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Yoga for Sensitive Knees

Gain awareness and sensibility as you build strength and stability for the knees. This session is perfect for those seeking to deepen their asana and cultivate a sustainable and long lasting healthy practice. This 30 min Yoga With Adriene targets full body without putting any pressure on the knees.

Yoga For Sensitive Knees is great for those in healing or therapy; however, always be mindful and consult your doctor or therapist before returning to physical activity after injury.

Let me know how it goes down below!


32 comments on “Yoga for Sensitive Knees”

  1. Wish I could attend one of your road trip practices.
    I’m about to hit the mat on this Sunday morning and, after reading your new post, I’ve got Flaming Lips in my head.
    We’re floating in space.


  2. Hi adriene

    Thank you for your brilliant 30 day yoga challenge! I am halfway through and absolutely loving it! I think you are an amazing teacher and just a genuinely lovely spirit! I fully appreciate every video that is on there and just wanted to say thanks! Sending much love from here in Liverpool, England xxx

  3. Hi Adrienne

    I love all your stuff and me and my girlfriend practice you regularly

    Love your quirky little comments like, “use a small blanket , a pillow or a small child..”. you are really funny too.

    My request is can you do a yoga sequence for canoe/kayakers -I Canoe often and we use the torso and shoulders a lot . I’d be extremely grateful .
    Thankyou for all you do, and I did actually buy/donate when I did your download 30 day challenge -I feel your classes and what you teach us is priceless .
    Lee and Kate from Mora in Sweden

  4. Loving your beautiful photo in your email today, your roadshow looks amazing but I join you on the mat every morning online from here in England, loving you Adriene

  5. love the sensitive knees practice. i've been digging around and don't see anything in the category of "yoga for tweens". my middle schooler could really use the focus, peace and strength that comes from regular yoga practice, but i struggle to find an "adult" practice that addresses the needs of a younger, growing body, that competitive need to make the right shape, and a bit lower of an attention span. can i make a special request?

  6. The "Self Love Mastery Class" at The Shrine was SENSATIONAL. Truly, what an honor and blessing it was to come together in my hometown and have a full body, and mind, and heart experience. I had tears streaming down my face throughout the routine. The music, the energy, the intention, the environment, everything. What a truly special event; I'm so happy to have been able to be a part! Thank you for coming to Los Angeles, and please come visit us again soon. Namaste.

  7. I love your yoga series, Adriene! I found "Yoga for Headaches" years ago and have been hooked every since. Two future video ideas for you: I'd love to see a "Yoga for when you feel Bloated" sometime, and also "A Day in the Life of Adriene"! How do you manage to produce such high quality content, come up with new ideas, travel, run, etc.? Would love to get a behind the scenes peak and take some inspiration from you as an aspiring entrepreneur. Sending appreciation and positive vibes from a fellow Texan residing in Stockholm, Sweden!

  8. I really enjoy your yoga videos and find they help me relax. I suffer from restless legs syndrome and wondered if there are any moves that may help alleviate symptoms.

  9. Hi Adriene,

    I have been practicing with you for about two years. Since I started yoga, about 4 years ago, I have always had an interest in being a certified yoga teacher. But ever since I started with you, I have finally taken the leap and started my training last weekend. Thank you for your inspiration, kindness, and daily reminders to find what feels good and listen within. I will always appreciate you.

    Thank you.

  10. Hi Adriene! Thank you so much for sharing your talent and passion with the world.

    I'd LOVE if you did a video on "returning to yoga" - whether because you stopped for an injury, were on an extended vacation, or just fell off the wagon and want to get back to it. Ideally, it'd be a practice that helps you ease back into it. Most importantly, it would be encouraging - welcoming you back to yoga, no questions asked and no judgements for being away.

    Thanks so much! I love your videos, it made yoga accessible for me.

  11. Thank you for the 31 Day Yoga Revolution it's really kept me focused, grounded & feeling good on this 2nd round with it! So wish I could have joined you on the feel good tour in NYC! Hopefully next time!

    I noticed there is there no 31 day yoga weight loss series even though any series sort of would do it. It's just been slow toning up my legs & abs doing yoga yet I am stronger. Knees & back take a bit of warming up and I work through it, adding a recent right shoulder & neck & head injury i want to stay focused while healing. Is the boot camp something that would be too challenging for these injuries? I want to keep showing up at my mat

  12. Dear Adrienne, I am very overweight and struggle with holding positions (e.g. On all fours etc) and also total beginner. Did your intro for complete beginners but found cross leg hard as well. Should I just gently persevere or do you have any other advice? Am working on the weight in other ways too! Thanks for all you do. So many people I know have recommended your videos. Alison

    1. Heyhey, hope you're sticking to it... Just wanted to say everyone struggles with holding positions when they're new to yoga (and exercise generally). Just be really mindful of what your body tells you, if it hurts its too much. Adriene's videos are great for beginners because she offers many different variations of each pose to adapt to our levels and even moods. At the start its just about getting your body and mind used to this new discipline, accepting your current limitations and (most importantly) being kind to yourself in the process. It does get easier and really fun with time, regular practice with this channel has made me much healthier physically and mentally. Best of luck!

  13. gratefull for this. My knees are bone on bone. Have now done this several times and feel much stronger. Physical therapy has left me feeling fragmented. I benefit from a practice that is whole body but also cares for my knees. Plus lots more fun than PT.

  14. my knees and core thank you for this practice. Been doing this for a while am much stronger even with knees in the bone on bone stage...

    1. Just notice my similar comment 3 months ago. Kudos to me for continuing to show up. I did not realize it had been that long.

  15. Thank you, Adriene. I have been having pain in my knee and was getting discouraged that I might not be able to do yoga. You showed me that I can continue to work my abs and arms AND have that wonderful whole body experience that comes with your yoga classes. Thank you so much for the support and inspiration. I intend to join you for your new 30- day yoga journey--Breath. Happy new year!

  16. I love the knees video which always makes them (my knees) feel as if they are singing when I finish. Also love feet, all the back ones, and pelvic floor! Thank you so much for your sessions. They have helped me through lockdown.

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