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30 Days of Yoga - Day 4

Day 4 of The 30 Days of Yoga journey! Stretch and strengthen your back with the power of the breath!

Use this Day 4 practice to awaken the spine and meet your edge. Tone arms, legs, core and stay connected to subtle body movement with the breath. Stick with it! Take this time to see to notice how Yoga practice has your back. Get frisky! Or at least, remember Yoga is not so serious! Modify as needed and keep a sense of humor. Keep finding that breath!

Connect and support others down below! Cultivate positivity. Remember each day is different! The journey is the reward! See you tomorrow!

114 comments on “30 Days of Yoga - Day 4”

  1. I needed this kind of practise today. I couldnt have done a long session. I have a UTI but was determined to get on the matt. Thanks so much for this opportunity x

  2. Hi Adriene! Contacting you all the way from cold and sunny England. And Happy New Year by the way! 🙂 I've subscribed to your 30 Days of Yoga vids and am loving them... but, having been ill for the latter half of last year and fallen off the mat (except for a couple of yummy "Yoga for when you're sick" sessions, thank you!) I'm waaay out of practice. I'm just wondering how long these 30-days vids will stick around? I'd love to have chance to repeat them in other months to see some gradual improvements as I can't do everything yet.

    Looking forward to hearing from you, and thank you heaps for all that you do - so generous and amazing. I'm trying to persuade my sister to join me on the mat too. (Not literally the same one as that might be a tad crowded!) Thanks and love to you! <3

  3. I turn 64 years old this week and I am more of a book lover than a fitness buff - but I am loving the 30 Days of Yoga program. I can feel myself getting a little stronger and more agile every day. Thank you for so generously sharing your passion, knowledge and skills with a sedentary old soul like me!!

    1. 61 here and coming off a long-term illness. This is just what I need to regain strength and flexibility.

    2. I, too, have been a sedentary soul for way too long. I have been wanting to study yoga for a long time--I instinctively felt that it would be good for me. Four days ago, I decided to check out Youtube and see if there were any yoga workout videos. Voila, I found Yoga with Adriene, and I am so happy that I did! For the first time in a long time, my neck and back pain are nearly gone. I can also feel myself getting stronger already. Thank you so much, Adriene! What a blessing you are!


  4. Hi Adrienne,

    Thanks for toning and brightening my start into 2015! It has worked really well so far! I do modify little things here and there, as you suggested, so what I do meets my body where it is and in a way that it can grow from there. Joining you all for these 30 days has been a very spontaneous decision (prompted by a friend who has joined, too) and it has brought me back in touch with yoga after a couple of years without. I love it. And a special thanks for putting the vids up early so that this is not limited to a particular time zone...

    Namaste from Germany!

  5. Hi Adriene - from cold and sunny New England! I am loving my daily trips to Texas to do yoga with you and with people from all over the world, Thank you for these terrific yoga sessions and lessons! Lets keep having a great month and a great year, breath by breath.
    Cheers! Suzanne

  6. Thank you so much for the videos. I found you about a year ago while surfing around on YouTube. These videos are perfect with my work schedule. I'm hoping one day I will be able to head south to Austin and join you in a live class. Much love from Wichita Falls!

  7. Hey Adriene!
    From Whitney Point, NY here. I have been a runner for most of my life and through the tough work-outs and pushing through each hard day, I've developed a lot of pain that likes to stick around. I usually stretch to ease my tight muscles, but it never completely stops hurting. I started your beginners yoga a couple weeks ago and found that it relaxed like nothing else; it stretched my pain like nothing else; and brought my mind to peace like nothing else. I've tried yoga before, and I just get frustrated with being told to relax and empty my mind, but your videos make it fun and before I know it, I'm sad that the video is over!

    I've been doing to the 30 day challenge and now on day four, I feel better physically and mentally, better than I have months over a year. I sleep better as well, and doing yoga in the morning leads to a great and healthy day. I'm loving this! And I want to thank you for all this! So thank you Adriene!

  8. Hi Adriene! I am loving my yoga workouts 🙂 you are awesome. My hubs now wants to join me which is great. However my little one tries to copy me and I was wondering if you would ever consider putting yoga for kiddos videos up? That way I can go ahead and get her started in this wonderful practice with an amazing teacher.

  9. Adriene, I'm using this series as motivation to get back on my mat and fall in love with yoga the way I used to be before I slacked off and started believing I was too busy to do it. I am sore, in good ways, since starting this, but I am loving it!

