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Yoga for Travel

Yoga For Travel is perfect after a long flight, a long ride, or just plain perfect for after a tiresome day. This 23 min session welcomes BALANCE back to the body. The perfect reboot for the mind, body, and soul.

Use this week’s free practice to check in, re-establish your practice, and Find What Feels Good.

Let me know how it goes for you in the comments below.

63 comments on “Yoga for Travel”

  1. The intention for this practice is just... Amazing!!! Equilibrating oneself to give more to others... The e-mail was really inspiring and I only can thank you Adriene and your team (including Benji) for making this possible!

    Kisses from Spain

  2. Dear Adriene, whenever I look at the calendar there’s exactly the right practice that I need for the day. I just came back from an intensive trip so the travel sequence today was perfect! Even if I never met you, it feels like you are my best friend. All the best for you and your Mexico trip!! Take care, Sandra

  3. Thanks sister! I was going to look for one of your videos to do today and this showed up as the last message sent. I've been traveling for months and this is just what I needed!

  4. These sessions are so so Wonderful Thank You once again for all you do for all of us. Namaste

  5. This travel practice was just right for me to do this morning as I prepare to travel with my three young children to Texas very soon. Thank you Adriene, I really benefit from working with your practice and beginning my day on such a positive and healthy note.

  6. You are amazing! You should come to Panama too! You would love it and we would love to have you here ❤️

  7. Thank you for another wonderful restorative practice! I travelled on a long flight yesterday and woke up completely stiff and exhausted. This was the perfect gift! 🙂 xx

  8. Thank you so much Adriene for sharing the weekly sessions. Your free sessions have changed the way i view life and everyday i feel confident to make informed choices with no hesitation. My postures keep getting better with each day i practice. Thank you once again #yogawithadriene

  9. grateful, Adriene. And so happy to hear your trip is amazing. You give so much that it is wonderful to know you are receiving in kind! Namaste

  10. This was a much needed session for me. Thank you for making yoga so accessible.

  11. I believe this yoga to be of an holistic nature and as such is beneficial to meand iam sure many others.I hope I shall be able to enjoy these sessions for a long time
    love andrew

  12. Hola Adriene,
    Muchas gracias por estas prácticas maravillosas que nos ayudan a estar mejor cada día. Espero que tu estadía en Mexico te sea de mucho provecho. El idioma español es maravilloso y yo sé que pronto lo vas a dominar por completo. un fuerte abrazo desde Costa Rica. Bendiciones,

  13. Great session for Mom's day. Been doing YWA since New Year's and now I'm Ready 2 face my 65th bday in a couple of weeks! Thanks!

  14. I just finished this lovely practice. I have not been travelling recently but feel like I have had a very long "bumpy road" of life journey. So doing this practice felt like starting an intention for establishing balance and self care. A wonderful way to enjoy mother's day. With a grateful heart, Namaste

    Ps. Do you have any videos specifically for fibromyalgia? I would really appreciate one.

  15. Adriene, I can't tell you how much I appreciate you and your videos. This yoga for travel video was a lovely stretch - now for a little more today.

  16. Hi Adriene!

    Love your classes, I've actually done more consistent yoga with you than I've ever done in my life! I'm 56 years young and I'm on Day 10! Love your doggy Benji and your sense of humour, and of course your yoga instruction!
    I have a problem when I sit on my shins,, it hurts at the knees and I can't sit all the way back on my feet. I stick a pillow between my derriere and my legs and feet and that helps. I'm just wondering if this will improve over time and what I can do to help it along?
    Thanks rock! Hope you're enjoying Mexico! I was going to take a week's yogacation in Oaxaca but then there was an earthquake there a few months ago. Just wondering if everything is back to normal there. Anywho, safe travels and Namaste!

  17. Thank you so much Adriene. Your home practice has helped me to get into the rhythm of a daily practice of yoga , which I have wanting to do for years. I was going to a wonderful class not far from where I live, however I have been struggling with my energy levels for the past 2 months and your practice has been just what I needed to be able to carry on with my yoga without having to get in my car , travel and so on. I have been able to conserve my energy this way.

  18. Your practices have had a very positive impact for me and I thank you for sharing with all of us. Namaste.

  19. I am so grateful you found me...or I found you 😉 You inspire me. Thank you from the depths of my heart. I am listening...

    ~One LOVE

  20. Hello! This video really helped me when I was just having such a bad day emotionally. Adrienne I was wondering what are the best exercises for concentration and focus? I feel like I can't focus or meditate, it's even affected my intimate life. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance, love Tânia

  21. Hi Adriene. I've been wanting to write for ages, and have been writing and re-writing my message in my head for months. But today I take the plunge. I started dabbling in your videos about a year ago. I struggle with exercise and using it as a punishment and means to an end (losing weight)... your practices are able to take me out of that mindset completely and allow me to move mindfully, regaling in the fact that my body can, indeed, move.

    Over the past few months I have started doing your at-home yoga several times a week. I believe this was a huge part in guiding me to a recent decision: I am going to take six months off work and go to an eating disorder treatment clinic, where I will immerse myself in becoming happy and healthy after 16 years of bulimia. I reassure myself that I'll have you there along with me for the hard days!

