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Wind Down Yoga

Wind Down Yoga is a 25 minute grounding practice. It will help you wind down from your day and transition toward anything that makes you feel good.

Use it to recover from a day of work and use it to shake off bad energy! Try it when you don’t know what to do with yourself but you want to do something kind instead of destructive.

Benji steals the show in this practice and really shows us how to wind it down properly.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

44 comments on “Wind Down Yoga”

  1. I'm an artist, grandmother, gardener and am always ready to find what feels good.
    Your daily practice together with my weekly yoga lesson have been a huge asset
    and life changing _ I've been doing yoga over 25 years. I'm just back from a yoga
    vacation where I met some fine people in Salento, Italy...wonderful area, beautiful
    beaches, lots to explore.
    I put people on to your online practice, fun, relaxed and cheerful - none of that
    holier than thou yoga teacher - Brava!

  2. Thank you Adrienne for continuing to supply those with limited budgets (financially and work schedules) with free online classes. You teach well, you help us find our way.....oops yes I hear us all the beauty we possess inside......I sound like Whitney Houston with the The Greatest Love of All ....but seriously...thank you. You have changed me and guided me through some challenging family moments. In fact yes you have made me cry....and for that I thank you deeply. You continue to include us despite your insane and I’m sure exhausting schedule. I would love to do a live class. Does your roadshow consider Canada? Are there enough Canadians in various regions to fill a class? Specifically East Coast, like New Brunswick or Nova Scotia? Either way I’m in for the long haul. K

  3. I love your yoga and spirit and dog desperately wanting a dog to do yoga with ....for now my cat alvy watches on and stretches on the mat ....yours, always better after one of your lovely videos - juliet a fellow Virgoan ! X

  4. Dear Adriene and lovely Benji,

    Thanks for helping me find what feels good! The other day, doing my daily practice to one of your videos, my dog Guinness decided to join in the abdominal work, nudging my neck and rolling on to my chest. We ended up in a pile on the floor, laughing. Oh well, laughter is good for the abdominals too - and feels pretty darn good! Lots of love from Sweden.

  5. Happy to join you from. UK
    Love all you do.
    Joined the 14 days I so so grateful
    You changed my whole life may not
    Be perfect but getting the breathing
    Right I am midding age just from
    I don't use my nose to breath
    Now that cool. You taught me that

  6. Thanks for all your unconditional love and encouragement. You do a load of good in this world sweet lady ,
    Sally xxx

  7. Thanks for Ally Pally. It was an amazing night. So wonderful to meet so many fellow Adriene yogis - so many of us in such a huge space, but you were still able to be with each of us individually and bring us altogether at the same time. Magic stuff.

  8. Excellent wind down just what I needed on this fine Sunday afternoon after finishing the 14 DAYS at commune Community namaste

  9. So Happy 🙂 to re visit you Adriene and your classes after a busy summer... yoga with my 5 year old granddaughter and 11 year old grandson who wants to be able to touch his toes! ..... on the dock on the lake.. so much gratitude!
    Feel better dear Adriene.. ..will share this practice.. it felt good. 🙂 Namaste xx

  10. Once again that was a wonderful session Thank You and it was also very entertaining too maybe you need to do those allergy med's from time to time haha, i hope you are feeling better as you run around Europe and i would also like to say Thank You to ALL the people be hide the scenes to ALL those who help make Yoga with Adriene happen Thank YOU and you to Benji. Namaste !!

  11. Hey Adriene,
    I’m currently living in Ireland for a year of schooling. Originally from Canada! I’ve been following you for quite some time now. I read in your email you will be in Madrid in 2 weeks, what other Wanderlust events will you be at? I would love to get a chance to do yoga live with you instead of through my iPad screen.
    Hope this message finds you, Karen!

  12. Oh Yeah always so happy to join y’all in another awesome yoga practice that feels good... Thank you Adriene

  13. Thanks Adriane¡¡! I'm following you on your trip and it makes me happy! You show enjoyment and it is contagious!!! Keep it Up, nice Texan girl!! I'll be here!!

  14. Hi Adriane
    Thank you for your Yoga videos, l started following your Yoga a couple of years ago and have really enjoyed them all, a BIG thank you to you and your team, Benji included, it has really changed my life, my Physio recommends l carry on the best exercise !!
    Namaste !!

