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Your Day 1 yoga practice is about setting the tone for your journey by establishing ease. We clear the slate and start fresh welcoming soft stretching, gentle core awakening and a beginners mind. Move with ease and set yourself up for a smooth ride in this low to the ground yoga practice.

Practice Ease and implement Sukha into your training. Tend to that “good space” on your mat. Open your mind and your heart! Starting off nice and slow. Stay committed - this story is full of twists and turns. You will want to make it to the last 7 days. Let’s do it.

We’re off!


460 comments on “REVOLUTION: Day 1”

  1. After a long, really tough day, receiving the first REVOLUTION email was like a tingly blessing of hope, I'm ready! Thanks x

        1. Hi Adriene! Still possible to do the Revolution journey even though I'm late to the party? Clicking to sign up to the Revolution daily email sends me an error message on Chrome & Firefox.

        2. Adriene, I am nearly 80 years old and have just undergone 2 total knee replacements. Is there yoga for me?

        3. Hi, this link is not working. I also would like to be added to the mailing list.

    1. Hi Adriene big hug from France! Thank you so much for this New Revolution!
      Your yoga classes change my life!!!!
      One problem : the link to day 2 didn't work this morning?!?

      Thanks for solving this!

    2. So excited to be starting this. I'm following through with this and am excited about what I discover. This is the real parts the meat I'm looking for.
      Thank you very much for this.

    3. Hi, I just donated some money to get the 31 days downloads... I tried to download them and the only option was to download to dropbox, which I did. But I dont see any of them when I open my Dropbox account...? Not sure what to do... sorry not super-tech saavy

      1. Amanda I'm having the exact same issue on Chrome and Safari on a desktop iMac and on my iPhone. Did you receive help or find a solution?

  2. What a wonderful way to begin this journey Adriene. Feeling positive and excited about the next 30 days.
    Thank you so much.

  3. Hello !
    Would it be possible to put the vidéos one hour earlier on the internet ? All the participants from Belgium, France. .. receive the vidéo at 08:00 a.m. .. too late to do it before going to work or starting to study for the students. We are so sad of that. It brings so much energy to do it in the morning <3
    Thank you so much for all you are doing for us, our minds and bodies.
    I hope that we could find a solution.

    1. It is still possible to do the 1st exercice on monday 2 early in the morning, the second on tuesday 3, etc. It is so wonderfull Adriene give the whole world, with so many time zones, this revolution, that we also can have some imagination to adapt it to our own schedule. Thank you Adriene!!! You helped me so much to deepen my yoga practice <3

      Il est toujours possible de décaler les exercices et de faire le premier le lundi 2 janvier, le deuxième le mardi 3, etc., tôt le matin. Je trouve que c'est tellement merveilleux qu'Adriene offre cette révolution au monde entier, qui comporte des fuseaux horaires impossibles à coordonner pour le bonheur de chacun, qu'on peut aussi imaginer des adaptations adaptés à nos propres emplois du temps. Merci Adriene pour cette ancrage de ma pratique de yoga !!!!! <3

    2. So people received it later at night after work. It wouldbe hard to do it as it may be set already for the whole period. Enjoy the global energy and it brings as a lot of people around the world do it too.

    3. Hey, it would be perfect if that would be possible, maybe even at 6 am in Europe?
      Thanks so much for his experience!

    4. Hello, may I suggest something...I am also in a different time zone, and the email arrives in the afternoon for me. So this is what I'm doing - I just do the video one day day 1 I just did this morning of day 2.
      I hope this helps :).

      1. Hallo Cynthia. If you see this. Are you The Cynthia from france I used to Know in Australia about 17 years ago? This would be a lovely surprise to meet you here Again! Sorry adriene to misused your Blog with this private message.

    5. Hey Lily,

      I had the same problem too because these are uploaded at 12:30 pm local time for me in India. That's not the ideal time to add it to my morning but I am just adjusting the schedule so I can do the practice the next morning. Am going to probably repeat day 1 tomorrow before work and then do day 2 and so on day after onwards. Hope that helps you!


    6. I second that! :)) Would be really, really good to have them a bit earlier, for most of people in Europe at least.

      Thank you Adriene (and everyone else who contributed) for all these beautiful gifts... Sending you lots and lost of love!

      1. Hey guys,
        I was planning to do that but I was a bit sad to not to be a part of the actual movment/challenge. Not anymore, thank you.
        I wish you a happy New year <3

    7. Yes, I second this comment. I live in Paris, and on Day 2 I just spent the last half hour trying to figure out why the Day 2 video was not showing up on my Apple TV. I loved Day 1, and was looking forward to doing these videos before work. Thank you for everything, Adriene!

  4. Hey Adriene,

    Happy New Year!! I can't wait.

    I'm about to start right now, but are you also doing this live? I see a timer on sign up page...I was wondering if something's gonna happen there or if we can start right away?

  5. Happy New Year Adriene and to all in the FWFG Kula! Many, many thanks for your love, care and time in putting together this gorgeous gift for us all. May 2017 bring all you wish for - Namaste. X

  6. After just reading the first email I'm so excited! Let's do this! Loving you and your work always.

  7. Thank you for a lovely start to the year! Love your channel and your videos. Happy New Year!

  8. Hi And happy new year - really love to do this with everyone , but I'm 25 weeks pregnant? Is this ok to do please?

    1. Dear Adriene,
      I've been following your work for 3 years now, which is very inspiring, so thank you! 🙂
      My question is the same as Rhian's, I'm in week 26. I'm taking materinty yoga class once per week, but would be nice to do this yoga revolution with you everyday.

      1. I have the same question! I'm 16 weeks pregnant and am wondering if it's ok to do the whole program. Thanks!

    2. I can DEARLY recommend the maternity classes with Adriene that you can buy as a "downloadable kit" from her website! I'm using them right now and they are worth every penny!

    3. Thank you, Adriene, for these wonderful videos! I have also been following you for three years and am 25 weeks pregnant. For those other pregnant ladies out there, I have been adjusting the practice slightly and doing prenatal work when I felt the poses might not suit me and baby. For example, I do an extended child pose instead of downward dog and work on squats instead of the ab work. It's probably best to talk with your doctor or midwife for specific recommendations!

      I hope this is helpful!

      1. Hi Ariana, actually I'm doing the same 🙂 taking poses from my prenatal yoga class instead of the ones I cannot do. My husband joined me for rhe revolution, so there's 3 of us doing yoga with Adriene!! 🙂

  9. Thank you dear Adriene. Every blessing as we embark on a new year. I'm looking forward to practicing with you this month! x

  10. Today marks the anniversary of the first time I ever did one of your yoga videos. I've been following you since and have loved every minute. Last year was amazing (even got up the courage to go to a public yoga class) and I can't wait to see what you bring to the mat this year! Thank you!!!

  11. Happy new year! Really looking forward to this 2017 Uplifting Yoga Journey!

    Thank you.


  12. What a wonderful way to start 2017. I enjoyed it and look forward to tomorrow's practice. Thank you.

    1. Hi there, I love what you do however as hard as I try I cannot follow completely. I have a disease that affects all my ligaments and tendons that leaves me with significant severe chronic pain 24/7. I'm unsure if you can recommend any of your videos that my be geared toward the disabled and my Dr says core work should help my pain.Its hard to get started while you're in pain but I am determined. Before getting sick I was an avid hiker and martial arts enthusiast my body is not cooperating with me and it's hard to stay motivated. However just watching and listening to you I become inspired so ....thank you.

  13. My mantra for this year is to 'stay determined' as I complete goals and commitments that lead to a better life experience. This is a perfect start, thank you.

  14. A beautiful start to my 2017 yoga practice. Thank you Adrienne... all the way from Australia Xx

  15. A nice start of 2017 with ease. Looking forward to the other 30 days. Happy new year, Namaste!

  16. Well, I can't claim any of this had anything to do with ease for me - I found it very strenuous, actually - so I am terrified of tomorrow, but I still am going to try =)

  17. Thank you Adriene.. you've changed my life since last new year .. looking forward to our daily meetings Happy new year

  18. Happy new year from the Netherlands!
    Looking forward to this yoga revolution, thank you so much for your effort and good vibes. Sat Nam

  19. Woot! So proud of myself and grateful for the opportunity to start the year off on a good foot ✨

  20. Thank you Adriene - it's great to be back into it. Nice gentle 1st practice for the day after! Really looking forward to hanging out with you this month!

  21. Happy New Year and thank you for your dedication to make 31 vdos. I have a question. Should I practice with other vdos as well? Is it ok to do more than one vdos per day? I love practicing your yoga vdos!!

  22. Amazing first day! Thank you so much for all the love and care you bring to all our mats. 31 days of yoga - let's do this!!!