  10. Hi Adriene! Just wanted to say that I'm thankful that you've put up this amazing 30 Days of Yoga Challenge. I've really been enjoying it!

  11. Hello Adrienne, I am loving the 30 days of yoga and all your videos. I bought the go deeper version and was sent a link for the facebook page which I just tried to click on and the link no longer works, however I really would like to join that private group - could you please advise?

  12. Adriene - I don't usually comment on public forums, but your yoga videos have changed my mind about yoga practice and my health attitude in general. I look forward to starting or ending my day with you in all the videos I've tried. I feel more confident and relaxed. I was at church last night and the pastor encouraged us to be grateful for one thing each day for 30 days, so today I'm grateful for you. I know you'll continue to inspire me with the rest of the 30 days of yoga videos.

    Thanks <3

  13. Hi Adriene!

    Just wanted to say that I'm loving this 30 day challenge. Doing the same routines over and over again bores me so I love not knowing whats coming up next.

    I'm so glad you mentioned about the heels touching the ground in downward dog, as I've not been able to yet so hopefully I'm not too far away.

    Thanks again,
    Corinne x

  14. I am loving the 30 Day Challenge. Each day I find something to try that I have never done quite the same way before. Looking forward to tomorrow!

  15. Hello from hot and sunny Marlborough in New Zealand! I had the enormous pleasure to practice in the open with bird song and water lapping at the shore in the background. Feeling so good now and ready for the five hour trip home even so am sad to leave this beautiful place. Thank you so much Adriene (my favourite Texan girl) for putting up this challenge!

  16. Adriene,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking time to share your yoga online! I look forward to learning and practicing "with you" each day and really appreciate that you keep a sense of humor during the session 🙂 Thanks again!


  17. Another great practice again. I sometimes get lower back pain so I need these back-strengthening moves!
    Thank you for your wonderful videos!

  18. I I am really loving these videos and being able to do them in the comfort of my own home is a plus. I am on day 4 . I love being able to do the yoga when time allows. I work 2 jobs Home Health Care for ederly people who require lifting and that can be hard on the back. I am also a hair stylist in the evenings. So standing in one spot takes a toll on your body. I love that I can do this in the morning or in the evening before bed. I started with some of your videos before the 30 day challenge. I seem to be able to do most of the yoga moves and poses yet for some reason Downward Dog is very hard on my wrist and I want to collapse. I can't seem to stay in that position or hold myself up. Will this position get easier with practice?? I hope so. I will just keep trying and maybe it will become easier. Thanks for your videos.

  19. whooooa! those plank poses are AMAZING. def felt the fire in my core!
    Loving the 30 days of yoga so far!

  20. Hi Adriene. Spot on. Was hoping for some light back work the other day. Imagine my delight when I opened the day 4 video.

  21. Bonjour Adriene, from freezing cold Winnipeg, Canada. I love all your yoga videos and I absolutely adore the yoga challenge. I look forward to this new bedtime routine. I little yoga and then 20 minutes of meditation and I sleep like a baby. Thank you!

  22. Hey! I learned about this 30 day program from DecidingToBeBetter on Reddit, and my husband and I have decided to be here for each video! We do the yoga in the evenings, and you make us laugh a good deal, which is nice. 🙂 This is the most at ease I've been in any yoga environment (granted, I've been to only one class and I've seen a few videos).

    My intention with this video series is to love on my body, give it the stretch and massage it needs, and hopefully get to know it better. (I think I still need a chiropractor, though.) My husband's intention has been to get in shape. We both exercise outside of yoga, and your videos seem like an extra sweet thing to do for our bodies.

    Thank you so much for doing these, for adding value to our days, and for making yoga cool and fun!

  23. Ahhh, my favourite session of the challenge thus far! I liked the reminders to breathe into my back and feel the skin stretching. Thank you and namaste from hot and sticky Sydney.

  24. Love this one! One of my new favorites. I overdid it yesterday and woke up stiff and sore. I think you worked all the kinds out of my back and shoulders. Thank you so much, whew, what a relief! Bless you <3

  25. I completely adore you! I watch your videos before preparing for bed just because you put me in such a good space for sleep. You are truly God sent. Sticking with your blog even after these 30 days are up! <3

  26. I'm a little behind so just doing this one today. Perfect timing though...just shoveled a driveway after a no-bus-snow-day kind of day up here in Ontario Canada and my back needs some TLC.

