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Yoga Party

Take time to fill your cup, practice feeling your own presence, and share sacred space with one another!

This is a session that you can do with your buddies, on a special day, or to celebrate a party of one, as a gift you give yourself.

On the journey to seek connection, yoga offers us a chance to both look inward, and to expand outward all in one breath, one shape, shifting to the next breath, the next shape. It offers us the tools to stay present with ourselves and to be present with one another in the NOW. Now can be uncertain, uncomfortable, and at times, not fun. We long for time with friends, activities that feel supportive, we miss togetherness, and we fear for the future.

Allow. Release. Enjoy this practice.

Where are you practicing from today?

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3 comments on “Yoga Party”

  1. I so enjoy doing yoga with you Adriene! You are a great teacher and have a beautiful, sweet personality. Thank you so much.

  2. Doing this practice in honor of my daughter's 33rd birthday today, woo hoo! Both of my daughters practice yoga and it was through them that i learned about Yoga with Adriene. i have been actively practicing with you for three years now and i enjoy every minute.

    Happy birthday, Sarah! Happy day to all!

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