  23. Day 1 in the bag Thanks for your great routines, words of encouragement and the human way you deliver it. Looking forward to a few giggles along the way x

  24. Thank you Adrienne - this is the best way to start the new year. Feeling positive and looking forward to the coming month. I've been following you for years and have learnt so much from your approach to yoga. I really love your consistency and humility. Happy New Year xx

  25. Thank you Adriene.It was great as usual and I'm looking forward for tomorrow.Happy new year❤

  26. Thank you Adriene
    This was perfect for the first day of the year when our yoga practice may need a little rejuvenation
    You always know and provide what we need

  27. Sending you love and gratitude, Adriene, on this first new day of the New Year, full of opportunities and positivity! X

  28. Thank you so much Adriene. Such a lovely practice to start the New Years ease into it and set the foundations for the year to come. Bonus getting to practice in the PJ's 🙂

  29. feeling lovely after today's practice. Definitely needed after a late night and alcohol.

  30. Yay! It's here! Thank you Adriene for all you do to help us find our best ROCK!

  31. Thank you Adriene. It's so generous of you to share this with everyone. You are a wonderful teacher.
    I've been looking forward to this. What a great way to start to 2017!

  32. Thank you so much for day 1! Felt so good to ease myself back into yoga after the holidays. Bring on day 2! X

  33. Thank you Adriene. A wonderful first practice. You bring such joy and calm to my life.xx

  34. Thank you a lot for this 1st practice, Dear Adriene, I've been looking forward the next...I wish you a happy 2017...

  35. Thank you so much, Adriene! I know this 31 days of yoga will be amazing and I cannot wait. You have helped me so much over the year that I have been practicing with you through your wonderful videos!

  36. What a beautiful start to this journey! I feel so soothed & ready for a good night's sleep now. Love and thanks, Adriene xx I'm looking forward to tomorrow's practice

  37. Thank you. Great way to start the year, looking forward to the rest of the month. Bonus that my 2 year loved joining in.

  38. I'm really looking forward to consistently practicing yoga with you! I'm a beginner and I'm worried about how well I can keep up when you pick up the pace later on, but I will do my best. Please continue to guide us through the coming year!

  39. Thank you so much for this practice! Today, I woke up and thought, today, I allow myself not to do yoga, I'll start tomorrow. But then, I got so excited when I saw your email, just got on my mat and dit it. And it felt great! Happy new year!

  40. Happy New year! I started yoga with you just over a year ago and it's the first time it has stuck with me, I have been practising with you on a daily basis and I fell so good, it has helped me so much with stress (I am a Medicine student) and I've finally found the way of moving that suits me. Thank you so much!! Can't wait til tomorrow xxx

  41. Thank you Adriene
    A lovely gentle practice I'm really looking forward to the lightness in mind body and soul yoga gives us all over the next 30 days.


  42. Thank you Adriene <3 I told my loved ones that I committed to 365 Days of Yoga this year 🙂 Namaste!

  43. What a great way to "ease" into the new year :)! I am looking forward to the next 30 days of yoga revolution. Thank you so much for this Adriene!

  44. Woke up with a migraine this morning. Not a hangover. Really needed this slow moving practice today. Thank you Adriene. Now on to meditation

  45. Great great great! What an amazing way to a fresh start for the new year. Happy New Year Adriene, lots of love from this friend here in Brazil!

  46. Your gentle spirit is shining through in this practice. Bless you for taking the time to create this journey. Namaste

  47. Thanks dear Adriene!!!

    I love your classes!
    I have been practicing with you since November!
    It has made a big difference!!!!
    I feel more in tune with my movement!
    More in touch with the breath!
    More forgiving with the days when nothing is going well!

    Thanks for your light-hearted joyful, playful attitude!

  48. Thank you for this Adriene - am looking forward to this journey.

    Happy New Year everyone xx

  49. Happy new year from Ireland! Loved day 1! Thank you so much for this! Yoga really helped me Through a tough time last year and will help me even more this year with your guidance to keep my mind in the moment! Thank you! Namaste!

  50. For planning purposes it would be great if you could post the length of each video on the calendar.

    1. I second this! Just a spreadsheet of the lengths of the videos, or update it to the calendar, or add what the length of the following day will be to the end of the email, or something super simple. It would greatly help to ensure I carve out enough time! Thank you!

  51. What a way to start 2017!!!

    I was so excited to get back on the mat after too long away....there's definitely a giddy up in my step and a warm glow in my soul.

    Thank you Adriene

    Viva la Revolution xxx .

  52. Thank you so much for this practice! I did it and i feel so great. I'm in Portugal and i follow your classes (videos) since one year. Thank you so much, and sorry about my english...

    Happy new year


  53. Dear Adriene, I started this first day of yoga practice with my husband
    thanks for your commitment this means a lot and it is a message full of love and hope
    can't wait to go on with the rest of this journey

  54. I don't comment much online, my internet presence is a minimal as possible for a 37 year old dad in a family of 6. In fact, now 3 of Adriene's videos are the only places I've commented online, other than Facebook. Which I haven't been on in over a year...I don't know why I had to preface my comment, other than to try expressing how significantly my life has improved because of a daily yoga practice inspired by Adriene. I'm more kind, connecting more deeply in all the important relationships in my life, especially spiritually. It's been awesome! I hope you find that light to!! Adriene is a master at teaching how to FWFG!! Oh and a super close friend, I hadn't seen in a month told me how great I looked last night! But the other stuff is what it's all about!

  55. Thank you for putting this together for all of us to ease into this new practice. And greatful thank you to the lovely lady that shared it with me.

  56. Adriene, you are such a blessing in my life. A thousand thank-you's from this grateful heart xxxxx

  57. Thank you for this amazing support to rock this year from the start!
    Before I start I wanted to verify if all of these excercizes are safe for pregnant women also? (end of the first trimester) 🙂
    Thank you once again!

  58. Thanks Adriene! I am from Colombia, I am so excited to start this year with you, this will be revolutionary for me. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and daily practice! Blessings for you!

  59. Thank you Adriene for your wonderful and inspirational videos. I only discovered them last year so this is the first time I will be able to follow the month of yoga live - really looking forward to it : ) I hope 2017 is an excellent year for you in every way.

  60. I am excited to be your student! I have been doing the 30 days of yoga from 2014 a couple of weeks now, I do enjoy so looking forward to current version! I have stress, hubby has Parkinson, both parents have dementia and I work full-time. Coming home and taking a little me time and yoga gas been a good thing! Thank you for being so inspirational, light hearted, and challenging for me as a beginner. I greet 2017 today with EASE!

  61. I'm looking forward to a new practice. 2 years ago my best friend turned me on to you and yoga and it has greatly enriched my life. I am so thankful for how you teach your practice. I don't feel rushed or a need to feel 'perfect' in my movement, and the reminder to relax and let go keeps me grounded. Thank you for your willingness to venture into the unknown and create this community. Happy New Year!

  62. Thank you Adriene for this amazing first video! After a lazy morning and planned not doing much but hanging here and there, I saw your email and was so inspired. Hopped on the mat... and WAW I feel so energized and relaxed...
    THANK YOU for you and all you do! I am looking forward to the next 30 days!
    My best wishes to you and your team!

  63. A true privilege to connect with so many.
    Sincerely grateful for all that you share in leading this awesome practice Adriene.

  64. hi. enjoyed day one.
    the download box popped up but i didn't have time to click it. did i miss my downloadable moment? how can i get day one? thanks adriene

  65. Thanks Adriene. I'm new to yoga and dealing with some health issues . I found my knee giving up on me but adjusted to suit my needs. I look forward to joining you on the mat tomorrow and hopefully this will become a good habit.

  66. Awesome way to start the year; fresh, calm and motivated!! Let's do this! Thanks, Adriene!

  67. Thank you so much for the video. Happy new year. I am looking forward to this journey x

  68. Love these videos! Did yoga camp last year and it was awesome. One request, though: can we get each video the night before? I like to practice in the morning before work, but because the videos vary in length, I have a hard time planning when to get up in order to have enough time to practice. (For example, I don't want to get up an hour early if the practice will turn out to be 25 minutes, etc). Alternately, could you post the times for each video on the calendar? Thanks! Excited to get started!

  69. My word of the year for 2017 is 'intent'. I will live my life with intent in every area... family, friendships, art, health, work. And so I begin this adventure by making good space within my body for the intentions I plan to fill my days with. Thank you Adriene! Namaste!

