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This Is Yoga + Free COURAGE Calendar for JUNE!

This Letter was sent out by Adriene on May 31, 2020, to those who are signed up for the Weekly Letter. But it is an important message to share with you all, not only those signed up for the Weekly Letter so we are sharing it here too.

Dear Friend,

I send you my love.

I’ve really wrestled with what to write today. I am struggling with the words.

I have been grasping and grappling for hours now, finally, decided to just begin and to share with you my simple truths.

This is a love letter after all, and my human dignity is soaked in my capacity to love, and what is love if we cannot deeply feel through our truths anyway?

And, the agreement was to share yoga and what is yoga without the recognition of powerful, beautiful, difficult, equitable union?

What is happening in my country doesn’t feel good.

I keep thinking on the depth of this emergency and the fact that we have to come to better terms with the reality of this situation.


Perhaps, I don’t have the words today, because I want to be a good listener right now.

But I also won’t be silent.

I support my black friends, the Black community, our family, our global Kula.

I am upset, I am uncomfortable, I am disappointed, I am a bit lost, I am weary. And I think it’s important that I share that with you.

However, I am not going to pour my feelings out here, because, I choose to focus on how I can be useful.

I know that I have the privilege of learning about racism vs living it.

And I want to be more useful.

If you feel pulled to seek out resources and ways in which you can better educate yourself to be more useful, do it. Do the work.

But also, take time to sit with yourself. Shall we?

Look inside. Be willing to confront the real honest truths that you feel are inside you, because this kind of honest inquiry…

This is Yoga.

Is this is love,

Is this love,

Is this love

Is this love that I’m feelin’?

Today is the last day of the MAY calendar, and we are signing off with a calming gratitude practice. Take it as an opportunity to notice how you feel, connect to your breath, and move your body.

I am grateful for you and the fact that you are here. Thank you so much for staying with me here, for loving, for growing, and for sharing your practice.

Create some space to say thank you and stay curious about your truths.


This month’s free offering is an invitation to connect to and cultivate COURAGE

Yoga offers us countless opportunities to practice courage. And courage can come in many forms. These uncertain times certainly call for us to be courageous. I hope you will consider joining us for this special month of practice. 

Read all about it HERE.

Also, there is a NEW meditation practice on the FWFG Membership! In this 10 minute Befriend Your Mind meditation, you are invited to nurture your relationship with your mind as you lean toward a state of quiet and inner peace. 

And finally, it feels like a good time to come together. How about one big International LIVE Class on YouTube? Please SAVE THE DATE for a special community practice, LIVE from my dining room, on Saturday, June 20th at 11am CT TX time - in celebration of the Solstice, International Day Of Yoga, and our amazing community.

To love.


I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.
The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.

9 comments on “This Is Yoga + Free COURAGE Calendar for JUNE!”

  1. Hi Adriene
    I have been in lockdown here in Scotland since March 13th and I want to thank you for your online yoga. It has kept me sane and given me strength at this difficult time. I have completed 90 days of yoga- 3 different series of 30 days. I am over 70 but I still try to keep up and feel the benefit physically and mentally.
    Thanks again. You are an inspiration

  2. Courage and love for all. We are one. We will all take care of ourselves and all others because that is the right thing to do. Be kind. Namaste. xoxo

  3. Hello,I'm very glad that people like you in a world full of violence,discrimination,oppression,money,power, politics,and propaganda,
    You teach people the way of real life through yoga, and this is a divine gift,given to you.
    you go beyond a Yoga teacher with your simple way of life and inspire many in the world.
    i congratulate you thousands times and praise you for understanding the true meaning of life after you said goodbye to Hollywood.
    I myself think and always say that:i wish we could remind people of the world every morning through cell phones,televisions,satellites,social media and other devices that the planet Earth is one of the billions of planets and stars in MiIky WAY galaxy,which is one of the billions of galaxies known so far,and planet Earth is suspended in this scary ocean as big as a drop of water.
    so especially in these days,Pandemic Covid 19 we have to reconsider our thoughts and beliefs and change our actions and deeds and know that life is very short and everything is perishable except faith in God and love and affection for people which is lasting.
    so while there is still time,lets leave a good memory of ourselves in this world,that you do it in the ultimate beauty of elegance and perfection.because you think different and you deserve it.
    with all respect,

  4. Hello Adrienne , during lockdown here in Scotland I found you on YouTube and started doing yoga with you YWA since august 2021 and you kept me going in such hard time. You taught me to love myself all over again so thank you. You are part of my life now and my day doesn’t start without your voice/without yoga.
    This world is a beautiful place where we have people like you. God bless you and keep up the good work.

  5. Hi , been doing your yoga , since December, had a tough year , been on the wards etc . Suffer from long covid , but this has helped so much . It’s my medicine for my mind and body every day .

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