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Yoga Tips for the Hands

Optimal alignment and weight distribution in the hands and wrists are very important. This is a body part that is susceptible to injury and arthritis if not properly taken care of due to there being so many joints here. This is also an area where many yogi’s often experience wrist fatigue or pain. In this 18 min workshop style practice, Adriene guides the proper hand placement in poses like downward facing dog as we work to bring some awareness to the sweet hands and wrists.

Stretch out the fingers, warm up the wrists, and set up for success with a strong foundation.

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17 comments on “Yoga Tips for the Hands”

  1. Hi Adriene! Thank you for always being there for a yoga learner like me. Recently, I feel like it's hard to start the yoga routine. I don't know why 🙁 I want to start it again but really lazy to do it, how very sad. Maybe I just bored with the routine. Do you have tips how to love the yoga again? Thanks.

  2. Great practice! I recieved your member's email. My dad's birthday was also yesterday (meaning 7/27) and he would always say "you have the tools" as he should, since he is a carpenter, Haha. Also I remember you posting something last year about your bday and we had the same birthday, 9/29? That's a crazy weird coincidence if both of those are accurate!!! So cool!

  3. This video was very helpful as I have carpel tunnel in both wrists. I particularly like the placement when going into downward dog. Can't wait to use these tips on the mat this week!

  4. Loved your letter, Adriene! Thank you so much for the reminder that we each have everything we need to have a fulfilled life. We just need to trust and practice. God bless!

  5. re: Sunday’s email message from Adriene.
    I think we need FWFG shirts that say “we all fall, we all fart”

  6. We're so glad to come across this read. When it comes to yoga hands, like breathing, are so important and such a key piece, but when we get into all the other parts of the practice we can quickly lose touch. Thanks for posting!

  7. This is SOOO helpful, thank you! As a longtime Intuitive Bodyworker my hands and wrists have taken a battering over the years and learning how to keep the energy moving freely through them is crucial, especially post-menopause. I've added some of this practice into my daily routine now. My other favourite way of moving energy through my hands is to visualise beams of light shooting through my arms and out of my fingertips, like a Super Hero. Try it! It's awesome and really helps!

  8. Adriene!!!!! We SAW you on the COVER of TIME magazine this morning in the grocery store!!!!!!!! How exciting for you! My 14 year old son who frequently does yoga with me (us) meaning you too recognized you. And sure enough it was you! So happy for you ❤️

  9. Hi Adriene,
    Thank you for this video. It is very helpful changing position of hands.
    My wrist hurt doing some of the poses, recently. it makes it hard to enjoy yoga like I used to. My coworker told me about your video and am very grateful for it.

  10. Great stretch for our overworked wrists, hands, and forearms!
    Also great advise for placement with poses.

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