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Compassion Yoga - Core Strength Vinyasa

A mindful yoga flow that targets core conditioning and love of self. Move from a place of connect and tone & build muscle with mindfulness. This one is sure to welcome results in both mind and body. Balance is your natural state. Explore your body, your breath and be present for yourself.

This practice is a homage to our recent Find What Feels Good Tour. I shared, “I am a good yogi because I am fully me.” You are perfect already - so find the joy in your workout and your practice. Life is too short. Hop on the mat and get to it. Recognize your self with compassion, the supreme love! Let me know how it goes down below. Namaste.

15 comments on “Compassion Yoga - Core Strength Vinyasa”

  1. Hi Adriene,

    I have enjoyed your yoga classes for a long time. I have FINALLY convinced my father (who is older, has neck issues, Achilles Tendon issues, etc) to try yoga. He is actually willing to give yoga a shot in hopes of pain relief. Would love to start him with one of your videos as there is no hope of dragging him to a class. Any suggestions on where to start?

    Thank you so much and I have sent many a patient your way (I'm a physical therapist and huge advocate of yoga for health maintenance!)

  2. I just had to write a really quick message more as a thank you than anything else. I've recently lost a very young family member, and on top of that for a living I'm a tree surgeon which is an extremely physical job. I had so much tension and stress in my body it was causing a lot of pain and discomfort.
    I'm 35 and although I'm in good shape, I've never tried yoga before. I'm halfway through the 30 day yoga camp and already I feel like a new person, and I can't wait to carry it on.
    So all in all I started while feeling at my lowest point in life, and you have no idea how much you have helped me get out of it and back to normal myself.
    Thank you so much Adriene, sending you loads of love from England.
    Pete 🙂

  3. Hello Adriene!

    I twisted my foot a few weeks back which, unfortunately, forced me to put 30 days of yoga on hold.
    Today i was told I could commence yoga practice, however, i would have to do it sitting down for now. Are there any poses that you can recommend?

    Thank you and thanks for your inspiring videos 🙂

  4. Wanted to take a moment to say THANKS! Not only for the awesome free yoga vids but for the energy you bring to it. Your capability to keep the yogi zen vibes while incorporating a little humor and a lighthearted feel has really helped me commit more to my practice. Sending you gratitude, peace, love and some silly smiley vibes 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for this Adriene! I did this two days ago and I am still sore.

    Namaste <3

  6. Thank you for this Adriene, Felt gooood to open up my heart so much in this practice. ✌️

  7. Adriene I love the Compassion practice! I have been practicing with you for about 2 years and I think this is my favorite practice of all time. It has just the right balance of challenge and ease and has left me feeling very 'heartful' each time I practice. As a middle-aged massage therapist with osteoarthritis my daily yoga practice is a vital part of my day and I am so grateful to have found such a positive, professional and FUN practice through Yoga with Adriene. I recommend your Youtube channel to my clients regularly with the confidence that they will feel comfortable and not overdo the practice (as has happened in the past when sending clients to yoga classes). Have you thought about doing teacher certification training? I'd like to invite you to come practice with us in person in the Appalachian mountains of NC, do you tour the country regularly? I think you would love the beauty and amazing energy up here! Have a wonderful Holiday. Namaste!

  8. Dear adriene,

    I have been enjoying your yoga videos for over two years now and am very grateful for the work you are doing.. However, after a visit to my doctor I am worried that it won't be beneficial for me to continue. Since my pregnancy I have had some issues with my pelvic floor leading to involuntary loss of urine. My doctor now informs me that doing strong core exercises such as plank, all kinds of sit ups, esoecially in table top, actually put undue pressure on the pelvic floor causing these muscles to go even weaker. Yoga has had such a positive impact on my health in other areas so I would feel very sorry if I was forced to stop. My question is if you might adress this concern by giving safer alternatives for the strong core work outs and whether it might be possible to do a video on yoga for those with pelvic floor issues (as these are abundant in both men and women around the globe).

    Kind regards, J.

  9. I just discovered your videos and I am completely hooked. I love your gentle sense of humor and compassion. I can't wait to try more classes.

  10. Thank you so much. I needed this today. Love Benji, he is adorable. My cat Molly likes watching the videos in her best sphinx pose and we just mellow out for a while. This one definitely made me smile and feel the love.


  11. One of the best and they're all awesome! Love, compassion, strength, softness, gentleness and BENJI! Thank you for sharing so much and never wavering in your commitment to the community!

  12. I am really loving your videos but… You never say how to modify any of the exercises due to injuries, such as knees and shoulders that don’t have full range of motion. I have had 10 knee surgeries on my right knee and can’t bend my right knee past 120°. How do you modify child pose how do you modify anything where your knee has to bend passed 120°? I have ideas on how to do it but it would be nice to hear what your ideas are.

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