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Yoga for Low Back and Hamstrings

This gentle class invites a full body awareness and focuses on a deep opening of the muscles around the hips, lower back, and legs. Join me for this stretchy 30 min low to the ground yoga practice for the back and hamstrings!

Our hamstrings can get tight when we sit too much or when we overtrain the quadriceps. When this happens, the hamstrings begin to pull down on the sit bones, making the pelvis and hips tight and flattening the natural curvature in the low back.

Create stability while welcoming in a relaxing release as we work to invite equilibrium to both mind and body. Build your practice toward Sleeping Vishnu Pose! Breathe deep, move mindfully, and enjoy!

Let me know how it goes for you in the comment section down below!

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64 comments on “Yoga for Low Back and Hamstrings”

    1. Really enjoyed following your class this morning Adrienne. Looking forward to the next one.

    2. What a sweet practice for the end of the day. You are an angel of generous heart!

    3. You are great Adriene! Thanks. I feel fantastic practicing yoga with you and al Yoga with Adriene Community.

    4. This was just what my back needed, well done love your videos; your kindness is inspiring

  1. Just feel the wish to tell how I enjoy the weekly „love letter“ and again this video for the low back hits exactly what I need today.

  2. Loved this practice. I am so tight in my hamstrings, that I found it impossible to extend my legs, but every little helps!

  3. Much needed for me, thank you. Great job as always.

    For your reflections at home try Proverbs 16:3.

  4. Amazing!!

    I travel a lot for work, meaning long flights and/or long car trips in seats not designed ergonomically. I had no idea how tight and uncomfortable my whole back has been until finishing this practice and my body feels lighter!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have bookmarked this video so I may quickly find it while travelling.


  5. Haven’t done video yet, but will later today. I woke up this AM (for which I am grateful) looking forward to finding this email from u, Adriene! So , thank u! U Do make a difference!!;))))

  6. Adiene, I love you so so much.
    You bring so much love and light to my life.
    Thanks for being there. And hugs to Benji.

    xo from Germany

  7. You bring so much love into my life...Exactly what I needed today. Love Love Love.
    Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

  8. The messages you send us are so refreshing to me. I am having a morning where I am reflecting upon a number of losses in my life. Then I read your message and it touched me. Thank you.

  9. Hello Adriene, I love watching your video and I'm in the middle of your 30 days of yoga camp. I just wondering, did you have a yoga tips for not to bulk legs and arms? Thank you!

  10. Just right! I was 2.5 hours driving today and this session took the kinks out! Perfect. I love your generous spirit. Keep up the good work.

  11. I have been looking for a practice at home. Thank you, you are sweet and really funny. I have never laughed in a practice so much. I am 65 yr old male. fairly stiff with sciatica. Thank you. Look forward to more yoga and more pleasant mornings like today..... Bravo.

  12. Thank you Adrienne so much. Yoga has been a huge plus to my arthritis since I started in January.Therese. ireland

  13. I love how whenever you need an Adrienne Yoga fix, I can just open my email and you have a new yoga exercise there for me! Thank you, sometimes you need to just be still and breathe and let everything else go away!

  14. This video was a game changer for me. I feel so much better! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and guiding us through yoga practice. Mahalo!

  15. Just started a manual job after 32 years of sitting behind a desk, trying Yoga for the first time and finding these videos excellent, thank you

  16. perfect way to slow down and stretch after a day of gardening and cleaning causing some low back pain! Also love all the things you said about not being alone practicing with friends all over the world. Perfect to hear during this social distancing time. <3

  17. Adriene, thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve only just discovered your fabulous website and you’ve been a lifesaver as we approach 2 weeks in COVID-19 lockdown here in NZ. Keep well 🙂

  18. This was quick and great for my hamstrings and hip which has been killing me the last few days. Gonna do this every morning for the week. Thanks!

  19. Cannot tell you what a huge difference joining your classes has made to my life! Have only started during lockdown in the UK and after years of back/shoulder/neck pain I am feeling SO much better... in spite of everything COVID related! Thank you thank you - am telling everyone about Yoga with Adriene!

