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Yoga Belly

Everyone is talking about Yoga Booty, but why are we not talking about Yoga Belly??

In this practice, take some time to connect to your center by breathing into and sending loving awareness to this very important area of the body.

Learn to reside in the role of the observer and hop on the mat for this special Yoga Belly practice!

Our relationship to our belly needs some love, it needs some real work. It’s going to take us being brave enough, kind enough, bold enough to slip back into the role of the observer to notice our thoughts and words and how they make us feel.

Ring out the internal organs with some gentle twisting and elongate the front body.

Lower stress levels and reduce blood pressure with deep, diaphragmatic breathing, also known as belly breathing.

This practice serves as an invitation to check in and see how your thoughts about your body, specifically the belly, make you feel.

Does your relationship to your belly need a little (or a lot) of love?

Let me know about your experience with this practice in the comment section down below!


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23 comments on “Yoga Belly”

  1. Sending love to our bellies is the actual way forward; gut reactions, creative centre, opennes, our defences ALL live in the space between the diaphragm and the pelvic floor. Cutting off from this beautiful space leaves us half the person we could be. A little self-care belly massage will just top this practice off beautifully. Thank you so much for your dedication and love Adriene. x

  2. Thank you for your free yoga sessions..First time I have left a comment ..Enjoyed it very much....always enjoy.
    Arthritis coming in knee /hop. So not able to do everything.
    Thank you ❤

  3. This mail and practise was exactly what I needed. It’s so true. Yoga is not about ‘How to get that flat tummy’ but about accepting yourself. And be f-ing proud about yourself.
    We. Are. Enough. Just the way we are. Thank you so much Adriene.

  4. Hey Adriene!
    You are so kind, so brave, you're "burning" for your theme, the yoga I'am watching and sharing with you since may this year. And I'am so thankful for that you're sharing it with so many people, the passion and love for yourself and giving it to other people. I'am sure you are proud and hope, that in times of doubt you will remember the people who really love you. Stay the person who you are and believe in your strength and keep on helping us on our way to love ourselves a bit more and become better yoga people. The world needs gentle people, indeed you are a role model, like you! Thank you so much! Greetings from Germany on a hot, lazy Sunday!

    Dears Mel

    "Rüm hart, klaar kiming"

    (actually one of my favourite proverbs from the coast of the northern sea of Germany, it's a native language proverb, I use it as one of my mantras. It means "broad heart, clear horizon")

  5. It's like you are speaking directly to me. How do you know me so well! I won't be able to do this immediately as we're going on a family outing but I definitely am trying to do this as soon as I get back. Love yoga with adriene, thank you

  6. I've been suffering from intermittent abdominal pain for two weeks with no explanation found during tests and scans. At this point, I will try anything for relief. Thank you for this practice.

  7. Adriene,
    Thank you so much for all that you do for your FWFG community and beyond. I am so thankful I found you when I did to prepare me for the hardships that have found me this last year. I had been practicing with you for a couple of years when my life fell apart. You have been a constant in my life in terms of my mental and physical well being. I say Namaste at the end of every session with gratitude that I feel with my whole heart.

  8. Thank you so much for today’s inspiring email and video... it speaks volumes to me and I’m sure so many other people who are insecure about their body. My belly is something I’ve hated about my body, and as much as I’ve tried to unlearn this unwarranted shame, it’s a much longer journey than I’ve anticipated. And so for the past few weeks, while I’ve been downward spiraling thinking about the weight I’d like to lose particularly around my midsection, reading your email and practicing to this video has been incredibly powerful and emotional. Your words are that of which I’ve needed to hear, but I’ve never found before! This practice has re-energized me to keep on trying to love my body and have faith in that by following this process of being kind to myself, I will slowly but surely really, truly, actually love myself. Thank you for cultivating love and kindness, it means to the world to me!

  9. Thank you, for your listening AND honoring yoga. I’ve been doing yoga for 47 years, and the only time I injured my body has been the 2 times doing YWA this summer, when I tried to keep up with what I consider “ayogic” requests - for which ayogic videos abound. They are like nails on a chalkboard and do not resonate with you.

    I appreciate your efforts to educate your beloved followers who make these requests, striving to find a balanced practice for all. Still, I skip these videos, or hit pause and slow them down. They detract, for me.

    99.9% of your videos and monthly member playlists are seamless, empowering, comforting gifts, though, so I practice patience and smile. I have learned that those of us happy with your teachings and videos exactly as they are, however, need to speak up, too. You’re hearing voices in an unbalanced way.

    I also know bootys and bellies have more to do with caloric math (what goes in / out), food quality, and balance through related self-care and nurturing.

    Today, my belly and booty are padded with about 15 unneeded pounds. And that’s ok. We all have tough cycles of loss and struggle in life. FWFG yoga in its purest form, channeled through your considerable gifts and old-soul wisdom, Adriene, is what keeps me going. This is my first month since Dedicate (when I found you) that too many days have become yogaless. I often have to fit in yoga when I need to go to bed, up early for intense caregiving, and the July calendar feels off. Because you seem off with the aerobic-type videos, clearly not your comfort or belief. Previously, every video was worth my practice, often ideal for that moment. Now, I don’t know what to expect, so increasingly don’t tune in. Eventually I’ll start having more time and energy to balance my calories again. Right now, food is comfort.

    I’m still with FWFG and YWA for life. Thank you.

    1. Update after doing this practice: I loved this video. Such beauty and strength for our bellies, peace for our minds and souls (and Benji joined you when my eyes were closed ). My previous comment was assuming this would follow the style of the recent Booty one. I feel silly and wish I could delete my misplaced comment. Thank you for this uniquely YWA practice.

  10. HI Adriene, I've been following you for years and this is my first time commenting! Would it be possible to share the yoga and Spanish immersion video in a way that non-members can view? I'd love to see it in the hopes of attending next year.

  11. I have been following you for several months and so often when I start the practice I am saying "thank you God". You are very inspirational in so many ways." Thank you Adriene".

  12. Thank you Adriene, from the bottom of my belly! What a lovely soothing yoga practice. For the first time in a long while I felt my awareness become lifted and shift into that blissful meditating space ... the breath and length of focus in this practice was beautiful. Namaste

  13. Ah, the belly. I needed the compassion in this. This was one of those yoga sequences that called up emotions that need to be recognized. It's often hard to be gentle with one's own self. Thanks for this beautiful, loving reminder!

  14. You are a “life thread.” Keep leading, learning, sharing. You always lift me higher! Blessings to you and Benji

  15. I agree with Carlene! You are a life thread. You are a dear, compassionate, love-sharing woman and I appreciate it. We need more of it in this world. You serve to elevate all of us and it does have a ripple effect.

    Love to you, Elena

  16. I initially checked my email to get the yoga calendar for the month of August. However, I stumbled upon the email that linked to this video, and found myself in tears. Nayyirah Waheed's quote at the top of the email made me realize how often I am against my body, instead of working with it. You always know what to say, Adriene, and for that reason I love watching your videos and supporting you in your endeavors. You are a wonderful force on this earth and are making a difference in the lives of so many people each and every day. Keep doing what you do.

  17. So interesting. I fought the slow beginning like crazy because, duh, I did NOT love my belly!! Wanted to get to 'the workout.'

    THANK YOU darling Adriene for revealing to me the beauty of the belly breath, showing me the inner radiation that comes from intentional breathing and - last but not least - reminding me how amazing our God-given bodies really are. You have a gift, girl!!

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