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Yoga for Creating Space

Yoga for Creating Space focuses on sensation and process. It is an opportunity to create space in the shoulders, the hips, the side body, the wrists, the ankles... and your life. Use this 28 minute practice to slow it down and feel it out. Use the breath to bring tranquility and peace to the body and the mind. Reset with a strong foundation, feel a connection to the magic within, and Find What Feels Good.

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108 comments on “Yoga for Creating Space”

    1. Thank you... before i started by back was tight and in pain...after the session feel great.

  1. Thank you Adriene! Feel so much better after this practice! Your work is amazing and you lift up the hearts just because you can =) Thank you.

    1. Yes, Adrienne. You are an inspiration. Thank you, you are there whatever the time of day or night. Keep well.
      Yours in yoga Jacqui

      1. Thank you Adrienne, yoga has finished for the year here in Australia. My yoga teacher said to keep it going with you. She was right. Fantastic for my poor old back.

  2. Adriene, when I receive your emails I feel like you are talking directly to me. You seem to know exactly what is going on for me and when. You know exactly what to say and it is just so encouraging, comforting, reassuring, powerful, magical and empowering in so many ways, and I want to say Thank You. I have never met you but I honestly feel like I know you. Please know you are welcome to Ireland anytime as meeting you would be the cream on top.

  3. That felt SO good and literally flew by! When Adriene said something about "ending in this pose," I glanced incredulously at my computer screen because I couldn't believe 26 minutes had already gone by!

  4. Hi Adriene! Just received your email / newsletter and I thought I'd send over to you a quick comment to greatly thank you; your newsletter in itself motivates me constantly and is always ever present with what I need to hear - Thank you! I will try this practice this evening and I look forward to it xxx Lots of love x

  5. Adriene, I feel like you know exactly how I am feeling and what I am experiencing! Yes there is something I am itching to do but feel it’s too far out of reach? Yes there something I need to do but am afraid of!
    You are like a friend and mentor!! Thank you so much for sharing these video's - I adore them! Thanks for your honest words Adriene! x

  6. Love you to Adrienne. Loved the STAR movement.

    So happy that you are back home safe and even though difficult you had an amazing roadshow.

    As for me, It's an amazing journey just to be on the mat and making more space. I have ALL your videos tuck in my FAVOURITE space on my computer and enjoying getting up every morning and chose which one to open. WOW!!!

    Thank you for ALL these precious videos.

    See you on the mat.


  7. Hey Adrienne, I hear your trip to London was great. Good work. And love. You make me make space, I love getting your emails and updates. C

  8. You seem to know just what I need, Adriene. Perfect timing for this practice today. I WAS curled into a tight little ball, just like you said. So thankful I discovered you - you are like a fun, fresh, and wise younger sister that I never had!

  9. I have always equated my success with basically depleating myself. Harsh on the body excercises, poor eating and even poorer sleep. Your videos have brought me back from so much. It’s restorative, practical and so aware, I am forever grateful for the you and the space your teaching us to create... did u know you got a nod in the last Oprah Magazine! I was like...I know her!!!

  10. Amazing practice as always, I bet you're glad to be back home, please come to Ireland next time!!

  11. I love waking up on Sunday mornings to discover what wonderful gifts you have left for me! This one was really special for me: challenging me to open up space so I can receive and have the capacity to give more to my world! Thank you for putting your heart and soul into everything you do. I have been following you and doing yoga along with you for five years now, and meeting you on the mat is the one constant in my day. I know myself and my body better because of you.

    And here's a little request. I would love to see a "Middle of the Night" sequence for those times when I wake in the middle of the night and feel very alone and have difficulty falling back to sleep.

    Namaste, my friend

    1. Yes! That would be of great interest to me too. Middle of the night and also for night owls like me we are off the usual circadian rhythm of up with the sun, we’re just setting.

    2. … now THAT is a wonderful idea … me too, please (I also love love love your work and it means so much to me that I have discovered you in the last year or so)

    3. Oh what a wonderful idea! I struggle with sleep and find myself awake on most midnights so this would be a great productive way to come back to center!

