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Total Body Yoga - Deep Core

Feel great from head to toe with this Total Body Yoga - Deep Core work out. Build strength while increasing flexibility and blood flow with this practice.

An important foundation of yoga (and life) is a strong, engaged core. This is a great yoga video to bookmark and come back to again and again. It helps to tone the abdominal wall and increase strength in the deeper core muscles, helping to create that foundation.

Meet your appropriate edge and light a little fire to get CENTERED and strong. NO crunches necessary!!!

Breathe deep as we work to create muscle tone then round it all off with a sweet vinyasa flow.

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Let me know how it goes for you in the comment section down below.


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40 comments on “Total Body Yoga - Deep Core”

  1. I love marfa! My family and I have traveled there quite a few times. It’s undeniable the town has a unique energy regardless of if the speculation is true or not. Greetings from a fellow Texan.

  2. Adriene, I've been following you and your yoga for a few months and I already know it's changing my life.. I finally signed up for your love letter emails and have impatiently waited to receive one for an entire week! Seeing it pop up in my inbox this evening ended up being like surprise Christmas morning. And it was beautiful. Happy tears that won't be forgotten! Please take care of yourself. We need your good in the world!
    Peace&Love, Heidi

  3. Thank you for your email. I needed to see the words somebody loves you because for the past twenty years i've been going through everything alone - even though I definitely care and love other people very, very much. Well, I'm not wallowing in self-pity, it's true and I'm trying to find where it started, this loneliness. What bad things did I do in my youth? People I meet think I'm bad because I'm alone and now I'm confused at how I got here. I do worthwhile things with my time and it equates to being selfish and unloveable. I'm a sponge drawing away negativity and suffering and wringing it out over the river. What more can I say? Nice message in my inbox. Thank you, lady.

  4. Adriene, I just want to thank you for all of the things you have done and still doing for us. I really appreciate your effort and the love you have for each of us and Benji. I cannot tell you how much I feel safe and supported when I am with you/with your videos. That means a lot to me, as a person who struggles with severe anxiety and sometimes depression and who doesn’t have an exact best friend who she could rely on to. You are like my best friend even if you don’t know. I really feel loved, cared for and encouraged when I receive emails from you. That makes me want to live and have a hope for our world. One of the dreams I have is to meet you someday, somewhere. I know you will never come to Turkey, where I live, but I know someday I will see you and say this words to you face to face. And I hope you will find me more confident and alive than I am now. I don’t have words because sometimes words are not enough. So I am just going to leave you with two favorite sentences I really love to use: Thank you so much for everything, existing and being here. I love you so much.

  5. I haven’t watched the video yet, but I just wanted to say.... that was a very beautiful email, “someone in Texas loves you “

  6. Dear Adriene, I need your help. Many yoga exercises require to lie down on the knees. If both of my knees have gone through a surgery and the patella is damaged, how can I do them? Are there any variations or exercises which do not involve pressing the patella too much?

  7. Hi Adriene! I have been practicing with you for about 1 year and a half now, and i must say it has engraved yoga in my daily routine. Everytime I can't wait to get back on the mat.
    Almost always I follow along on the videos on youtube and apart from stretches, I really like the Yoga for Weight Loss Series too because of the strengthening of the body aspect. But I have also noticed other heart pumping or workout yoga videos on your channel. I would really appreciate it if you could update the 'Yoga for weight loss' series, and create a playlist for stretches/flexibility.
    I thank you endlessly for your fulfilling and precious yoga videos and your hard work.

  8. Thanks-you so much Adrienne,

    Now onto my 3rd month of daily practice thanks to you and my son for sending me the link. Enjoying the ride so much
    Love to you

  9. Thank you so much for this great session!!!!
    Ready to start a wonderful spring Sunday!

  10. I was doing your yoga class daily and I moved and started a new job that takes all my energy. I’m thinking of leaving this job and can’t wait to get back to you and Benji. I feel so lost with out my daily dose.