  70. Thank you Adriene! I'm looking forward to this challenge and the benefits it will bring 🙂

    I am currently pregnant and was wondering if it's okay that I participate in this challenge? Are there any poses or moves I should avoid? Thank you and Happy New Year

  71. Thank you for sharing your yoga wisdom. I think this starts my third January with your practice. Awesome !!!

  72. Happy New Year Adriene! Thank you for todays practice, just what I needed. So happy to be on this journey!

  73. Thank you Adriene. For me this was the perfect way to start the new year. I felt the whole world practicing with me. Much love x

  74. Happy New Year and thank you for challenge. My day is not complete without a little Adriene time.

  75. So much gratitude to you, Adriene, flowing all the way from Up North in Sheffield, UK, for creating this series and offering it and all the hard work you all did to create it, to us all, for free. Namaste to you and to all of the tons of us doing this around the world together. It's going to be amazing! XXXX

  76. Perfect start to ease into the new year. I am looking forward to the next 30 days and beyond.

  77. Thanks Adriene for sharing this with us! Gentle heat, just what I needed to kickoff this 2017 on a high note.

  78. Happy new year everyone! I have just discovered you on Youtube a week ago, and have done some beginners yoga since then. I am so excited to join 30 days of yoga, and have just finished the first day.
    This feels so good, thank you Adrienne, you have a new friend here:-)

  79. As I yoga teacher, I often fall into the trap of neglecting my own practice, as I rush from teaching one class to another. Since discovering you on YouTube Adrienne, I've developed a much kinder attitude towards my own ability and as a result, a kinder approach in my teaching.
    I shall be using this 31 days to re-connect with my own practice a little more, and just wanted to say Thankyou for all your lovely YouTube vids and posts.❤️❤️❤️

    P.S. Do you ever come to the UK to teach workshops? We'd love to see you here!!!

    1. Hi Mary. As a yoga teacher do you think this is suitable for a complete beginner who is out of shape? I found this a little challenging and it's the ease into it one. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks and Happy New Year. Joan

      1. If you have any chronic or persistent medical conditions I would always encourage you to get the all clear from your doctor/ GP.
        However, assuming you are in good health, I find Adriene's teaching style very thorough, her teaching points spot on, and the joy of these videos is that you can pause, rewind and check your alignment and understanding of the postures.
        Always allow yourself to "back off" postures, i.e. take the easier/softer options if you find your breath restricted, and that is something that Adriene reiterates throughout a lot of her practices.
        Adriene's moto is "do what feels good " and it's refreshing to hear this message, in a world of "go hard or go home!!" Quite frankly, I've worked in the fitness industry for 20 years, and I'm bored to tears of messages that encourage us to punish our bodies in un-maintainable regimes,
        Anyhow, I've gone off on a tangent.... in short, if you can only do 10 minutes of a 30 minute practice, just do that, and the Savasana (corpse pose) at the end, and you will reap the benefits!!! Namaste

  80. So cool! This got me out of bed today and eased me into the day! I feel lovely npw 🙂

  81. Thank you Adriene! What a great way to start the year! I'm really exited!!! Happy new year to you! Thank you !

  82. Thank you so much Adriene for this esperience that you are sharing with all of us!!! You're just awesome!

  83. Dear Adrienne,
    Finding you and your practice has been a major change for the positive in my life over the last 2 1/2 years. 3 of us girls have created a regular practice every morning at work after we drop our kids off and before we tackle the day ahead. We laugh with you, sometimes grumble at positions and come together in self love guided by your voice. I'm excited to start on another journey with you. May 2017 be a year of positivity for us all!

  84. Thank you Adriene! I am so happy I joined this practice, you really made me love yoga, and myself 🙂
    All the best and Happy New Year, greetings from Malta!

  85. Thank you for this wonderful journey, Adriene! I really enjoyed the practice and can't wait for the next one. Namaste!

  86. What a fantastic way to begin a New Year! I am looking forward to the next 30 days. We will be on tour for a couple of those weeks so the downloadable option is excellent for me, I can do my practice backstage! All the best for a year of kindness and growth

  87. Happy New Year to you Adrienne, and all those joining. I am grateful for your 31 Day Revolution. I participated today, and was happy that I found it doable for this 64 year old body, who usually practices chair yoga. I am looking forward to spending each day with you and everyone who embarks on this journey.

  88. Adriene, you are beautiful person, inside and out! I have been practising yoga for a few months now, because of you, I still fall over a bit but I have learnt to smile and embrace the wobbles! Haha! You truly inspire me! Namaste.

  89. Thank you, that was lovely. Really looking forward to tomorrow.
    Best wishes and a happy new year from
    Zoë in Norfolk UK

  90. Thanks so much for this and all you do. It's just what I needed to start the new year on the right foot. 🙂

  91. Dear Adrienne,

    thank you for giving us another great start into the new year! I've been doing your programs for 2 years now and it became part of my new year's tradition. I love how you remind me of the positive things in life and give me back some of my inner peace that tends to get lost over the holidays, always comparing one's life to that of others, not only through social media. Thank you for putting so much work into this, it really goes a long way.

    All the best from Germany!

  92. I'm am a guy from Denver CO who has done two of your 30 yoga practices with my wife. I'm looking forward to this practice with her as well.
    Thank you for the work and awareness that you put into your practice.
    My desire is to meet your authenticity with my own.

  93. A great start to the new year. Loving the practice. It's not an important part of my daily routine.

  94. I have been using your videos for about two weeks. I am excited to be a part of this revolution. One question. When doing a forward to stretch seated is it best to use a yoga strap in order to straighten my legs or is it best to leave my knees bent and just try to do it without the yoga strap ?

  95. I have a really important question about this 31-day journey: Will there be a special REVOLUTION t-shirt?!?! Priorities! 🙂

  96. thanks Adrienne i'm so looking forward to this. after many years i'd back problems i finally felt i was in a place to try yoga, i found you on youtube about 6 months ago, and have done your videos daily ever since. yoga and your wonderful videos have helped me so much. and are a great enhancement to my reiki practice.

  97. Yesterday I was very hard on myself and not letting myself be present or proud of where I am and what I'm doing. I've done some of your videos before and they always help me with just a little bit of self love. Thank you for starting this and I look forward to the rest.

  98. Thank you, thank you! Thanks for being you. You are a wonderful example to all of us. It's been fun watching you "grow up." At least that's how it feels to me. You started with the right intention and it's been fun watching you blossom. (I know that sounds cheesy, but I'm sure you get it.:)

    Your open heart and willingness to share what you have discovered has made the difference in so many lives. Mine, for sure! Because of you I now love yoga. You are wonderful. Keep doing what you are doing.

    Happy New Year!!

  99. Thank you so much. Mindfulness seems to be my mantra for the year. Day 1 was perfect. Happy New Year. Blessings to all.

  100. Thank you so much!
    So glad I'm doing this with you all.
    Nearly everything was very difficult or painful for me so I may do each day 2 or 3 x before I move onto the next video but I feel better for having done it and knowing that I will persevere.


  101. Starting off 2017 as we mean to go on. My husband and I did this lovely practise both feeling a little delicate from last nights festivities and we now feel great. Thanks to Adrienne I feel like a new woman

  102. Thank you Adriene for your generosity in sharing your yoga skills and helping me realise that shape doesn't matter it is the experience which counts. This 68 year old newbie to yoga has committed to 31 days of yoga and I look forward to it being part of my life from now on. Happy New Year.

  103. Thank you Adrienne! I love the idea of emphasizing being in the moment and using principles of yoga the create that special moment every day. Not just doing yoga to be fit.

  104. This was wonderful! While I moved with ease, I actually found a few parts quite difficult, which I am thankful for. I have a lot of knee pain for a 20 year old, so bringing my knees into my chest, easily moving in such a way, was a very big challenge. My knees tend to jerk and pop instead of moving with ease, which creates more problems. I look forward to continuing this journey and helping my mind and body improve.

  105. Day 1 accomplished. Started my day with ease and will reflect throughout the day back to this time to carry me thru with ease the rest of my day. Already looking forward to day 2 of this journey! Thank you for your guidance.

  106. Fantastic start, Looking forward to tomorrow! Can't wait to see what it brings. Blergh, just so excited.

    What a way to jettison into 2017.

    Happy New Year Adriene! and thank you.

  107. Happy new year everyone! This is the 3rd time I am starting the new year with 30 days of yoga. It feels so good to have this tradition in my life and start the year off right! Thank you Adriene for being such an inspiration and being a happy part of my life! <3 Jessica

  108. Thank you for the beautiful practice to start the New Year and Revolution. Your videos help me find a sense of softness, joy, ease, play, and self-love through yoga that I have not been able to readily access when practicing on my own or with other teachers. So grateful for you and what you share with us. Looking forward to continuing the journey!

  109. Starting the new year off with you and yoga has become a tradition and a great way to reinvigorate my practice each year. Immense thanks to you and the kula, Adriene, and Happy 2017!