  27. Great restorative type of workout, feelin great full to have stumbled across this series. I am enjoying it very much your calm and soothing voicenter encourages me to push through some of the harder moves, those requiring a lot of flexing of the toes and knees. Also enjoy you commentary about what it was like for you wheneed you started out, keeps me rooted in the now as to what I am feeling going through the movement's.

  28. Hi Adriene!

    I really like your approach to yoga. I used to think it was impossible for me to do yoga! I really love yoga because of the slow rythm combine with intense effort. I was wondering if there is a fondation of yoga for the pose we see before starting Day 4 video. I had problem doing it! Usually with other pose it because I missed something.

    Thank you for your motivating videos!

  29. Hi Yogis! I did this video in the evening after doing Day 3 in the morning and now it felt GREAT! I think my body is asking for more yoga! It feels so good!

  30. DAY 4: ON ALL FOURS! The morning ritual was feeling very good until the electricity dropped and had to improvise and stay warm until it returned. Another morning of tapping and awakening areas of the body that have been dormant for too long. I am beginning to feel my body waking up and responding to the stretches. I still look like an awkward camel, yet happy to be on all fours as I imitate Gumby. Well, each day brings new hope for a happy and joyful new beginning! Also beginning to feel my breath go a just a wee bit longer on the in and on the out... as an asthmatic... I'm usually the first to empty my lungs... 😉 Thanks Adrienne, enjoying the 30 day challenge and your linky-lanky terminology.

  31. Hi Adriene!
    Thank you so much for this. I'm on day four and I'm loving it. My body feels great. I tried yoga without success many times before. I'm so grateful for your generosity and kindness. Saludos from cold cold Chicago.

  32. Adriene

    Thank you so much for making the 30 Days of Yoga videos available. I have wanted for the longest to begin a yoga practice but found other programs too challenging. I have a lot of muscle tightness which makes holding certain poses painful but find your approach to be gentle and doable. In only 4 days, I am feeling more relaxed and more flexible.

  33. Doing this challenge (a bit late!) from Thailand and loving it's grounding and balancing effects. Thank you for making yoga less intimidating and keeping me smiling and learning to listen to my body and mind!

  34. My back was painfully tight last night, and when I got up this morning and saw that today's yoga would focus on opening up the back, it was like an answer to my prayers! I'm gonna do your upper back yoga video too as a little follow-up before I leave my mat this morning.

  35. Dear Adriene,
    Thank you so much for providing such wonderful sequences of yoga practice tailored to fit various needs. It would be really helpful, if you could provide yoga practice for people those who are trying to conceive. Look forward to your teaching to achieve pregnancy. Once again thank you for your wonderful practice. God bless you with long life and happiness.


  36. Namaste Adriene!
    Day 4 of yoga- OMG! One of the most complicated stretches I have ever done till date. The one on all fours, turning head to one side below arch of other arm. Then extending arm and leg all the way.
    It was a wonderful day 4. I enjoyed it very much. I feel good.

    Thank you so much !
    Satish Iyer

  37. Morning from London yogis! On my fifth day of ever trying yoga, but just finished day four of my 30 day challenge. My mind and body are craving more yoga! I am the laziest of people and my exercise is limited to a three day burst once every 6 months. I think I have found my calling! I have become obsessed with it and cannot wait for the next day! Thank you so much, Adriene, I feel amazing! 🙂

  38. Did day 4 last night and...I could finally do a down dog pose!!! Yaaaaay! Looking forward to day 5 tonight!

  39. Didn't join you until mid-March. Coming off of upper respiratory infection punctuated by adrenal fatigue. I do what I can and sometimes I have to skip a day. But it is oh so good to get on the mat. Thank you for your loving presence that makes it so easy and welcoming.

  40. Hi Adriene!!
    Thank you so much for these videos! I was glad to see that today's yoga helped stretch out the back.. definitely needed over here! I'll be back for Day 5!

    It's "Spring" but still feels like winter here in NYC so every part of my body felt tense before these videos. 🙂

  41. Hola Adrienne! Always found yoga classes really boring, but was really keen to learn. When @ellagracedenton recommended your videos on instagram, I decided to check them out, and so glad I did! Absolutely love these classes, thank you!! Namaste from Spain. x

  42. Had to give up my yoga membership and am so glad to have found your site. I did a couple of weeks of random videos and started 30 days this week. It's fabulous! Thank you. 🙂

  43. loving every day of yoga in my life. Thanks Adriane! You Are a wonderful teacher and inspiration!