    4. Adriene! You always make my day! I am starting my day 3 times a week with your yoga sessions! Even if I am sometimes not in a good shape or mood - you always cheer me up! Thanks for your energy and positive power - hope you keep it going:)! hugs bettina

  12. Sundays.. i practice non judgement... i look for silence and i spend time in nature AND i look for you Adriene! Thank you for all you do .. and happy to see you hOMe xx

  13. Huzzah! Yes, I didn’t know anyone else used this term. I love the idea of taking up more space in your life and in the world, especially now. The future is female,

  14. Another delicious practice. It feels great to take the time on the mat. Thanks Adrienne for guiding these practices.

  15. You are Incredible, Wonderful, Inspiring ,Beautiful & Entertaining and You share All those thing's with us Thank You and Benji so so much, and it's nice that you are back home again. Namaste !!

  16. I wasn’t sure if I would do the video today. I always do yoga every morning so I just did my poses that help me and have actually eliminated my migraines I’ve had all my life. I thought, just try the video and if it’s not a fit for today, you can come back to it later. It was wonderful, did the whole thing and ended in child’s pose and burst into tears/sobs. I think we tend to hold a lot of tension in the hips and shoulders. There was a release for me. Imagine if I hadn’t tried, I would have carried that around today instead of releasing it. Many thanks to you Adrienne.

  17. Been exposed to Hatha yoga since I was a kid (mid-70s) because my Dad did it on his own before it became mainstream. Have always created my own routines with various poses. Never wanted to do a class, because it’s very personal, individual and I would want to stay in a pose for as long as I wanted. However, I absolutely love your videos, variety of poses, good natured spirits, attitude, and especially the mini music moments. (I’m a Beginning Band Teacher and appreciate those little a lot-make me smile!) Thank you!!!!

  18. Beautiful practice this morning, thank you for inspiring me to make space and find what feels good!

  19. Many thanks for a physical fitness pairing to enrich my reading and understanding of the quality of life on this Earth with those around me.

  20. Loved it....perfect for my Sunday...i also look forward to your Sunday message...and mat time..glad you are home safe and sound

  21. Today is my 71st birthday. My daughter showed me the way to your practice almost a year ago. Today I am almost 40 lbs lighter and 100% happier. Not the greatest yogi in the world but I’m working on it.

  22. Thank you!
    After this practice I felt that I can handle anything I want. I'll find the ways to reach my dream.

  23. All these transitions from one pose to the other are challenging for me and bring me out of my comfort zone. I learn about my body, I am exceeding my limits, and I feel wonderful ☺️
    Thank you for being as you are!


  24. U is the best. I have been following u from the start. I live in Essex England. Thank u for all u do u saved me xxx

  25. Great practice to end my day today. Off to bed feeling so much gratitude for discovering and practicing yoga with you Adriene. Namaste!

  26. Thank you for your inspiration. Here in small town Staunton, VA, your practices help inspire me to offer classes with lovely themes and juicy movement. Much appreciated!

  27. Adriene, you just make me SMILE Every day is a GOOD DAY!!
    Thank you for everything

  28. This is an invigorating practice. I did it in the middle of the day, and it has me feeling good and strong. Thank you so much, Adriene and crew!

  29. You have changed my life with your free yoga videos. I want to say THANK YOU, Bless you, and Namaste. May life return to you ten fold what you have so generously and kindly given to others.

  30. Enjoy your much needed rest at home! Your videos have helped me overcome physical ailments and taught me how to live a healthy life. This video was much needed.

  31. I can't tell you how awesome it is to hear you acknowledge that "squaring the hips" is not where it's at. I've always loved Warrior I but worried for a long time that I would never be able to "do it right" because my hips just do. not. square. Your emphasis on Sensation Over Shape has helped me feel that I'm getting it right after all. 🙂

    This was a lovely practice for a Sunday when I'm feeling quiet and thoughtful. Thank you for doing what you do! Namaste!

  32. LOVE the figure eight. My tight hips were very happy. I'll be doing this video on a regular basis. I usually do cat/cow pose before bed to wind down if I don't make time for yoga during the day. I will be adding the figure eight to that go-to nightly move.