  110. Thank you Adriene for sharing your knowledge and sweet heart with us!
    Happy New Year! I love this moment for myself every morning

  111. Just finished this first practice, I felt really connected with you Adriene, the yogis around the world... the big picture, and it was a real step for me to focus on this ease. So thanks so much!!!!
    I wish you an happy new year, with a lot of super interesting roles in great movies!!!! I am working as a script supervisor in the cinema industry here in France, and you know how special this way of life can be, so practicing yoga is really saving my life and I have to thank you for being a part of it !!! YOURE A SUPA DUPA GUIDE!!!!!! 🙂
    LOVE and PEACE *** Julie.

  112. Thanks Adrienne! I loved this first day. I've been practising with you for two years now and I coudn't be more grateful to be able to go back to your videos over and over again, they often really make my day and I think "waw, that's exactly what I needed!"

    Happy 2017!

  113. What a great way to start the first day of 2017! I started doing yoga with you in Nov 2015 and have been committed to regular practice ever since. I love starting my morning seeing your smiling face, hearing your encouragement and being challenged. I have learned so much about yoga and about myself and my body over the past year. I can't thank you enough. I feel fantastic. Really looking forward to the daily emails and to the next 31 days! Keep up the good work, Adriene, You are a gift.

  114. Looking forward to a new adventure! I have been following your instructions for two years now almost daily and finding what feels good is starting to come to me. Gratefulness to you from Sweden.

  115. Every soul has a story; Every story has a soul. With Grace, my heart bows down to you. Blessed Bee this sacred journey of the Evolution of Revolution as I transecnd with One Body, One Soul, One Song!

  116. I have been Waiting for you for days!!! thank you so much for your time, your energy and your love!!!!
    Happy New Year to you & your staff

    always your friend Tracey

  117. I am so happy to start off the new year with the 31 day yoga Revolution! Thank you Adriene!!!! I truly need this and I am so grateful that you have put this together!

  118. Thank you, Adriene! I have done your yoga challenges for the past few years, and I feel like they've become a tradition for me each New Year. You are such a positive light in this world. Bless you! xoxo

  119. Thank you for allowing me to spend 31 days doing yoga with you and thousands of others. Your practices are just amazing and i love the way you make me feel that the practice is personal to me. Others are very rigid in their approach You are the best. I look forward to joining you tomorrow.
    Blessed be.

  120. Thank you Adriene for this wonderful practice and the wonderful interpretation of Sukha.
    I feel deeply touched by this practice, it is just what I need now...

  121. Happy New Year and blessings for your 2017 Journey! I am so glad I have found you and your yoga channel several months ago! Excited about the following 30 days #yogarevolution ! Greetings from Cologne (Germany) Namaste!!

  122. Adrienne thank you so much for this 31 day series. Today felt refreshing and hopeful. Looking forward to the rest!

  123. Thank you so much for doing this! If you have time could you make a yoga video for knee pain. I struggle with knee pain and lots of times, I am just unable to do the yoga due to pain. I would be really helpful to have a video that takes it really easy on the knees, so that I am still able to do a daily yoga practice.
    Thank you!

  124. Lovely practice 🙂
    I signed up yesterday but I didn't get the email 🙁
    I checked my junk mail too. Hopefully I'll get the next one 🙂

  125. Happy New Year Adrienne! I'm recovering from a long period of illness and this has been the perfect way to start the New Year, I'm really looking forward to the rest of it and reconnecting with my body after so long trying to avoid it. Thank you so much 🙂

  126. This is the best way to start the New Year! A gentle practice but highly motivating! Thank you Adriene for making yoga available and inviting to everyone! Blessings and Happy New Year!

  127. Thank you for this practice this morning. It was a perfect way to start the day. I wish all of us the very best throughout 2017.

  128. Great way to start off the New Year!!! I started yoga last year with your yoga camp and I have not stopped yet. You were my inspiration. You glow with positive attitude which is contagious. Thanks for day 1. Can't wait to see what the next days will bring.

  129. I am grateful to be a part of the circle. I appreciate your generous spirit and creative approach. I am inspired to make art from the journey. Namaste!

  130. Happy New Beginning, Adriene! I feel very refreshed after practice today and can't wait to continue throughout the 31 days.

  131. This was a great first practice. I definitely feel at ease. Can't wait to continue tomorrow and for the next 31 days =) Thanks You

  132. This is my first journey with Adriene! What a great start to 2017 - looking forward to the remaining days of this practice.

  133. I am so excited to go through the 31 Day Revolution. I did the 30 days of yoga video series a year or two ago and it was so helpful in allowing me to grow comfortable with FWFG. It has given me confidence in my practice. Thank you for helping me and others through developing our own practice of yoga. P.S. Sometimes my kids join me for my practice and enjoy it as well.

  134. Can't wait to start this journey! Looking forward to a really positive 2017 to help me re-find me. Thank you for bringing this into my life.

  135. What an awesome way to start a new year! Thank you so much for giving us this practice. Greetings from Nicaragua. Have a blessed year. Namaste

  136. Just got done with 30 days of Yoga yesterday. So excited to start this 31 day journey. I saw such a transformation in my body and my strength from the previous challenge, so I can't wait to discover what awaits me in 31 days.

    I spend my yoga time with my 2 year old son who loves yoga. He can do a mean downward facing dog - but... he usually spends his time playing choo choos and fixing things with his workbench. His Shivasana time was spent driving a car over Mommy's feet. But if there is one thing that yoga is teaching me, is that you can practice anywhere and in any environment - even with your feet being run over by a car. Thank you Adrienne. I really appreciate you. I have everyone at my work following you on Youtube now. We're hooked!

    1. I also share yoga time with a toddler. Plank is a lot harder with a kid laying on my back. I love how I'm demonstrating healthy self-care and moment by moment namaste as I let my little guy's love and energy be part of what feels good on the mat.

      1. Ha Ha it must be a toddler thing. As soon as my son sees me doing plank he thinks it's time to jump on my back.

  137. This was the perfect way to start the new year! Can't wait to see where the next 30 days takes me!

  138. Beautiful and yummy for our 1st day in this journey! I am grateful as so many are. Practicing with you from Jerusalem, Israel. Thank you Adriene!!!!

  139. Thank you! This is a wonderful way to begin 2017. Tony Robbins talks about how our success is based on our rituals. This is my new ritual. Thank you for all the great work you do and offer Adriene. And to those working behind-the-scenes to help make this happen. 🙂

  140. Thank you. Sending positive energy your way. I feel so good. Looking forward to this journey.

  141. Fabulous way to kick off the year, perfect Ease practice! Thanks for the inspiration, Happy New Year! Namaste

  142. Happy New Year Adriene! Such a lovely start to the year and very welcome after a late night yesterday 🙂 Thank you x

  143. What a great way to start the New Year. Sending out peace, love and happiness to the world. Thank you Adrienne!

  144. Thank you for this program you created. I am looking forward to the next 30 days. Day 1 was fantastic. Here's to ease.

  145. Hi Adriene, Happy New Year. I just completed day 1. What a great start to the year. Looking forward to what's to come.

  146. I am a yoga teacher. No matter that, lately I have been neglecting my personal practice. I have been on and off with my yoga.
    After practising day 1, I can't wait to embark on the rest of the journey!

    Adriene, I love you!

  147. Beautiful! Feeling great to welcome the new year in with a wonderful easefilled practice. Thank you Adriene, your videos are inspiring and really do invite joy. Happy New Year from New Zealand.

  148. Thank you so much for cultivating the practice in a way that tends to both the mind and the body. Looking forward to the next 3 days with all of you!

  149. Thank you so much for this, Adriene! It was exactly what I needed after a wonderful, yet somewhat stress inducing new years eve. I can't wait for the next 30 days to revolutionize my yoga journey!

  150. Thank you so much Adrienne. I am looking forward to this journey with you. May this be a happy and peaceful year

  151. Just did my first Yoga session in many years, and my wife just did her ever session!

    Thanks from Wales, UK.

  152. Nice practice overall, with one exception--my YTT instruction wasn't fond of core work at the end of a practice, and I have to say that I agree with her (especially right before shavasana! 😮 ).

  153. Happy New Year, Adriene! Thank you for such a peaceful beginning to the month. My daughter and I love your videos so much. Wishing you a happy & joyful 2017.

  154. one done, 30 to go!
    Feeling much calmer right now, thank you Adriene!
    And a very happy new year to you, our lovely guardian angel bearing gifts always! You're the only reason I'm doing Yoga now! 😀

  155. Wow I have a pretty bad hangover and this got me moving today. I'm 49 and realize once again that three martinis is one too many. Yoga keeps me young ... and moving through this little excess cloud today. SO glad I found you on YouTube! Thank you Adriene for 31 days of #yogarevolution (my first hashtag - yay) and a great gentle start to 2017. HNY!!

  156. Happy New Year Adriene and yoginis; what a lovely gift to start the New Year. Thank you! Day one and proud and happy to be on track!