  44. Love it! I want to thank you for the great videos! Im new to yoga, and I'm following the 30 days yoga series. I am having a hard time with the childs pose, as I am little over weight and have a chunkier belly.
    I see you have many other videos. I think I will alternate my 30 days with the weight loss yoga.
    What would you suggest?
    Adriene you work and time in making these is very appreciated!
    Thanks, have a great day!

  45. Thank you so much Adriene! You are the sweetest teacher and your sessions (just did day 4) are the first Yoga practice I actually LOVE! I'm 62 and I want to take up Yoga again after many, many years, in order to gain and maintain flexibility and strength.Thanks to your generosity, I have now found Yoga I can love and therefore stick with for the rest of my days - I'm craving more! Your practice makes me feel very centred and fantastic!
    Best love to you!

  46. Hello Adriene - checking in from England in the UK (a little late to the party)

    Thank you so much for these videos - my mum has been trying to get me to try yoga for the past 6 years and I'm so glad that I've found you! 🙂 Day 4 was fantastic. I feel amazing.

    Thank you once again. I couldn't imagine a better introduction.

    You're awesome.


  47. I've already noticed my back not being quite as sore, but more importantly I've slept better in the last 3 days than I had in the last month combined! I'm so grateful. Today was difficult, more because I just ate dinner... Bad idea. Note to self, hit the mat before dinner or well after! haha

  48. I am going through the program now, and today, Day 4, was great! The first stretch was unlike any I've ever done before and felt amazing for my aching shoulders (day 2 was a shoulder killer for me!). And I loved what you taught about breathing into your lower back. I had never felt that sensation before but really felt as if I was give life and fresh oxygen to my lower back with each breath. Then during savasana I could totally feel my heart beating in my lower back! So it really worked and was just amazing to witness firsthand the power of yoga to unlock energies in your body.

    This program is making me feel so good and I cannot wait to continue. Thank you!!

  49. My 30 day challenge is just to show up on the mat every day. To show up and spend some time with me. No other rules. I can stop when I've started and just watch the video (I haven't yet). I can do all the postures wrong (I know there is no wrong, but I have to tell myself this, 'cause I'm a do-it-the-right-way kind of person)
    Today I almost didn't show up on the mat. I saw the word back, and immediately told myself this would probably be one with a lot of strength exercises, or twists I wouldn't be able to do. I even checked how long this one was, to make that the excuse.. Then I just rolled away my coffee table (it's on wheels) surprised my mat by just rolling it out, and I said. "Just show up on the mat, Charlene!"
    And I did 🙂 And I thank myself, for just spending the time there. For reminding myself of the feeling I get when I do that. When I show up for me.

    O, and I noticed my feet almost touching the ground in downward dog, just as you said! 😉
    Who knew there's so much space in me.


  50. I am 23 and one of the least flexible people I know. I am ashamed to say when you try to get us to reach forward and touch our toes I only make it a little past my knees. I am excited to use these videos to gain strength as we prepare to try for a baby in the next few months.

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for making these much more accessible. I have wanted to join classes but have been terrified of my inflexibility humiliating me. This makes yoga seem much easier to accomplish and I love that we are able to get into it and slowly gain strength and confidence with these videos.

  51. Dear Adriene,
    I've been going through quite a tough time, finishing my studies with a buttload of exams, and kind'a losing sight and awareness of myself in the process. These yoga sessions are my start-into-the-day, and have really been helping me to come to terms with my body, connect with my mind and just general feeling in an extremely positive way. Thank you so much!

  52. Thank you so much, this program is the best yoga practice I had so far! I love how you teach to respond and listen to your own body rather than just do the poses like some kind of robot. Helped me a lot to regain awareness to what's important: how I feel doing the poses and not how good I'm doing the poses!

  53. I LOVE that you tell us to smile!
    I always seem so concentrated that I forget to enjoy my practice. So when you tell us to smile, I remember hos much I enjoy yoga och how nice it feels in my body.
    Thank you for this 30 Days challenge.

  54. I am loving this 30 Days of Yoga! This is my first time ever doing yoga, and I feel like your videos are doing an excellent job of getting me into the practice. Loved today's back stretches 🙂 Thank you for putting these videos up!

  55. Lovely day 4, really enjoying and looking forward to the email each morning and seeing what you have in store, thank you

  56. I really enjoyed the Day 4 yoga experience. It fit in perfectly after the preceding days. 🙂

    Also, I find that I am becoming better a breathing throughout the exercises, thanks!