  11. Thank you for the kind words of wisdom and the patient approach to mindfulness in these practices. I've been going through a year long struggle and am thankful for the space your videos provide in my home. So grateful.

  12. I have watched you for year's and I have seen the love that you have given to by what you have done on the mat you give out love and people have loved you back.
    I have always liked the positive nature that you have its a beautiful way to be . And last but not least thank you very much

  13. I myself (almost 60 and practicing yoga for 10 years), my 28 year old daughter (who lost 100 lbs before trying yoga), and several of my therapy clients (from the 72 yo man to the 27 yo gender fluid person who needs all the support they can get to love their body)... We ALL love your videos- and are ardent followers! Your spirit and energy are a gift, and you inspire the best in all of us. Thank you. Thank you.
    Good for you (and ultimately all of us who follow your lead) that you are continuing to practice self love and care...

  14. Dear Adriene

    I"m still here and thank you from all my heart for this SUPER video. Will definitely enjoy it. Thank you again!!!


  15. Hi, Adriene et. al.:

    I have been meaning to give you some feedback for a while now.

    So..... here's the story: Every year, in July, my wife and I vacation with her large extended family. We take over a small resort in Alexandria Bay NY. Approximately 35 - 40 people from all over the US, ranging in age from small children up to 80+ years of age.

    In July, 2016 a few of the women (50yrs +/-), who knew I had practiced a bit of Yoga, told me they would like to start to do some Yoga. They wanted to know where to begin. At the time I had been doing some of the Inhale Yoga sessions on YouTube a few times per week. I felt I should to some research on their behalf because I thought they should start off at a beginner level. So.... I went online to YouTube and searched for Yoga for Beginners. I saw one instructor who had like 8,000 views, then another with 12,000 views. Then I realized I could "sort" by number of views. Which I did. And up popped "Yoga for Complete Beginners with Adriene - with 18 million views!!! Well... okay!

    I also decided I could not recommend something I had not tried. So I did a few sessions beginning with the "Complete Beginners" one. After I tried it, I recommended they start with YWA "For Beginners" series.

    Fast forward to March 24, 2019: Truthfully, I do not know how that worked out for the women. But I do know how it has worked out for me! This morning, with "Total Body Yoga - Deep Core", I completed my 600th CONSECUTIVE DAY of practicing "Yoga With Adriene"! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I like to say "I traded intensity for consistency"

    I would also like to add: I can once again do 60 push-ups M-W-F each week (not since USMC in 1968).
    BTW... last week I celebrated my 78th birthday!

    Thanks again, Adriene. Sincerely - Bill M.

    1. Wow! What an amazing story! Thank you for sharing it with us, Bill!! Thank you for sharing your inspiring journey with us and sharing your practice with Adriene for 600+ days now. Amazing!!

  16. Holy shmoly Adriane, Thank you!!

    Ive been practicing daily with you for about a year. Its been life changing saving and revitalizing, lady!

    I started because my pms was out of control...and I have 3 boys...6 and under.

    Somehow, you were able to teach me how to approach without vanity and ego.. Your approach is everything. Thank you a million times over.

  17. Adriene I gotta thank you for your guidance and support. I've been doing yoga over the last 9 months, following various of your month-long programmes. Checking in with you first thing in the morning is the best start I can imagine to my day! Keep up the great work and thank you again for all you're doing to make the world a kinder, safer, healthier and happier place to live in. Namaste.

  18. "If you ever need a bud, someone to talk to, move with, come find Benji and me on the mat." I do this every day...find you and Benji on the mat. It has been rewarding on a daily basis and I thank you for your warm, easy, down home invitation.

  19. Hi Adriene - thanks for all the yoga videos. I am a FWFG member and I like your style! I would love some 20/30 minute flows to get more of a full session. One of my favourite flows you have done is the 12 minutes hip and core routine from Nicaragua. Please could you do a similar style but a bit longer.


