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Intent Into Impact + International Yoga Day Invitation!

This Letter was sent out by Adriene on June 14, 2020, to those who are signed up for the Weekly Letter. You can read her May 31st and June 7th letters here on the Blog too.

Dear Friend, 

Hello from my desk, where I have been working this week with a different kind of focus.

It’s been real, hasn’t it?

I’ve been soaking in all the beautiful Black Excellence, I’ve been taking breaks to run, to walk, or tend to the garden, I’ve been dropping to my knees on my mat, and I have been returning to my desk to WORK.

Right now I am I looking at how to do the work, the inner work, the community work, the hard good, uncomfortable werk that the current climate shift is asking me to show up for - WHILST ALSO showing up on social media in a way that is up to the satisfaction of… all?


If you only have a certain amount of energy to contribute - be sure it is being allocated to doing the work - and not showing it. 

And, yes, I am talking to myself, but also to you, in hopes that you remember that we are indeed a reflection of one another, and now might be the best time to reinstate that in your daily contemplation. 

In the coming weeks, I am giving myself permission to release the need to respond to everyone. I simply cannot be on every platform each day, every day; in fact, my screen time the past two weeks has tripled. This does not take away from me being a good neighbor, citizen, or leader, nor will this tarnish my contributions, I need time and space to work on these things. Don’t you?

I am not able to do it all at once either, so give me some time. And give yourself the same. 

A reckoning is starting to percolate. 

Long overdue, 

but inspiring still, 

our culture is starting to recognize.

And, I don’t know about you but my quarantine project list has CHANGED, bumping new and even previous ideas to the top of my priority page.

Over the years, I have often recognized and even written about how precious I hold accountability in this Kula. I am the person I am because of this community and the way in which you hold me accountable. And though it can be tough at times, I am grateful.

If you are not following me every platform, if you are not reading every letter, that is okay, but please do not come at me wishing for a full paper on injustice, on cultural appropriation, on silence, or apathy tomorrow. I am lovingly, politely setting a boundary. I am not a corporation, I am a person, and I promise you, I am working. I devote my days to you, to us, often forgetting to tend to myself properly and my relationships at home. 

I am here. Working to transform my intent into impact. 

You have my word. 

And, while I hit it, the yoga videos play on - at no cost -  and this community grows. 

It is with great honor and pleasure that I invite you to join me and our global community on Saturday for a special YWA Live Practice in celebration of International Yoga Day. 

No editing, no scheduled upload, let’s meet on the mat together – in real-time. 

This is a free practice with invitation to donate $1 or more to support childhood cancer research and care.

CLICK HERE to read more and to receive a reminder for this special livestream practice. 

TODAY: our featured video is a 30 min low to the ground Yoga For Runner’s practice. (Great for joggers, brisk walkers, dancers, and bikers too.)

Thirty minutes of practice to allow, release, balance, and restore!

Finally, there is a new FWFG Member’s VLOG up on FWFG Yoga. I hope you enjoy.

See you on the mat, my darlings. 



5 comments on “Intent Into Impact + International Yoga Day Invitation!”

  1. This speaks to my soul!
    Commit to doing the work and not showing it. We have become accustomed to that way of being. Showing every moment of our life instead of experiencing it. I disabled My social media recently because it was flooring me and from there I’m not able to do much. I felt guilty for not being able to handle everyone’s grief but it just felt impossible to breathe.
    I completed My 30 day home journey with you today and just cried and wrote afterwards. You’ve already helped me in more ways than I can Share. We change the world by showing up in our own unique ways with all our heart.

  2. Thank you for reminding me that I need to stretch my hips far more often. I bookmarked your blog and let my sister read this. Thank you very much! Followed you in your youtube channel also.

  3. Hi Adriene, I like that you've set that boundary. You're running in your lane and contributing to the community in the best way you're able to: by making a range of yoga sessions available to people who need it, and removing the financial barrier that unfortunately affects some of us POCs. Your vision for making yoga accessible to all regardless of ethnicity, gender, ability, or socio-economic background is beautiful. You're doing a good job!

    And thank you for encouraging us to get in touch with our bodies and learn what feels good for ourselves, instead of trying to be impressive with our poses. That's truly what all of this is about. Acceptance no matter where we are.

  4. I have now been doing Yoga with Adrienne for four months and love it, can’t get enough. Thank you!
    I feel that I want more knowledge about Yoga, can you recommend any books or articles to read?

  5. Thank you, I've been following your channel for 5 years and the yoga has really changed my life. Waking up and going through a flow is the best way to start the day.

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