    1. Wow what an extremely grounding practice. Doing this before bed was really rewarding. Really yummy stretches I havent felt this deep of a hip opener in some time as I dont find hip openers challenging. This changed that and opened my heart to even more love towards myself. I legit let out a whimper when the mantra came up, i am worthy. It surprised me! I'm in eating disorder recovery and this hit me like a ton of bricks in the most positive way possible. Thank you for this practice. Forever grateful.

  33. Welcome home, Traveler! When Benji gives you a moment from bouncing up and down with excitement that his mom is back, know that we are all grateful that you have arrived safely in Austin!

  34. After not doing yoga for a long time, I received your email and somehow the message you wrote hit a chord with me. I did the yoga practice and I felt amazing. I also felt tight in certain areas I never felt before so this was a very good practice to listen to my body. It's something I've heard you say many times before but this time, I was listening. Thank you for everything you do. Lots of love back at ya.

  35. My challenge is dealing with my disaease which is fibromyalgia. Your yoga has taught me so much. I started with the 3p days then went on and did 30 days true. I am now able to do so much more physically and it is the one thing that gets me moving and coping with everyday life.
    I choose from each day which one of your YouTube videos I'm going to do depending how I feel. I love the fact you have short ones aswell. I just want to say thank you for sharing your gift and making my challenging life a bit easier. You are truly an amazing teach and have a real gift to deliver. Due to your yoga I function and cope better thank You so much x

  36. what a wonderfull session. thank you so much. this one is going to be one of my favorites.
    with love and light, Diana

  37. Thanks so much for this beautiful practice!!! I have been struggling within and feeling quite lost as to how to resolve a situation. This brought so much comfort and ease, I continue to understand how we create space. And yes, I did leave it on the mat. Adrienne, you seem to know what I need. Thanks for being you!

  38. Thanks so much for your amazing yoga videos! They have helped me with so much. Your awesome Adrienne Namaste. Xoxo

  39. I've been practicing yoga with you for a couple of years. This has been a blessing to me. I love the fact that you provide lovely, soft exercises that are good for the body, mind, and soul without all of that jumping around. I am a 68 year old woman with a spinal fusion and need stretching and strength building exercises.thank you so so much for providing this. I'm with you 5 days each week.

  40. Welcome home! Thank you for sharing all your journeys - inside and out. I loved this yoga sequence for the day after finishing a big project.


  41. Love this Adriene. Perfect timing...... I am in the process of setting up my business and getting it off the ground. I have been a bit manic of late. Whilst checking my e-mails I chose to pause and read your e-mail. It was a perfect gift in the moment. I salute you. Thank you.

  42. Hi, so very good sequence, thank You, Adriene! Especially the movement with the star and hip circles in downeard dog 🙂

    Best wishes!!!

  43. You've done it once again! Love you Adriene, welcome home. Love this as I did not feel like working out today at all. This changed my mood without planking me to death...

  44. Really enjoyed that practice! Thank you so much Adriene - much love Namaste xj

  45. Welcome back Adriene! I have been practicing yoga with your videos for almost a year and loving it. Thank you so much!

    My son and his wife just moved to Austin from Dallas and we visit occasionally. Do you offer any yoga classes in Austin that we could attend? We would love that, please let me know the cost as well.

  46. Thank you for this today! I've not found my way to the mat lately, but when I do (like today), I remember why!

  47. I loved the space of the star pose. I feel energized and yes, more room in the body. This topic- creating space- was perfect timing for me in my life as I am now living alone for the first time in a while. Thank you so much. Really enjoy your fun positive energy. Blessings.

  48. Thank you, Adriene! I appreciate so much these free videos. Thank you for your generosity.

    I, too, would love a middle-of-the-night-oh-no-not-again yoga sequence!

  49. Dear Adriene,

    Congratulations for your roadshow and welcome back home.

    Next time you plan a visit to Europe and if you have the possibility to come to Switzerland, I'll be there!