  20. Reading these comments touches my soul and heart. There is a following here that reaches beyond superficial exercise video fans ... Adriene appears to be a lifeline to some of her followers, providing messages of hope and optimism for those feeling psychologically or otherwise oppressed in their lives. Facilitating her messages and classes as a guru to her pupils; teaching body awareness, appreciation, and self love. What a beautiful gift to be giving to those in need of that lifeline!

  21. "someone in texas loves you"
    "If you ever need a bud, someone to talk to, move with, come find Benji and me on the mat.

    Just find a practice, take a deep breath, and together we can figure out the rest. "

    So... perfect! Thank you so much.
    Someone in france, in au little village loves you an benji too.

  22. Hello,
    You are such an inspiration to me!
    I’m coming out of a depression (possibly) and you teaching us this yoga and mindfulness with the body is helping so much. I’m just starting to get a feel for my mindfulness and it’s so hard.

    I moved from home a year ago and while I miss it so so much I also have friends here now. But the call of home is so strong (I lived next to the ocean and that’s the only place I could find my happy place) maybe that’s why it’s hard. There are so many difficult reasons why I can’t just up and move back home. Where I am now is a perfectly fine place if it wasn’t for the call of home.

    Sorry to vent,
    But your practices have helped me so much.
    Thank you for being an awesome person!

  23. Hi Adriene!
    I wanted to thank you for all of your amazing videos. I had to set up a YouTube account but I have now subscribed to YWA! I’ve been practicing for a few years, and about 8 weeks ago I came across a deep stretch video you posted. My plan was to weave it in every so often while sticking with my other DVD’s. However, I have literally not played another DVD since I found yours. For some reason I really relate to your tone and humor ;), and I find yoga more calming and meaningful than I ever have. Prior to this, I felt as though I was just going through the motions, but now I feel so much more present and connected. My treadmill and free weights are jealous because I’ve been ignoring them. So, thank you!

  24. Hi Adriene,
    I just wanted to say thank you for your love letter. I heard Seth God in say today that permission email is whereby someone misses you if they do not get your email. That sounds simple but without doubt, your love letters I would miss. I am careful about what I subscribe to and yours is the only content I would genuinely miss and feel the need to check on you if it did not arrive. Not feeling let down, but concerned for my friend. I came to the mat with you in Amsterdam this year and it was magical. I'm not often in awe of people, but you radiate a genuine peace ease and interest. Anyway, I thank you. Find time to fill up your cup so it can over flow to us all... We'd miss you now. Love Laura x

  25. Dear Adriene, I just completed the "30 day dedicate" and for someone who is 55, with one bad knee, I loved it. And to any men out there who think yoga is not for them, they are missing out on a total body, mind workout. I'll be starting "reset" tomorrow and i can't wait. Thank you for all you do!

  26. Hello Adriene,
    I just wanted to say thank you for making yoga more accessible. I started the year by completing the “dedicate” series and I have been doing yoga everyday for 5 days a week since! I had a baby almost two years ago and other than walking a lot, I haven’t done much physical activity. This was such a gentle way to get started. The best part? I look forward to doing it every single day. I am so motivated and inspired by you to make yoga a part of my everyday...for life! Thank you. ❤️

  27. Adriene.
    thank you for all you bring to your classes. I have watched your evolution through the years as I watch your videos. I love the heart and presence you bring to it and, clearly, it is near and dear to your heart. I am fond of variations in flow and I appreciate the dancing, free-form moments that you weave in. Benjy is a wonderful addition to the mix. I am a teacher in Santa Monica and have incorporated many elements you share into my classes. You rock. Mary

  28. I love the variety of these classes, helping me get through this pandemic. Thank you!

    And Benjie is so cute.


  29. Wow the rolling up in the first half was explained so simply I could do it! I have always struggled with this move. Really enjoying these sessions thank you x

  30. Thank you for this wonderful practice. I loved the intentional engagement of muscles, especially in the "no crunches" section. Your clear step-by-step cues really helped me to feel the work in exactly the right places.

  31. This core practice was perfect for my needs. Good to work on the pandemic flab I have accured over the last year. You have become my weekend friend over the last year as yoga studios have closed much of the year.

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