I consider myself a beginner yogi, although I have practiced before. Do you recommend Yoga Camp or 30 Days of Yoga? I love your style and I am so excited to start! Thank you for all you do!

  46. Okay I have found my happy place! Thanks Adrienne - Beginner yoga videos are never 'beginner' enough for me, however this is exactly my level. I love your teaching style and your humour ("When two become one..." Lol). You've made my day! xo

  47. This was just what I needed! I've been feeling a little guilty that I've not been attending my usual yoga class as frequently.

  48. Hi Adriene.. I'm a 61 y.o. geezer who once was athletic and I'm doing your 30 day yoga challenge, except I've decided to stretch out each day into 7 workouts, before progressing to the next.. That tells you how old and inflexible I am. Today I just finished my 7th day of workout day #1, so tomorrow I start your day #2. I hope how positive and encouraging you are, and how well you explain the forms, since I know nothing about them or yoga. I think I already learned in 7 days that for the rest of my life I will be doing yoga. I'm a busy healthcare professional, so going to a studio is no where near as convenient as doing it at home with an instructor like you.... and not nearly as embarrassing either! Thanks again. This program has truly made a difference in my life. I'm fine with you sharing my email. I hope others find your website and how yoga can make a difference in their lives too.
    [this part is private- When I purchased the 30 day challenge, I only paid $1.00. I wanted to pay more but didn't see how to do it?? Is there an easy way to make a contribution to your program?? I would like to do so. That's how much I already believe in it!! I think this thing you do is a gift and it's life changing]

    1. Oh Thank you, I totally agree-well said! And YES we certainly need to contribute to such an awesome Gift-opportunity, Adriene is providing!!! Loi

  49. Perfect for winding down after a day in the office. I followed it up with a vinyasa cycle and shoulderstand / plough for a good evening practice. THANKS! ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. Loved this video and the reminder to integrate a bit if time daily, for mindful yoga. Thank you!

  51. Hello Adrienne:

    I am a long-time yoga lover, who has let herself go in the past few years. Stressing out over work, need to reset basic habits, like eating sleeping, exercise and breathing.

    Also, I broke my clavicle this summer and was looking for yoga practice that will help it heal. This is a great little practice to do a little everyday with a nice shoulder stretch. Your 30 days of yoga is also great, and I hope to start that soon, maybe today.

    I really appreciate all of the classes you put online for everyone. You are saving lives, and keeping people out of the hospital as we grow older. Thank you so much!!!

  52. hello,this is Sofia...I'm a newbie for yoga...trying to do everyday inhale and exhale for 5 minutes thanks for your online class....hopefully will start your pose soon.....thank you.

  53. Hi Adriene (and yogi crew!)

    Just wondering if you have any advice on alternative moves to the neck rolls/circles with the nose. I suffer with motion sickness so struggle to really get in to this circular motion - yet I work at a desk all day so could really do with working out some kinks.

    Thank you!

  54. ADRIENE...

    I am a very healthy active 75(eek) yr. old and have always wanted to do yoga faithfully but.......
    THEN I found YOU! I looked at many videos, YOU are the best!
    Love your soft relaxing voice, your style, suggestions and continual encouragement!!
    Please know YOU are soo Appreciated!!

  55. Hi Adriene, this little video has been great for me after abdominal surgery (I'm week 5 post surgery). Felt really good to listen to my body where it is right now and be content with this. Thank you.

  56. Hi Adriene, I have had sciatic pain for the past year can you recommend yoga for sciatica. Many thanks. Flo.

  57. I'm recovering from stomach surgery in which my vagus nerve was moved from where it was trapped. I enjoyed this practice, but do you have any for recovering from stomach surgery?

    I've looked through the website videos and can't find that specific one.
    Thank you.

  58. Revisited this 3rd ywa beginners video today. Nice to use this gentle easy video after my 2nd dose covid vaccine.

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