  157. Adriene
    I have been using your videos since August and I have to say they are life savers. Thank you so much. I began revolution today and I know it's going to change my life once again.
    Love and light,

  158. WOW! I love it! I always feel so much better after practicing yoga but I already know this is going to be a different experience. Stronger. Deeper. I can't wait for next videos and I'm really excited for this January challenge revolution! ❤
    Love you Adriene and the way you present yoga!
    Hope everyone loves this practice as much as I do! 🙂

  159. This is exactly what I needed to start the year off right. I've dubbed 2017 The Year of Learning, yoga is my first class. Thank you, Adriene!

  160. I am so excited to get back to my home practice after the craziness of travel and events these last couple weeks.

    This was a perfect start!

  161. Thank you so much! I have done the past two years of yoga camps and continuously revisit them. My hope for this year is to "simply be and to trust my heart"; this was a beautiful gift to begin that journey and process. Thank you!

  162. This was fantastic after five hours in the car! So excited about this journey, thank you Adriene ❤️

  163. Hi Adriene,

    I started a note, all gushy an introspective like.
    But I digress.
    I'll keep it simple and quotey, a little goes a long way ;))
    Thank you for your time, your energy, your humanness an all that cleverly placed weirdness!
    I am excited to follow you again in the Revolution!

    I just finished Day 1 ~so much Sukah!!

    Much Love,

  164. The perfect New Years Day practice- very manageable! Thank you & Happy New Year Adriene!

  165. Fab first day thank you!! Came to it with a mind that was very busy and ended up calm and with relaxed shoulders, can't wait for tomorrow xxx

  166. Hi Adriene

    I've "done" yoga before. I've tried different public classes, followed DVDs and bought books - but it never really took until I discovered YWA

    However, I have watched too many videos of yours because I find myself saying things are "awesome" and I'm "super excited" in my very English accent ha ha!

    Thank you so much for sharing your energy. X

  167. Day 1 completed. I feel at ease. Can't wait for the next 30. #yogarevolution. Thank you Adriene.

  168. Thank you! Excited for this new year and what bette way to start than with a little Yoga with Adriene 🙂

  169. I really don't understand why Adriene keeps saying "this isn't yoga" "yoga is so 2 years ago and boring"..feel disheartened by these words, in day 1 of revolution today she started off saying these sorts of things. I do yoga at home with her everyday and have loved every single one of her videos until recently. It is yoga, it's not boring or "so last year"..its become an important part of my life. Would really like to know why her mood has changed or what exactly she means by those statements.

  170. So excited for this! I'm a new EMT, and I will be enlisting in the Army soon, this is much needed and very anticipated.

  171. thanks adriene. great start to 2017. 1st time back on the mat in 12 months .feels good.☺
    Jacinta (ireland)

  172. Thank you Adriene, and Happy New Year! I look forward to completing all 31 days of this revolution.

  173. Happy New Year Adriene!!! This for section was amazing... thank you very much! I am looking forward to the next one! 🙂

  174. Let the Revolution begin! I've done your yoga camp videos again and again, and got a friend at work into yoga as well. Thank you Adriene, I love your beautiful spirit and kind guidance. You've helped my body image immensely. Happy new year everyone and good fortune to you in 2017!

  175. This is my first time ever to practice yoga. I am really grateful and feel that the timing is just right for me in my life. Thank you so much for putting these together, and making them “do-able” for this beginner!!

  176. Thank you for this! I spent hours yesterday writing resolutions for this year and forever. I've been meditating for over 40 days now with Headspace, training for another marathon and getting my sleep on par. Yoga is yet another piece of the puzzle and it's happily welcomed 🙂 namaste

  177. Help!! I've paid for the downloadable version but now it won't let me login-nor have I received an email confirming. Worried I made a typo in my email. the money has come out my account, but I can't access :(. Please help- email on [email protected] (what I should have signed up with, so if theres an sign up with what looks like a typo'd version of that email!) couldn't see an email for tech support hence this comment!! Excited to get started!

  178. Beautiful first session. I have a question regarding planks. I am unable to do them for neck and shoulder challenges (left side only). Any suggestions/modifications? Today I did my best leaving my left elbow on the ground and tilting to the right with all or most of my weight on the right side.

    Many blessings to you for doing this for us.

    Thank you

  179. Such a beautiful, gentle first day! I feel open, empowered and ready to let my story unfold. I have always been a full steam ahead kind of gal, but serious illness forced me into retirement last year, at 32. It's been a tough pill to swallow. I have scoured the Internet for quick fixes, but the truth is that healing takes time. I am so grateful for the guidance and wisdom offered in your emails and videos. 2017 will be a year of healing for me, and I will ease into it as gracefully as I am able, knowing I am not alone on this journey. Much love and gratitude to you and the kula!

  180. I'm already starting this with tears of gratitude in my eyes. I haven't been on the mat for a while, but I have only one ''resolution'' for 2017 - and it is to FEEL GOOD. So I quit smoking 4 days ago and am now getting back here. So touched to be able to share this experience with people all around. Yoga has always been a great way to self love for me, and it continues to be. Also suffering from intense anxiety and trying to work on it everyday. Thank you for everything you're doing for us, Adriene. You truly are a beautiful soul.
    Namaste, from New Brunswick Canada.

  181. you are awesome - what a wonderfully restorative session. Thank you so much for giving this opportunity to us all. Namaste

  182. Thank you so much for creating a way for me to become more balanced physically and spiritually. I have been using your videos off and on for a year but now I am fully committed. Namaste.

  183. Namaste from Sweden!

    I REALLY didn't feel like getting on the mat today but then I read your happy-new-year email and got all inspired! Thank you for bringing joy and humor to the yoga community, I think sometimes teachers tend to forget the importance of just that!

    As I'm a pregnant lady at the moment I'll mix your maternity videos (which are GREAT) with some of the "safe" stuff from this challenge!

    Lova to all of you community-yogis!

  184. Adriene I am so excited for these 31 days. I have been watching your videos for over a year now and your spirit and practice always helps me find what feels good!! I have been sharing your practice with others as well. Thank you for continuing with free videos - I really appreciate it as a full time student who doesn't have much money.

    Just a quick question regarding the end of the video. Is there a way to keep the lower back pressed to the mat when lifting the legs to chest? I followed everything you said but still find my lower back raises for a moment as I am bringing my legs up until they reach my chest. I would like to keep it pressed to the mat but I am not sure what else to do? Thank you!

  185. I am starting my new year with a new promise that I made to myself & my body! I am ready to do this! Thank you Adriene for making this possible 🙂

  186. Thank you for another opportunity to start my year off right. I did your yoga camp last January and then came across your 'head stands for beginners' video and I made that my goal for 2016. I'm happy to say I can do a headstand with ease.
    I look forward to your lessons throughout my 'revolution' this month. 🙂
    this time round, I will keep a journal of your words that resonate with me as I fill my 'container' with 'good space'.

  187. What a great way to start 2017. Thank you. I did it with my 11 year old daughter.. We both loved it. We wish you a happy, full of great moments year. Namaste from Greece.. <3

  188. Thank you so much for this gift! What a way to start the year off. Blessings for an amazing 2017.

  189. Started my 31 days today here in Australia! I am very new to yoga so today's practice was a perfect way to ease into it. Looking forward to day 2!

  190. From a teacher starting back at school tomorrow, thank you for a nice easy practice to help calm me this evening! I've done your previous challenges, and to be honest debated about doing this one because I seem to have so little time... then I realized, that was the reason that I need to do it!! Looking forward to these next 30 days.

  191. Hi Adriene,
    Your yoga videos are the best that I have ever done. It's not just the yoga but your warmth, your devotion, your funny personality, everything! Thank you for a journey that I am thoroughly enjoying!

  192. It is 7:35pm EST, and I just finished Day 1! I did one of your other 31 day journeys this summer, and I am super excited to be doing this journey "live"!


  193. Thank you. My youngest was diagnosed with autism in 2016. I am doing much mourning. This was perfect after a difficult day.

  194. I completed the Day 1 video a little while ago. Aaaaah, I feel so good! What a lovely way to relax into the new year. Looking forward to the next 30 days!

  195. Thank you so much Adriene! Love starting the year off with you. I started last year doing one of your "yoga challenges" and tried my best to stick with it all of 2016 (and was mostly successful). Here is to another great year with the FWFG community and Adriene!

  196. Any tips for modifying the 30 days for pregnancy? I'm at the point where even a plank is a no go! What do you recommend subbing in for a sun salutation?

  197. I am 65 in 14 days. Had 2 knee replacements. Had trouble with car part, but enjoyed the rest. I really want to do this. Thanks for the Revolution, Adrienne.

    1. I meant to say the Cat pose (hands and knees) part. I am going to try more padding under my knees to see if that helps. Otherwise, I will just find a different position to still do some of the poses.