  20. Dear Adrienne, a dear friend of mine here in Montreal spoke to me about your approach and videos and OMG I am so happy to have found you! I have done yoga for years at a studio I love, mind you not always regularly, and since then life changed with a daughter, work schedules, etc. and I have now found how to do yoga at home with a teacher that has the energy, humour, knowledge, calming yet energizing voice, and so many yoga practices to choose from! Thank you for what you do!!!

  21. These yoga practices have helped me immensely during the past two months of social distancing. Keeping my mind alive and focused and not going down the dark road...thank you Adriene!!! And Benji:)

  22. thank you, says my hips! That exactly what I needed before bed. Thank you spreading such kindness inward to outward!

  23. I have been in PT for more than 2 areas. Great people helping me. The shut down has been a challenge. This particular practice is REALLY working the exact area I need to work on. AND IT IS HELPING ME continue to progress! Thanks so much!

  24. I recently started walking for weight loss, and last night I had some pain in my hip after taking a 1.5-mile walk. I used this video today to, hopefully, help me to avoid having that same pain after my walk this evening. The stretching in the hips and legs felt AMAZING today.

  25. this has fixed me today. I've been cycling in lock down and my hips and lower back are really struggling as they are not used to it. I now feel ironed out.
    thank you 🙂

  26. over the last few weeks of lockdown I have had the luxury of more time to care for my body and your videos and encouragement have been so rewarding.

    Thank you Adriene for insightful, precise and excellent guidance, and for the coaching to become more attuned to my body

  27. Thank you Adrienne for charing all your practicies.
    I have had a lot of stiffness in my hips but you have taught me how to release all that.
    Love your "Lots of love in and lots of love out".
    Karin in Stockholm, Sweden

  28. Nice hip opener. Your yoga sessions have been a lifesaver during the covid-19 pandemic. Thank you!
    Jean in Phoenix, Arizona

  29. I have tight ham strings and a troublesome lower back so this was a great practice for me. Everyday I do a different yoga with Adriene practice. Love it! Thank you!

  30. I have just started actioning upon your videos and I am starting to feel better for doing it.

    I can't wait to go through them one by one to improve my body and feel healthier.

    Adriene, you are just amazing to watch and learn from.

  31. Thank you for your videos, your energy and your ability to make time and worry just stop. Your calm brings me calm and helps me slow down. Not to mention your videos make me feel great physically. Thank you thank you.

  32. Wow, that last pose was easy on the left side and so hard on the right side for my shoulder, arm and hand. I had a hard time keeping myself propped up. Thank you for the increased body awareness today. This was lovely.

  33. Thank You Adriene. I love your videos, your teaching style and your calming voice. I look forward to coming home from work everyday and practicing yoga with you. Thank You

  34. As always, Adriene, a lovely practice that helped me mentally and physically. You are helping so many people through this unprecedented time and never fail to remind me to be grateful and hopeful, despite myself. Thank you!

  35. Dear Adriene, it’s hard for me to express the gratitude I feel for you and your work. The fact that you make these videos available to the world out of the goodness of your heart reminds me of all the wonderful bits of humanity that are so easy to forget about these days. I appreciate everything about what you share with us. Blessings to you and yours.

  36. This was my first YWA video. LOVE the sultry voice! 🙂 I googled 'Yoga for hamstrings' because I've been t i g h t. Thank you, bookmarking your page and excited to explore more!

  37. I have really enjoyed this yoga program. This has become part of my morning routine and I have noticed my improvement. Thank you.

  38. Dear Adriene, I have a very tight right side that is in constant need of stretching. I'm 60 now and I do not want my back to end up curved like an "S" as I age. Do you have a yoga routine that I can do/practice to prevent this?
    I love Yoga with Adriene.
    Thank you!!

  39. I expect I will come back to this video many times. My back feels so much better. Thank you!

  40. Love all your videos. This was especially good this morning as I need to stretch calf, hamstring and glutes to help ease the tendinitis of the extensors in my foot. Thank you for this and all your excellent classes.

  41. I have done Yoga with Adriene in the past. I am trying to get back into it again this year as I think it helps on multiple levels. I started with this video today, and it was a very nice, easy way to ease back into things.

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