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Yoga For Hamstring Flexibility

I've been getting lots of questions about yoga for hamstrings so this video is all about hamstring flexibility and creating a full body experience. Find ease as we increase flexibility and stability in the backs of the legs and stretch the full body.

This sequence is also great for stretching and supporting the back and relieving tension in the neck. Build awareness of the sit bone to heel connection and how to integrate breath to find what feels good and enjoy your practice!

Watch This Video on YouTube: Yoga for Hamstrings

9 comments on “Yoga For Hamstring Flexibility”

  1. Thanks for this video!
    Can you tell me if you have any exercise to strengthen the knees? Or any plans for inversion poses?
    Love the outfit!

  2. Thank you Adriene !! Although I am aready quite flexible through my hamstrings, I really love to kindly stretch them, it feels awesome !!

  3. i love your vided onsa i have always had tight hamstrings for as long as i can remember, this video is perfect for helping me combat this long issue i have had, thankyou

  4. Hey Adriene, I've been wanting to begin yoga for so long and haven't felt comfortable going to a big class and it being all too new. Your videos have enabled me to practice yoga for the first time and be comfortable in my home which creates the best experience for my yoga time. My body has been feeling wonderful! I can't thank you enough for taking the time to make these videos.

  5. I do this workout once a week or so when I do it my hamstrings feel really solid to touch is that right or should they be relaxed ?

  6. I would just like to tell you how much I enjoy your videos. You bring much humor to the work out and I have made so much progress with my tight hamstrings. I have been doing resistance training for the past 30 years and have had much back problems. Never thought it had to do with my hamstrings. Six months ago someone suggested I try yoga and I liked you the best and I have been pain-free since
    Thank you for the fun

  7. I am loving your video's never thought I would enjoy yoga and how good it makes me feel, I am up to day 29 of the Yoga home session but has taken me 2 months to get this far... Question could I do the hamstring stretching video every day? I have super tight hamstrings and wondering how often I should stretch like this. and could I do a yoga video 7 days per week? + the hamstring one too.

    Thanks Lisa

  8. Dearest Adrienne, This video and the low back love a along with others - heal my back every day before breskfast & work. I am so thankful!!! also your voice, your personality GRACIAS POR EXISTIR!

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