  198. fantastic first video. great stretching and super asareness. feeling relaxed, thanks Adriene!

  199. Happy New Year Adriene! Just completed day 1 and feel recharged already, can't wait to see how I feel at the end of 31 days!

    Practicing in Eastvale, CA
    Sunshine ☀️

  200. Adriene I love doing yoga with you, first day was perfect!! I am mother of 5 so it is hard to get out of the house for class. Your videos allow me to practice at home. My 11 year old daughter was soooo excited to give me a new mat for Christmas maybe she is a yogi in the making.
    Peace and love Rachael

  201. Thank you Adriene! Day 1 was beautiful and I felt ease in myself as I experienced the movements. Already looking forward to Day 2!

  202. Yesterday's practice was the perfect blend of relaxation and a gentle reminder that we're going to be earning our stripes - thank you so much for doing this Adriene! I took a photo of myself last night after completing the video and will be doing the same for the next 30 days.. I'm intrigued to see results 🙂

    Just a question to my fellow Revolutionaries out there, I received the Day 2 email but the link doesn't work? So I searched this site for 'Revolution' and it only found the first invite information and the Day 1 video? Has anyone else had any luck with Day 2 and would you be willing to post a link? x

  203. Hello Adriene.
    I was wondering if you could provide the length of the 31 videos? I'd love to get up early to do the yoga practice before work but I won't know how early to get up without knowing how long the videos are.
    Thank you do much! And thank you for sharing this practice.

  204. Loved Day 1.
    Even managed to do it outside in the lovely afternoon weather. Got a little distracted in the middle when a koala wandered by - but easy to recentre myself and enjoy.
    Thank you 🙂

  205. Feeling refreshed, positive and excited for the next 30 days! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  206. Hi Adriene! Thank you for all the effort you bring for providing such great yoga for us!
    I really like your attitude and your method of teaching. I am starting your 31 day challenge to balance my mind and body

  207. It's 10:30pm where I'm at but I still made time for Day 1 on this 1st day of 2017. It feels awesome to begin this commitment and figure out how to incorporate the practice into my daily schedule. Thank you for hosting this community Adriene. I'm excited to see how my body, mind, and mood evolve over the next 31 days.

    Gratitude to everyone on the FWFG journey!

  208. Well, here I am - a day late, but so glad to be here. Thank you so much, Adriene, you are a treasure. This is EXACTLY what I need right now. I'll be donating for the downloadable videos too - Yoga Camp has been my 'go to' collection until now. This feels wonderful - Suka! love, Gill xxx

  209. OK, so I started this a day late- but I'm on board! (From Barcelona :))
    Monday morning- first workday of 2017- and I got to start with this awesome practice.
    Flippin' love it- see you all on the mat tomorrow morning

  210. I really needed this.

    I have a problem with neglecting myself for the sake of school, catering to others, work... ultimately I fail to be present and remember that I exist too! My goal is to put aside an hour every day to do yoga, think, and do something that makes me happy (I really enjoy playing video games and watching anime. No, I'm not a teenager - I'm a child at heart in my 20's).

    When I neglect myself, I can always observe the impact on my mental and emotional health, but yoga helps me see what neglecting myself does to my physical health. I really want to learn to treat myself right - mind, body, and soul.

  211. Hi Adriene. Loved the ease in to yoga yesterday thankyou
    Unfortunately my day 2 link isn't working. I will keep trying.

  212. Love the first day! I stumbled across 30 days of Yoga a year ago, and donated for the downloads. I have been looking forward to the new 30 days with the New Year ahead and am so very grateful.

  213. I was ready to entertain the dog and cat with Day 2 but my link wouldn't work either. Help! I love your yoga practice and philosophy of life.

  214. As life will do, I was called to care for a few little loved ones yesterday so I am starting a day late and really easing into 2017!! Thrilled about this 31 day Revolution and grateful to you Adriene for FWFG! 'You say you want a revolution well, you know, we all want to change the world...!' Rock on, World Changers!

  215. Thank you for Revolution 2017…

    Day 1 was a great start. Sadly as others have experienced, I'm unable to reach day 2 practice video via the link in the email.

    Not worried, just don't want to fall behind.

    All the best ~ Steve

  216. Hi Adriene. I just broke my ankle and can't put any weight or pressure on it. I really want to do this and was wondering if the videos will still be available in February.


  217. I love this revolution!! And I love how you say we're not practicing yoga, we're having an experience <3
    Happy New Year

  218. Day 2 does not load. Is there another way to access it than through the e-mail you sent last night?

  219. Love your at home practice options! I share them on all my social media platforms ~ Including LinkedIn and Google + ~ You are a blessing ~ A non-dogmatic breath of fresh air! I am proud to be a part of the Yoga with Adriene 'Revolution' ~ Happy New Year to You and Yours ~ ;->

  220. HI, I am working on day 2 this morning, but the link wont open - just saying 'unable to open'. Help! Thanks Adriene
    ps - i will do one off your you tube collection this morning, but i hope this can be fixed, I enjoyed yesterday and would like to keep the flow going from this Revolution series. ta Nat

  221. Hello, Love the youtube channel and so excited for the Revolution series! Day 2 has disappeared from my emails... can't find it anywhere! is there a link to retrieve it? or a way to ask for a re-send?
    thank you

  222. Hi Adriene!
    I'm excited to begin this journey with you. I love your videos. I can always find one that has what my body needs! I was wondering if all the videos are around the 30 minute mark? I'm planning on doing them in the morning befor work so I was wondering if I'll need more time some days. Thanks!

  223. Just what I needed to help me get back on the mat, recover from a very stressful year, and prepare for what lies ahead. Very refreshing.

  224. Hi Adriene
    Any chance of you releasing each day a wee bit earlier? I am in the UK and up st 0600 GMT and first day back at work this morning day 3 was not yet released? I did a morning yoga instead, but would love to do each day as it happens. Thanks for your consideration.

  225. This is really a perfect start to the new year. Right from the beginning. Without hesitation. Without losing New Year's Eve's energy. Thank you. Namaste.

  226. Hey Adriene! It is always a delight to come back to your videos and practice those muscle-bending, yet thrilling moves. I always love practicing with you and you are very loving and funny 🙂 I am so excited for this Revolution!! Lots of love from India 😀

  227. Hi Adriene, Thank you for all the lovely yogalessons! <3 This morning i couldn't find the video of day 3... How late do you put the video on YouTube? and i still do not receive the daily email... I woud love to read what you have to say about yoga! 🙂 Lots of love, Jorien from the Nederlands

  228. It's January 3rd, but I just completed Day 1 and am going to rock it for the entire 31 days and then continue on. I am also doing another challenge focused on healthy eating and hydration, so I am hoping the two compliment each other and help me to rededicate my focus to ME, once again. I got a bit off track at the end of this last year and am ready to get back at it. Thank you so much for all that you do Adrienne! My life would not be the same without you.

  229. Adriene, Happy new Year! I love your videos. Thank you for taking the time to share your yoga practice with me 🙂

  230. This was truly 'yummy'! Thank you for the Revolution! (Ps - I used to teach 5th grade (Year 6 for UK) science. Revolution vs rotation was a big concept to master for the students. They would be excited to know I'm experiencing a 'Revolution' and discussion would surely be had on what that meant versus experiencing a yoga 'rotation'.) 😀

  231. Hi Adriene,

    I have taken the journey a bit late and just took Day 1, it feels great and I loved it very much, I am so thankful to you for sharing these courses and for your kindness!
    I wish you a wonderful year 2017 and also to the community 🙂
    Cheers from Paris France.

  232. It took me a while to start, but now I am in! Can't wait to see where this days will bring me 🙂

  233. Hi!
    I'm so glad that I found this! It was just the thing that I needed right now. I have the feeling that these videos are made for me.
    My work involves dealing with people (mostly disappointed, angry, unsatisfied with something) and sometimes when I return home I don't like doing anything at all. Sometimes I roll out my yoga mat and ... that's all, I don't have energy to do anything else.But this experience seems to be wonderful, as I followed the instructions and did my best with the poses, time really flew and I couldn't help but smile, all the time. This was wonderful being alone with yourself but not feeling lonely because you know that there is a whole community that is doing and hopefully enjoying the same thing.
    Thank you, Adriene, for this amazing idea that's connecting people and helping them to live to the fullest!!
    Namaste! 🙂

  234. Ok, so I'm two days behind already, but I don't mind. I enjoyed this sequence, but I was really taken aback by something in the email: "You will lose weight." Not, "If losing weight is something you're working on, this program will help," no, "you will lose weight of you do the program."
    Without going into too much detail - you don't know if losing weight is something I want, or need to do, or is even something that would be remotely healthy for me to do. This idea that everyone, everywhere, regardless of their circumstances ought to be losing weight is quite damaging to some of us, and it doesn't seem very yogic to lead with that.
    Ok, I've said my piece. So that's why I'm two days behind. Nonetheless I'm happy to be part of this and I look forward to the next one.

