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Foundations of Flow

It's back to school time and our Back To Basics series continues with Foundations of Flow (Vinyasa). This is a great video for beginners who want to try a Flow class at a local studio! Great for beginners looking to play with rhythm and pace safely on the yoga mat at home! Also great for ANYONE looking to slow it down and get back to basics. Link movement to breath in this Foundation Of Flow practice. Work with integrity to Find What Feels Good for you and to practice synchronizing movement with breath.

33 comments on “Foundations of Flow”

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and perspectives with us. I love reading your weekly letter and your realistic and positive way of living. You are an inspiration! Namaste.

  2. Thank you Adriene. You are truly an inspiration to all of us. When we are down you lift our spirits with your beautiful words. Thank you for being there. Namaste

  3. Hi Adrienne
    I so enjoy reading your weekly letter .. you share so much of yourself. I am in Sydney Australia - it is raining here this morning and just a lovely time to reflect and focus. Have a lovely day. Love and light. Heather.

  4. That was such a great read. I did most of your 30 day yoga a few mths back, and all the points of your story today meant something for me. It complimented what I read for my star sign an cleaning up my life. The mental and emotional clutter has weighed heavy this mth, on my mind, but it's been your yoga, your words my partner, and that spiritual awareness, that have stayed true, and helped me get through. Thank you xx Maria

  5. You warm my heart & brace my soul against a harsh and unforgiving world ~ you truly make a significant difference in so many lives ~ blessings to you ~ take care always! Namaste ~

  6. Thanks Adriene, I love reading your musings, this is a timely post for me I need to get back on my mat and this is the week to do it, you just make it easier Adriene.
    Go raibh maith agat.

  7. just a note to say "Thank You"!
    You are transforming my body with yoga. Love the small changes that are taking place, flexibility, strength and learning how to breath through stress.

  8. Just started doing yoga LAST WEEK! Mom of 3 kids and now it's time for me to take care of me. So glad I found you on YouTube. I love your energy.

  9. I just love you, you're like an old friend. Thanks for your inspirational words mixed in with some genuine silliness.

  10. You always make it easy for me to return to my mat guilt-free after an absence from it. The important thing is that I return to it. You are an inspiration and I love how you teach - no preachiness just shear enjoyment. That is why when I return to the mat it is always with one of your videos. Thank you and please keep posting.

  11. Thanks for the sequence! It is a great way to reconnect to the mat after holidays! πŸ™‚

  12. Thank you, Adriene. So psyched! Getting back into it......on the mat! Great video, as usual!

  13. I have been enjoying your yoga videos all summer. This one is a great reminder of how to breath.
    Love It. Thank you!

  14. Hi Adriene,
    I have difficulties getting into my runner's lunge, I don't seem to be able to get my foot all the way up front, I have to "walk it up". In the Sun Salutation A, this totally breaks the flow. I keep practicing anyway, and would appreciate if you have any advice to help. Thanks!

      1. Great, thanks! Staying tuned indeed, tuning in each day in fact! And looking forward to the Rise series... πŸ˜‰

  15. Thanks Adrienne for helping me to commit to wellness. I am now pain free. Praise God. I am also using your foundations videos to assist persons in recovery from smoking and and drug addiction.
    I am grateful.

  16. Hi Adriene!

    We haven't met but we have shared quite a few good times - that means me following you on YouTube πŸ™‚

    I have practiced yoga for a few years now and recently I have been having back pains after practicing, specifically in the right middle back part (no troubles with the left side, somehow). I noticed the pain comes in the transition from upward facing dog to downward facing dog.

    Do you suggest anything to protect my back/make a smoother transition?

    Muchas gracias desde Ciudad de MΓ©xico

  17. I am at week seven of healing a broken radius and would like/need to get back to yoga. Any suggestions of which videos to follow? Thank you for the variety of videos as well as the informative news letters.

  18. No mater how long one has been practicing yoga, occasionally doing a beginner sequence is a great reminder. I love coming back to this level of focuse.

  19. I chose this video after your new abdominal wall workout video and the breathing helped my abdominals relax. Thank you!

  20. Adriene, thank you for this foundational flow. I have been practicing yoga for years, and I have been following your yoga channel (and promoting it to everyone who mentions the word "yoga" to me!) for almost two years. This was a great way to get back to basics. Thank you for sharing your talent, service, and instruction!

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