  57. Thank you for the compassionate tone and encouragement to find my own place. Some days my arthritis is so bad I feel like I can't breathe - but I know I can follow you, as I can find my own way through. I've tried a lot of yoga over the years and know how very valuable compassion and encouragement are.

  58. Hi Adriene! I love your 30-day yoga challenge. It is just what I needed to get me back on my mat after slipping out of the habit over the past year or so. I have one suggestion for the downloadable video page: I see that the "donate" button on this (home) page is linked to Paypal, which is the only way many of us will shop online, due to security concerns. However, when I went to the donations page for the downloadable videos, there was no Paypal option. I think that if you add Paypal to that page as well, you will get many more contributions, because your videos are amazing. Keep up the good work and thank you again!

  59. Thanks for your 30 Days series and all of your videos Adrienne! I'm only 16, but I love the way yoga makes me feel, mind and body, and I hope that i can continue doing it my entire life.

  60. Loving this series. Hopped out of bed this morning and realized I did so without the usual stiffness and creaks. Thanks for your teachings, humor, and compassion.

  61. This was my best yoga day yet! (20 days going). I could feel the power in each breath. This I will continue with

  62. Hey Adriene

    I love your videos! I had an ache in my back and yoga really helps me through it. I just have a problem with the downward facing dog: I can't stretch my legs. I don't know if it's just me, or other people have this problem too? I hope it will get better when I practice more. Or do you have any tips to help me? 🙂

    Have a nice day!

  63. Oh god. You're so funny adriene! Well, thank you so much for this day 4, and the days left. I can realize the change (a slight change, yes, for the moment) in my body and on my mind. I feel good. I just wanna you to know. I'm from Spain and I'm afraid that my inglish is not perfect so I won't comment in aĺl videos, but you can be sure that I thank you for all of them. Love for all of you guys.

  64. I love you more and more everyday! You're right, yoga knows what we need. I didn't know I needed that one stretch with the arms and legs while on all fours. Amazing. I always feel so happy after one of your videos. Thank you.

  65. Thank you so much for this, Adriene. I am on day 4 and I am feeling like myself again already, after the longest break I've had in life from a daily yoga practice. Your approach makes it soothing and easy. Wonderful!

  66. I've just come across your yoga site and videos, and they are just the right length and poses for me so I can do yoga from home more regularly along with my weekly group hour-long session. This is just what I was looking for and I really enjoy you! Peachy-keen!

  67. Dear Adriene,

    I just wanted to let you know how hugely grateful I am for your yoga videos. They've helped me to make actual sense of the yoga I've skimmed through, confused and rushed, in large gym classes. They've helped me to connect to my body. They soothe my sore back and my sore mind. You are funny, grounded and real!!! You make me laugh on my mat. I love your style, and I'm so grateful for your generosity in sharing all of these videos for free. Thank you thank you thank you from the UK. With love, Joy

  68. Thanks, Adriene - these videos are effectually helping me survive the Christmas preparations. Those day 4 back streches made me feel incredibly balanced!

  69. This was great today! Especially following my first XC ski in two years. I will say it was interesting including an 8 month old puppy into the routine! I have seen her do several of the same poses. She thought it was great fun and offered many kisses of encouragement!

  70. Thank you Adriene! I decided February would be "yoga everyday month" and when my friend told me how wonderful your yoga practices were, I knew I had to check it out. Even though it's later and I'm super tired from the week, I made sure to get my yoga in today and I feel better. Again, thank you! 🙂

  71. Day 4- ahhhh feeling good again! Thanks Adrienne!! I love your teaching, relaxed and making me have little spurts of giggles!!! Love it!

  72. Like many of the comments I too have been sedantary due to back injury for too long. After 2 beginner sessions and 3 days of this challenge I spent yesterday morning gardening, without the expected back agony afterwards. Great back massage this morning for Day 4. Ta.

  73. Loving this challenge all though I'm not exactly doing it on a daily because of life's events it's awesome to work with you here. You have a great personality thank you

  74. After the first 2 days my body would not let me slouch while sitting or "sink" into my hip bones while standing! I am newly retired at 60 and have always wanted to start yoga. Now I'm hooked.

  75. Im feeling stronger and taller and am very aware of my core muscles. I am amazed how I feel. Thanks to my daughter who invited me to start yoga. Adrienne you are amazing. Sonya from Canberra Australia.

  76. HI! I am now on day 4. Realy enjoying your way of teaching. Your sense of Ha!Ha! is wonderfull!
    My name is Sylvie from Québec I am 60 years old , love my hubby and my dog Thalie!

