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Blanket Yoga

Peace, love... and blankets. This practice is both active and relaxing. Designed to help you handle stress and improve your mental, physical, and emotional health. Grab 1-4 (or 10) blankets, hop into something extra comfy, and meet me on the floor for this holistic yoga practice.

Take some time for yourself and your well being. Add blankets… and I will meet you there. (Oh, and Benji too.)

This is the practice of your dreams!

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5 comments on “Blanket Yoga”

  1. Thank You! What a gift during this busy season and stressful times!
    Feel so much better taking time to care of me :)!

  2. I had stopped doing yoga a couple of years ago. Having depression and fibromyalgia, i didn’t think i could do it ever again. Feeling weak and tired all the time, i just didnt know where i could even start or follow. Someone suggested Adrienne and Benji but again, i was scaired to even try thinking that it would be too hard. This session and the « gentle cozy yoga » really really was perfect for me. Not only was i able to follow and finish the sessions but it gave me hope....hope that i will be able to do more sessions with Adriene and Benji. Her soothing and calm presence, her soft voice, her cute red toes ( i love that red!) and relaxing Benji, all was wonderful...Thank u from the bottom of my heart!

  3. I really enjoyed this relaxing practice. I've gotta admit though, I have blanket envy now! Who makes all of the cozy blankets featured in this video (and others) ? Thank you so much for ALL that you do!

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