  15. Thank you Adriene, and Benji, for sharing your positive vibes with this community. Thanks to you Adriene I remain inspired to incorporate an at home yoga practice into my daily routine and to “Find What Feels Good.” You are a ray of light and a blessing to us all.

  16. Thank you sweet Adriene!
    It felt very good on this rainy Sunday morning. My batteries are recharged 🙂

    Thank you for your kindness



  17. Thank you dear Adriene! Your videos are always so empowering and enjoyable! I do wish you could come and do a live session in Malta!! I'm 24 and I lost my mum suddenly last year. I'm going through a tough time but doing yoga is helping me so much, both mentally and physically. Thanks for everything, you are a true inspiration! Namaste.

  18. Adrienne I am so grateful that I discovered you. I am on Day 170 of my practice with you. I have been doing yoga on and off for 8 years but finding you has been life changing. I’m a psychologist and not a day goes by that I don’t recommend to my clients that get down on the mat with you. The feedback and the gratitude I get when they do I share with you now. You are changing lives.

  19. Hi Adriene,
    I did 30 days of yoga with your videos last month and somehow tweaked my neck. It seems to actually hurt more after yoga now. Do you have any recommendations for how to get passed it?


  20. I love you Adriene. You have been a great companion in 2018. Love the yoga; but I really love listening to you and your enlightening and encouraging words. You feel like a good friend, even though you have yet to meet me. I am so grateful for you and your YouTube videos. You have been an oasis in a 2018 life desert. There were days where your kind word were the only ones I heard. I am forever grateful.

  21. You're coming to Brussels?! Any details?! I admit to having been turned off at the thought of all those people at Ally Pally, you spoil us by allowing us to enjoy your guidance in the quiet sanctuary of our own homes. But I admit to being tempted if you'll be right around the corner...!

  22. I am a beginner in yoga. As I am reaching my fifties, I could hear my body screaming for help as I am feeling terribly weak and emotionally feeling lousy. I finally took the courage to try out Yoga For All and begin to fall in love with doing all those moves and stretches. I regretted I have not done this earlier. I really need to seek help and wish to know where and how should I begin my yoga journey with Adriene. Should I start with all the foundation of yoga with Aderine before I proceed to the yoga practice. Kindly advice. Love.

  23. Adriene, so happy that your roadshow is going so definitely have a talent.

    I'm still here on the mat with you everyday.

    So, so grateful for ALL these wonderful videos.


  24. Thank you so much Adriene. Your Wind Down Flow was just what I needed. Perfect way to start my day!

  25. I love your videos and you have changed me from grudgingly doing yoga to wanting to practice each and every day! I know my tight hamstrings and back thank you too.

    1. Hi Isabelle, Adriene is dropping in to donate some time and energy to some amazing girls in honor of International Yoga Day. But we will most certainly be back for a proper community yoga class in the future.

  26. Thank you so much for this wind down yoga session. I have bad cold and cough at the moment and my body is feeling gentle yoga right now, so this was perfect! My voice sounds as husky as yours on this video! I unfortunately couldn't come to your Alexandra Palace yoga session, which I'd booked onto as I was ill and logistics were making it difficult too. So sorry I missed meeting you and doing a live yoga class with you. Another time! Happy travels and take care. Namaste xo

  27. Wow. I can't even begin to express how much I needed this today. I work with autistic children and while I love my job, some days are really difficult.. This was exactly what I needed. Adriene, you are pure magic.

  28. I echo the comments above, and indeed on a limited budget have found a great way to recover from illness and injury to feel good and keep strong. I share my secret weapon with everyone in our small village of Avalon, near Sydney Australia. Thank you Adrienne

  29. Good evening from Maine..Sorry you were not feeling well Adriennne.I understand the cold allergy season all too well.However,this practice is so chill,it's great.We had a very strong emotional moon this past week,known as The Hunters Moon.I felt so off and sad,etc..What a great session to just Be.You have it all to share.Your wisdom,strength and beauty.Grateful for you,and your power of yoga.Ps.Chicken soup with garlic and kale works wonders,and its yummy too...I'll send you the recepie if you like.Be well.

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