    After starting with the 30 days revolution which I did not manage to practice in 30 days but rather in 3 months, it's been my little routine to practice yoga with your videos every Sundays. I love to have "my moment" during this time. I also enjoy reading your email introducing each video. I have a practical question for you: would it be possible for you to send the videos earlier for your early-bird yoggies (6am GMT?).

    I thank you so much for your generous energy!


  50. Heiii 🙂
    This yoga was absolutely wonderful, and as everyone mentioned before-STAR pose was like YES,YES,YES.
    - thank you for being able to give inspiration through your work -

  51. I feel so blessed to have come to know you and enjoy your wonderful classes - it’s been 2 years now that I have been coming to my mat and finding what feels good for me!
    I have shared your videos with lots of friends who have also been enjoying the benefits of yoga and your amazing humor and spirit! Thank you form the bottom of our hearts!
    Love, Laura from Portugal

  52. This was just what i needed this morning. Thank you. Have you ever done a post about using yoga to support your body throughout the day? I have so much body pain all day every day and i don't have a medical reason. i would like to know how you hold your body when you sit in a chair, stand in a line, sit on a horrible bleacher, work in the kitchen, when you are relaxed on a couch. Do you have something like that or would you do a video? Please!

  53. Take up space this morning has given me so much energy and a great sense of joy!! Thanks for always being my morning buddy Adriene!

  54. Loved this practice. It's nice to have to a shorter video that has the right amount of movement and stillness incorporated.
    Thank you for all that you do .

  55. Thank you for being so genuine; more than anything that is what keeps me coming back - the hunger for real-ness. And you have it.

    I too find it hard to push through situations where I really don't feel qualified. But, like you, I also find that I'm greatly rewarded, even if only a gentle sense of satisfaction that I completed it.

    I love your Yoga. I love your authenticity!

  56. Hi Adriene, every morning i join you in yoga. I absolutely love it. It's really helping me through a strong contrasting time of transition and expansion and growth. I'm doing really well. I just love stretching my body and breathing. I love this new call to awareness. I'm also becoming aware of my guides and gathering the tools for my journey and your yoga sessions are in my beautiful bag of tools. I know I said it already but I'm really enjoying your yoga. And thank you for your generosity and sharing. You're such a kind teacher. Huge love xxxxx Al.

  57. Love you and your work Adriene. Thank you so much for doing what you do. Your words and philosophies are wonderfully powerful and spot on. I'm a convert to daily practice since our local naturopath recommended you last year.

  58. Thank you so much for reminding me to create space not only in my body, but in my mind and life.

    I have some pain in my knees after doing yoga with you for a couple of years. Do you have tips for how to get well again? I am starting to think that it can be about emotional tension, holding back. I can't sit with legs crossed even, so I am a bit worried about that. I love your yoga philosophy, I domt want to stop doing yoga with you.

    Lots of love

  59. Adriene, thank you. Feeling a bit pressed by work responsibilities. Nice to play before I face my day. Sometimes I forget that play is as important as work. Namaste.

  60. Having a crazy week I finally got to do this weeks video. Awesome stuff. I always learn from you and find something new. You’re such a gift. Namaste

  61. Another beautiful practice! Adriene thank you much for bringing yoga back into my life, I've always got time for a little Yoga with A!
    Sending love from Istanbul

  62. *I am returning to your videos after suffering a debilitating physical illness for a year, Adriene .

    Although I am finding it a challenge, I will preserver and get back to my pre-hospitalization flexibility, strength and mindfulness.

    Thank you for your inspirational videos Adriene.

  63. This was GREAT! I am new to yoga and am finding such increased mobility the more that I practice. My schedule never seems to be the same week to week and day by day, so being able to do this at home when I have the time is priceless. Blessings to you, Adriene. <3

  64. Hello Adriene,
    I have been following your videos for a few years, but only recently started doing them more regularly. So far, I have loved each of them. I find that you always touch on something that resonates deeply with me, or makes me smile loudly...and I always look forward to tomorrow's practice!
    Thank you for being you and for sharing your wonderful work/practice with the world. What a gift!

  65. This was a great practice to begin after I had missed working out for a few weeks after having the flu. Feel so open! Thank you Adrienne.

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