    Your practices are so wonderful and remind me to be grateful for what my body does everyday, and you are so excellent at heading off toxic thoughts before they begin. I have thought many times (and shared this at therapy sessions with professionals who both know you too!) that your videos are perfectly geared for individuals who struggle with negative body image, poor self esteem, and eating disorders.

    Your email culminating in that "if you take the time to get clear - it will manifest" has given me the positive reinforcement that I was craving for this recent huge decision to take a pause on everyday life and truly focus on being my best self.

    Thank you so much for all that you do, that you share, for your light, wisdom and humour.

    You are an incredible person. Know, that you reach so many and help shine light in some of the darkest places. I likely would not have gotten to this place without your regular affirmations and kind words to a world of people you may never meet.

    Much love from Nova Scotia!

  22. As a tour guide, this is just what I need to help me stretch and relax after a day of sitting on a coach, moving luggage and looking after my guests! Easily practiced in a hotel room with limited time. Thank you so much

  23. I drove 5 hours home today after celebrating Mothers Day with my 89 year old AMAZING mother. I did this yoga practice upon returning and in doing so I have completed my 202nd consecutive day of Yoga with Adriene. Thank you for changing my life and allowing me to love myself again. When (not if,when) I get to 365 days I am going to book myself a Yoga retreat. Would LOVE to do it with you. Any plans for upcoming retreats????

  24. Hadn't been travelling anywhere, but really enjoyed this - a great start to the week. Thanks as always and to Benji for his closing comments 😉

  25. Nice practice to start my day...Stretching is power..Thank you Adrienne.Have a beautiful day.

  26. Did this one this morning before work and after my walk. Was just what I needed ! Thanks Adriene !
    Namaste ...

  27. WOW, this one is so deliciously prevalent in this time of unrest and welcomed with an open mind, body & soul. Thank you for all you do and simply for being you!

    I will definitely be revisiting this practice time & time again, as it has left me feeling relaxed, centered and full.


  28. Many thanks!! Traveled from the US West Coast to the East Coast yesterday. This. Was. Perfect. ☺

  29. Muchas gracias, compañera!
    Thanks for that perfectly timed travel sequence. Just came of the plane after one whole day of travel. Cheers to syncronosity!

  30. Adriene, I love your carefree and candid sense of humor! It reminds me not to take life to seriously. Thanks for sharing your practice with all of us.

  31. Its difficult to do yoga on my own but when i have someone to lead and light my way on the mat, i realize that together, WE CAN DO THIS! Just like life. I wanted to start over on my yoga journey because i feel like i was lost in my routine practice by life circumstances. So now that i’m found IM COMMITTED to make up for the lost time and im looking forward to waking up to you everymorning and doing some yoga to start my day. I send my love, peace and blessings to you in Mexico.

  32. Thank you for another beautiful moments having with you beautiful Adriene. Love to you and Benji

  33. Good Morning! I have wanted to tell you just what happens at my home when the yoga mat is rolled out and your voice fills my living room.
    Zip, my 25 lb tuxedo feline looks at the screen, looks at me, and then takes his place at the end of the mat.
    My own personal Benji -cat

    Thank you for all you do. Zip thanks you, and Benji, too!

  34. Dearest Adriene ... I have only been traveling in my mind for the past weeks but this was a terrific practice for FIRST THING IN THE MORNING. We all travel from Dreamland to Awakeville and this was amazing.
    I am saving this practice for a weekly first-thing-in-the-morning [after my drink of water and brief dog walk with my newly adopted pooch, Namaste.]
    You deserve this Mexican retreat/escape/exploration. Keep being the adventurer and we will probably follow!
    ... Randy

  35. Adriene, thank you for this most relevant practice as my father passed recently and caring for oneself so you can care for others is a balance that has been essential to my life. Can you recommend me practices that can keep me fit/balanced during the fasting month of Ramadan? Energy may not be there to complete more challenging practices, but I still want to maintain a daily practice. Thanks!

  36. I just came back for an exhausting trip and this is just what I needed. Thanks Adrien! oxox.

  37. Thank you so much. At the moment I am in the hospital and am able to do the practice in a meeting room in the morning. Great start of the day <3

  38. Adriene, Thanks so much for your videos! I love doing all the yoga moves and feels that this practice really helps my body. You are AWESOME and I tell everybody I know about you 🙂 Also, high five to Benji, he's too cute.

  39. Ahhhhhhhh
    I so needed this. Perrrrfect!
    After driving 30 hours from Delray Beach Florida to Montreal, Quebec, my body and mind needed a fix and this practice did the job!
    Thank you sooo much ❤️

    Do you think you will come to Montreal in a near future?

  40. Amazing, I have just come home after a long ride, and after this session I feel like reborn 🙂

    Thank you

  41. Hi! I've been on a 17 day work stretch through the holiday season.. this means I don't have the opportunity to celebrate the holidays with loved ones until post holidays (I work in the ski industry). Your yoga has helped me so much this month to be present, positive and to make my body feel good after being on my feet 10 hours a day. THANK YOU for all that you do!

  42. I found a travel practice after a long and arduous trip from south to north up across Africa and into the United Kingdom. It has helped me get over my travel hangover and now I Look forward to spending time with my dear friends, the first trip since covid. Thank you Adriene. We will be practicing together on the mat.

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