  77. Adriene, thank you so much for your videos. I always feel great after and then I am ready to start my day. I am not perfect but I am just working to increase flexibility. Your kindness shows. Thank you for sharing your art 🙂
    Have a blessed day!

    Sending you warmth from sunny, Heidelberg, Germany 🙂

  78. Hi Adriene, love all these practise|| I usually suffer from back pain and these exercises are so useful for me. I'm sooo gratefull! Now it's summer and there's no more yoga lessons till september and I miss stetching my body and breathing in and out!!

    Thanks form Catalonia!!

  79. Hi Adriene

    It's day 4 and I look forward to turning up on the mat every day. This back practice is just the ticket.

  80. I'm really enjoying every day of the 30-day yoga. I complete every yoga video with pride in myself because I feel so relaxed and happy afterwards.

    I watch how you perform every position and realise that I'm not able to perform them to the same level of expertise as you. For example the downward dog; you can put your feet flat on the ground and that is a definite struggle for me. However, I know if I continue to regularly complete the 30-day yoga I will be flexible enough to keep up with the stretches and be proud that I have accomplished my goals for a healthier and happier body.

    Thank you for your help so far,
    From Sydney, Australia.

  81. Once again : THANK YOU ADRIENE for your wonderful videos ! With the short plank variations every day, my arms (and my core, I hope) are going stronger and stronger 🙂

  82. Thank you so much for this series! I know I am a bit late to the party, but I need this so much right now! I had a baby last fall (he will be six months in two weeks! Eek!) - and I did prenatal yoga all through my pregnancy and have been doing postnatal yoga since he was born. But I wanted to get back to my normal practice. This series has been a perfect way to do that! You make it so clear and simple, with great reminders to keep me focused on the way my body should feel. Upward facing dog and chataranga are SO so so hard with my post-baby explodo-abs - but I feel like you do them so slow and steady, I can feel myself getting stronger. And the length of each video is perfect so that I can get to my mat and get showered all before baby is up from a nap! You are truly keeping me sane - especially because you keep it light and happy!

  83. Thank you Adriene, this felt so good! I am happy to have found your sessions. Best from Potsdam / next to Berlin. Happ

  84. Thank you so much for this great practice... coming to the mat is always so much fun with you - can’t wait for the next video!!

  85. hi Adrien. sending you some sunshine from mauritius. thank you so much in investing in the 30 days challenge. Today the 4th day i had some back pain may be due to the practice, I am new to yoga but I kept on going.I am loving my spirit. I am also doing the new beginners yoga for 20 mins and I love it. I was not able to do the downward facing dog at all losing my breath now i am getting better after 6 day practice. I feel proud of myself. thank you adrien for being kind, loving and amazing teacher. Bless you beautiful.

  86. Kia ora (hello) ADRIENE,

    My home is Aotearoa (New Zealand) I live in a small village called Point Wells on the North East coast of the North Island.
    Your videos for the 30 day challenge are inspiring fun and doable. I am not a Yogi juncky but have felt inspired joining yoga sessions with you, in my home. Your method of communicating the movements are fun, kind, and manageable. Nga mihi nui (thank you)


  87. day 4 done, loving it but have some pain in my hand and wrist any tips on how to alleviate?

    Thank you!

  88. Thank you! I left yoga a little while back and wanted to return to it. This is perfect and your encouragement and humour is exactly what I need to get back on my mat. It is amazing what my body has unlearnt - and also how quickly it is relearning, thanks to your brilliant sessions. I will complete this 30 day challenge and look forward to a new one in the next decade. HNY. xx

  89. Dear Adriene,

    Thank you so much for making this yoga videos and moreover for these thought out 30 Days experiences. I feel the effort you put into it and how thoughtful you were creating them.
    I am in a moment in my life where these videos and sets come to a perfect time. I am so thankful I came across them. I've already been doing some of your classes (as well the core exercise - full on, great challenge 😉
    And now I realised that you have 7 of this experiences created. I set my self up to do all of them - a total of 212 days/classes - with a little time to reflect between each of them. I calculate, that (with taking in mind that I might not be able to do each weekend or the day when I teach yoga myself) I will take this journey with you until next year June 2022. That is so amazing.
    I am already feeling the effects (physically and mentally...<3) and they give me so much inspiration for my own classes.
    I am very grateful.
    From my heart to yours, thank you very much.
    Namaste <3

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