  235. Thank you from Byron Bay, Australia !! I have been doing your yoga videos since I discovered your website in 2015. You have helped me so much with my chronic fatigue syndrome. I am very grateful. Your videos are inspiring and your Instagram always lifts my mood. With your help I am learning to be kind to myself, rediscovering my curiosity and feeling my body move again. I love that you are true to yourself and encourage us all to do same. Namaste.

  236. Hello, I haven’t been motivated to start this until today, but I want to start it. Should I start from day 1 and do it all in order, or should I just start from todays session.

    Thank you so much for this, its what I need!

  237. Adriene, I am so excited to start this revolution with you. I am starting 5 days late as our little family has been hit with bad colds and now finally recovering. I am mom to a 5 month old and 3 year old and have yearning to carve a slice of time in my day to focus, be present and centre myself. I look forward to the next few weeks.

  238. Greetings from Dublin, Ireland
    I've just started Day 1 today and it's January 5th but I'm so happy to have found your site. You were mentioned in the magazine section of the Sunday Times here last weekend so that's how I found out about these classes.
    I have two small kids and a busy day job, so for me yoga is time to reconnect with me.
    Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring a community of followers!

  239. Hi Adrienne,
    I'm a GP (family doctor) and I recommend you to my patients as you do the yoga in such an easy going, no expectations (except your own) way that appeals to people who can't do the splits as some of the yoga videos seem to expect you to!
    I wondered though if you could do 2 yoga sessions a day in a way of catching up on a missed day?

  240. I signed up for Revolution and received Day 1 email, but I haven't received any since then??? I even donated and downloaded the "offline" version, since we have such poor bandwidth internet (thank you for that option!!!) There were only 7 days available so far, but I'm missing the emails. Is there more that I need to do to get them?

  241. Hi Adriene and all you guys,
    Just wanna put down my paw print and say, I'm here, too.

  242. Happy 2017 Adrienne and the group...
    I did Revolution Day 1 was hard given flared up old back injuries...but looking up for ways to start with Yoga (to improve my flexibility and energy) life brought me to your video...I enjoy the ease of your teaching and your approach so let us say that you got me hooked, maybe ;-). Time will tell but tomorrow I will do Day 2...

  243. I have been following you for a year now. You make me smile and I love your philosophy and humour. You brighten my day no matter what. I especially love the easy pace and the sneaky hard-core firey bits that have really made a difference to my core strength. I have a misaligned pelvis and chronic daily pain as a result however I have found that the unfoldment of your well-structured programmes really do go a long long way to easing off that tension and re-aligning what has gone skewif. You really did "have my back"! wow

    From Scotland to Texas - Big Thankyou Adriene! I will spread the word of your magic.... Love You x

  244. Loving the Revolution so far! I signed up for the emails before it started and never got them. I tried signing up again and got the first two emails. I'm on day 8 and wondered if there was any way to get all the emails I missed now so I can get the most recent email that corresponds to the day we are on? Thanks!!!

  245. Dear Adriene,
    I like your style, and love the ideas I read and saw presented in your introduction and first day video. So I have a slightly different challenge I would adore if you would be so kind as to think about. I know I am far from the only person who would be indescribably thrilled if you would consider putting together a series explaining the basic moves of yoga to the completely blind. You do speak very well, but sadly your instructions do assume a familiarity with the motions you are performing and an ability to check visually what it is you are doing. However, your facility with a steady as needed description would make filling in those small essential details something at which you'd excel. I hope you will Please give the concept some thought.
    Thank You,
    Bright Blessings!

  246. I didn't get to start right away, thanks to family stuff, life stuff... just stuff. But that won't stop me from starting now.

  247. I had been restless and depressed for a very long time, and this practice brought me peace. It's awesome! It really made me at ease and everything around me easy. Thank you so much!

  248. I'm not sure how I missed it, but I signed up late for the daily email! This morning I did my yoga practice for Day 9, and then signed up for email and got one for the first day (it was awesome by the way, so encouraging). Is there any way to fast forward to getting Day 10 tomorrow?? I'm so excited about this program and am already feeling SO great!!

  249. Started a little late, had a hectic beginning of the year with moving house, but very excited to start! Loved this first practice to ease into, and the idea of the mat being our "good space". I have always found such comfort in anxious situations of just having this space. Looking forward to dive more into that good space in myself!

    Thank you for creating this!

  250. Hi.I have a Neurological Movement disorder called Functional Neurological disorder very much like Ms or Parkinson's disease.Your yoga classes have changed my life. I started last year with 30 days of yoga( with some modifications) and have been practicing everyday since. Thank you for helping me live my life again!

  251. Thank you so much for doing this 31 day yoga just when i Needed it and wanted to commit once again to following your videos. I feel blessed to have found it 🙂

  252. So i am starting it after so many days. I come from back. But happy to see that. From Türkiye.

  253. For the first time in a month my day didn't start with a sweet email from Adriene. No! The 31 Day Yoga Revolution has been amazing for me and I don't want it to end. So it won't. Starting it over. Excited to see my progress.

  254. Starting Revo2tion with Day 1 practice. Nothing to fear, survived, thrived 31 days, will face this challenge to find what feels good in different ways! Excited! Thank you Adriene!

  255. Yesterday, a day after the first round of Revolution ended, I felt a little lost. I'm happy to return to this again today for another round. Felt so good, and my body feels much different than the first time through. Grateful to see some familiar faces continuing on.

  256. Today I'm starting over. I have a hard time going solo. I like you leading me, Adriene. I'm so much stronger now than last month and last year too when I did Yoga Camp and joined your team. I plan to continue daily yoga - did day 10 for 2 days in a row, but think I'll just go straight thru the 31 days. Thank you for giving us this yoga. I appreciate it so much. Namaste.

  257. Hi Adriene,
    I had a wrist injury last year, that recovered, so this summer I found your videos and really enjoyed doing the 30 days with you - but then my wrist got worse (probably because i was stressing it a bit too much), and so I stopped doing yoga - which is really sad because I loved it. How would you recommend I practice without putting too much pressure on my wrists??

  258. Thank you so much for your daily yoga! It brings me peace and joy! Have you ever thought of doing a children's class? My girls love doing yoga with me but some of the moves they can't do.

    Thank you!

  259. Hey Adriene.
    I've been a fan of yours for the past year or so and I'm going through the 30 days of yoga for a second time. I really love your foundations of yoga series as well. I find your approach to yoga extremely helpful and not overwhelming and it encourages me to do yoga every day, even if I don't have the time or access to a screen to follow one of your videos.

    My very precocious 5-year-old daughter has shown a lot of interest in yoga, since she knows I do it every day. It is hard to find a good yoga program for kids out there with a teacher that both my daughter and I really like (they're often too goofy or kid-ish, with cheesy music and instructors who talk down to the kids). She and I both absolutely love your personality - you're approachable demeanor is already perfect for children and I don't think you would have to do "kid talk" to reach them. And while perhaps you or your other followers could suggest yoga programs that I may have not heard of, I guess what it comes down to is that I would really love for you to instruct my daughter through your videos, if you have the time and were so inclined. Is there any chance you would ever consider doing a series for kids?

  260. Ok I'm late to this game, but I took a mental/physical wellness day from work because I need to reset, and I woke up to a friend's post about this 31 day practice. I think it's fate. Here we go!

    1. I do mine in the evening after work. If I'm up for it I try to do it in the morning before work but I tend to struggle with that. Anytime is a good time really!

  261. January's Revolution was awesome....Not just because of the yoga, but affirmations and though process were just what I needed that month with family and work issues arising. Because I participated almost every morning I was much calmer in my mind and able to make better choices.... Thank you so very very much for the mix.

  262. Thank you so much for this Revolution! I've been with you on this yoga journey for several years now, and absolutely loved this one. I'm present, looking forward to what is next, and looking to start the revolution again and continue growing my practice. You are amazing! Thank you so much. I am more flexible, than I have been in years, I have more stability, focus, calmer. Working every day.

  263. Hi Adriene! Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all that you do. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and a friend turned me on to you at exactly the right time in my life. I am a mother of 3 young children and have dedicated myself to them. I have, however, been putting my own health and mental well-being aside to care for them . I recently realized that I won't do them any good if I am not healthy, physically and emotionally, myself. This is where you come in. I reached out on Facebook for a beginners Yoga routine and a friend pointed me in your direction. From the moment that the first video started I knew this was right for me. I am 3 weeks in to my practice with you and feel a huge change both mentally and physically. You are exactly what I needed and I thank you. See you tomorrow!

  264. First Day EASE completed Adriene! Thank you so much for having the time to make these wonderful videos to benefit from.

  265. Hi Adriene! Thank you so much for offering this amazing program! Started out yesterday after subscribing, but I'm noticing now that I'm one day ahead of the emails. Is there an easy for for that from your side (like having the mailbot send 2 mails instead of one tomorrow) or should I just wait a day in between and do the second workout again. That would make me kinda sad because the days in the program are now matching up with the days of March 🙂
    Thanks for getting back!

  266. Hi Adriene!

    Your Yoga Revolution is amazing! My son, who is 10 and was diagnosed with ADHD, and I have been going through this journey together! We both love it!! We had to start over again due to being sick, but it has been well worth the journey to get to where we are! My son and I thank you so very much for spending the time to create the videos for the world to see and to practice yoga!! You are amazing!!

    Namaste from Indiana

  267. Dear Adriene,

    I finished my first Revolution yesterday and decided I needed a Re-Revolution. After ten years of zero yoga practice, this 31 days were awesome!! This second round feels totally different and so good. I feel I am reaching a deeper, more meaningful practice. Wait till I get to my tenth Revolution hehe!

    Thank you for generously giving us such a precious gift of life, love and joy!!!!



  268. Dear Adriene,

    Thank you so very much for sharing! I just finished day 4 and both my inner and outer bodies are smiling. 🙂 I look forward to continuing this revolutionary journey with you. Much gratitude.

  269. Hi Adriene, I started tbe revolution without realising there were corresponding emails. I've since signed up (and donated) but im on day 15 . is there any way I can access day 15 email instead of starting over on day 1? Thank you!

  270. Hi Adriene!
    I'm so thankful for your Yoga Videos and for the e-mails, they brighten up my days. The e-mail is the first thing I read in the morning and I go to work every day with a smile on my face: Hello Barcelona! 🙂
    I really appreciate all that you do to spread the practice of yoga and make it available to everyone. I think this is my first public post ever, but I had to tell you!
    Keep on the good work!! When I get my vacation In summer I'll try to translate some of your videos into Spanish and Catalan. Promised!

  271. Hi Adriene,
    Thank you for Revolution. I have just completed it and look forward to doing it a second time. It has come at such a wonderful time in my life, retirement and strengthening after a fractured humerus. i had not done any yoga in quite some time, but this has helped tremendously with my agility and breathing. I love the daily emails and you have such a soothing, yet energizing voice and mannerisms in the videos. And I love seeing Benji 🙂 This is a wonderful connectedness for me...thanks.

    Hugs from Pat in Newfoundland

  272. I have been working through the 31 days, and loving it so far, but didn't know about the daily emails that go along with it until they were mentioned in day 7. I signed up to receive them, but now I'm off - received day 1 email, worked out with day 8 video - is there any way to sync up the emails with my workouts?

  273. Amazing First day! Loved it! Cant wait for the next 30 days!
    I did have some heaviness in my body and a slight headache when i started.. i feel so much better already

  274. I am dealing with stress and very high anxiety and support my emotional balance. Thank you for having this program. This is what I need.

  275. I'm on day 8 of the Revolution and I can't believe how much better I'm feeling. I've had chronic nerve pain for over two years and have just spent the last year getting a little bit worse everyday. I've struggled with yoga and physio, Pilates, massage, acupuncture and even nerve flossing, anything that may have positive benefits, but always finding more pain and stress with them.
    Well now I can truly say that everyday I am getting a bit better. Today I stood in the shower and felt solid. No wind was going to push me over! I never thought I would feel like this again.
    Thank you so much!

    I've have only just figured out the emails that go along with Revolution so I've just got day 1. Is there any chance I could get more sent to catch me up to where I am at with the videos?

    Much gratitude and thanks!

  276. I'm a little late to the party, but I'm so grateful I found your website and videos! My local yoga studio closed it's doors (the only one in a 60 mile radius) and I'd just started my practice! I loved it so much and was deeply crushed that I wouldn't have a guide on my yoga journey. Then I found your site, Ms. Adriene and I've been overjoyed. You're so inspiring and focus on many of the same things my previous guide had done-full mind-body-spirit practice. I've created my own "yoga studio" in a beautiful room in my house and my husband purchased me a smart TV just so I can practice with your videos! Today I officially started the 31 Day Revolution and I'm so thrilled! Thank you so much for providing these videos - you're truly a blessing. Namaste✨

  277. Just started this today. I've done your yoga videos in the past. You're the one I go to when I want to do yoga. I started back into yoga on Monday because I'm really focusing on healing severe plantar fascia issues in my left foot. I thought yoga might be good, so I started with your morning and evening routines, and then found the video you specially made for foot issues. Your yoga videos plus massage, icing, and toe spreaders, have allowed me to get out of bed in the morning for the past two days with only slight pain and a slight limp. Only days ago, I was still in severe pain and heavily limping in the morning.

    Thank you for being you, Adriene. You make coming to the mat enjoyable and healing.

  278. Hi Adrienne,
    First of, thank you so much for your amazing free videos , I'm a newbie at Yoga and finding your videos was a real gift. I am doing your 31 day REVOLUTION and am on the 6th day and only realised today that I was suppose to subscribe to the daily emails. I have subscribe now but is there a way to get the first 6 days of emails today so that I can then get the right email on the right day during my REVOLUTION journey with you?
    Thank you very much

  279. I've just eased into Day 1 : ) I've done yoga here and there but I'm so drawn to your videos. Thanks for putting so much thought and love into this REVOLUTION. I feel it and am ready to dig in! Thanks Adrienne!!

  280. I realize I'm probably late with this since it's not the new year, however I am extremely excited to do these!! I'm excited for the results, mental and physical! This came at the most perfect time in my life. Thank you

  281. Dear Adriene,

    I started my Revolution today.
    And I cried. Because I finally felt I was committing to talking care of myself after a long time of just working really hard.
    Im really excited. And happy. And relaxed.
    Thank you.
    Thank you a thousand times.

  282. Thank you so much Adriene --your gentle yet energizing Revolutions routine really helps me to come back day after day. I'm following this from India -- Ironically yours is the practice that fits..

  283. Hi Friends! I just discovered Adriene and you all in July 2017. I completed 30 Days of Yoga and Yoga Camp. Now on to Revolution! Any other late-comers with me?! 🙂

      1. Hello CD and Navdeep,
        This is my second time through. I love Adrienne's videos, direction and support. It is amazing and so rewarding. Congratulations for deciding to join. You won't be disappointed.

  284. hi
    I know its bit late but i you are still reading on this blog. I found this channel and this program yesterday, today was my first day of this program. I really enjoyed it and looking forward for next 30 days.
    thanks for making it available for free.
    love from India

  285. Today I have done my day 1 and really full of hope I won't give up half way through! This is like you said in your other video. I exercise a lot very hard but I don't have a right connection with my soul or inner body. Keep your fingers crossed for me 😀

  286. I'm totally new to yoga so everything is unknown. I have a practical question. Where do you put your computer so you can see it no matter which pose you are in? I had it on the floor at the end of the mat which was great for the first moves but not so great for the others. I had to keep pausing the video to move the computer, each time thinking I had found the perfect spot then another change of direction meant it was in the wrong place again. Any tips? Where do you put your screen?

    Also, I suspect one needs to be in a room with a floor to length mirror on the wall next to the mat as I can't tell when in a pose whether my knees are directly in line with my hips ... have you found this too?

    Any advice would be useful!

  287. Came into this challenge in November! Stumbled on your YouTube channel during a hard time in my life, and I'm so grateful for it. Your energy and softness are perfect for hesitant newbies. I've never been interested in working out, but after day one I know this is going to become a necessity for my every day life. Thank you again!

  288. Hi Adriene!
    I just want to say hi and thank you so much for what you are doing. I was recently diagnosed with cancer and you sessions is a lifesaver. I look forward to every session, it's truly the highlight of my day.

    Your kind warm spirit and funny goofyness is so touching, funny and warming. Even if I´m just watching a video of you and working out with you from afar I can truly feel you beautiful soul. I don't know what I would have done without you. I`ll be forever grateful!

    I have trained Yoga before but never really "got it" and had so much fun with it as with you as my teacher. I usually don't comment on blogs or videos, but I felt like I had to give you some feedback, as you are a literal life saver. Much light and love ❤️

  289. Hi there! I’d like to start the Revolution program but can’t seem to find a valid link to sign up to start receiving daily emails. Can someone point me in the right direction?

  290. Help! Please tell me how to sign up for the daily emails so I can begin the Revolution 30 day program. I’ve tried all the links but they don’t seem to work for me. Do I need to purchase the program now since it’s 2021? Any help would be greatly appreciated! I’m ready to begin my next 30 day journey!

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