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Confidence Boost Yoga

Confidence Boost Yoga! Add mindfulness and consciousness to your life with this Yoga With Adriene practice. Perfect to try before an interview or an event. Or, an ideal opportunity to ground and experience your full potential energy. You are amazing. It’s time to rock.

Let me know how it goes down below!

32 comments on “Confidence Boost Yoga”

  1. I always feel strong and confident after practicing yoga with you! This video was amazing and just what I needed to start my day. You are such a beautiful and wonderful human being. xx

  2. Thank you sooooo much for posting this! I had an interview the other morning and wanted to do some yoga to stretch out and relieve my nerves. This was EXACTLY what I needed, and I did feel a lot more comfortable and confident at my job interview (there was a panel of 4 people interviewing me). Thank you again!

  3. I just wanna shout out a huge ThANKs for such inspiring and fun videos! I have recently started to practise yoga after two kiddos and little time to work out. I used to be all about running fast and long but now im totally hooked to your practises! Best moment of the day when the kids are asleep and I get an hour by my self! OR - when my four year old daughter Siri decides to practise with me! You have totally changed My life and My way of workout. I have found a peace and quiet in myself! Big thanks and im looking forward to keep on following you and to finally master downwards dog!!
    Brg / Camilla, Gothenburg - Sweden

  4. Thank you Adriene. I am a mother of two little ones and I find myself feeling tight, tense, and sometimes not so confident. This felt really good this morning. One of my goals is to do yoga with you at least five days a week, because every time I do it I feel so much better. And you always make me smile. Thank you for being your best self. I enjoyed the surrender at the end. I felt really peaceful and that God is in control, but that He is also giving me the self-control, confidence, and strength I need for the day.

  5. Thank you Adriene - i am just discovering your classes (have only done 3 and am very happy that there are many more to come.) I am 55 and have been practising yoga for some years. But though our local class is a nice community the practice is a little unadventurous and basic. This is in the UK by the way. My son, aged 27. told me about your classes as he is also working along with them. I really like the way you talk about yoga and the loving spirit and attitude you have towards the body. Thank you for being an inspiration. Warm wishes, Annie

    1. i too enjoy Adriene's yoga, age 62. I Can always use a little boost in confidence.

  6. Adriene, what a fantastic practice. I've lost my way a bit in yoga and every time I turn to you for your thoughful expression of yoga. This was an exceptional practice. You have a gift. You have a way of bringing out the best in all of us.

  7. Great. Thank you.
    That balance was hard a and sore on my foot arches!
    I've got !lotzs of worm to do.
    3 weeks and 4 days until our Masters degree show I m on daily a d twice daily yoga!

  8. Hi Adriene,
    Thanks for all your great yoga videos!
    My sister and I practice most days. Have you considered doing a 'yoga for your wedding day'? My sister's getting married in 6 weeks and we'd love to start her special day with a practice for all the bridesmaids!

  9. Adrienne, you have changed my world!!! I work two high power, high stress jobs (Nutrition Administrator, 500 patients, 60 employees, and graduate nutrition professor at a local university) and I NEED this release. I do yoga at 4:00am and 10:00pm and everywhere in between!!! I am a huge exercise advocate (obviously) and run five days a week. Yoga has opened a whole new world for me for stress reduction and physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Thank you, Thank you <3 <3 <3 Much love, Deborah

  10. THIS was the practice that made me overcome the anxiety of looking forward in crow (and every move that involves arm balances; I tend to look down). I finally connected with the anchored body and forward vision - I get it now, it opened an entirely new layer of yoga awareness! Confidence achieved, THANKS Adriene!

  11. I am happy to say as part of my focus on being out of the house less this school term which means no yoga classes, a choice to simplify and end some of the rush and stress I am on day 4 of home practice with you..and I LOVE it! A dear friend recommended you to me and I am so happy that I feel I have finally found what feels like a sustainable way to enable Yoga to be a daily practice in my home. Now I just need these leggings and I will feel complete...=) Where can I get them? x

  12. Awesome practice. I surprised myself by being able to do the balance practice really well on my left side, but hardly at all on my right. Talk about being unbalanced! 😉

  13. Awesome practice! Just what I needed before heading back to work. Love spending my lunch hour with you Adriene 🙂

  14. My daughter got me into your videos on youtube and I just them! The issue is, I don't have internet at my home. Do you have a DVD out there that I can purchase? I'd really like to buy the 30 Days of Yoga, if possibly. Any information would be much appreciated. Thank you!

  15. Have now being doing Yoga for 86 days in a row after doing the 30 day challenge!! I am loving the extension of my mindfulness practice and finding new ways to move my body with ease. Thanks 🙂

  16. This was a great relaxing and centering session. Thanks! LOVE your videos. You crack me up which is such a nice thing given how serious some teachers are.

  17. Thanks Adriene, Nice way to start the day, I can always use a little boost in confidence!!

  18. Love this one! Just started my yoga practice, finished the 30 days of yoga challenge and now exploring your other videos. It is causing amazing changes in my life. Thank you.

  19. Love your videos, Adriene. Have been doing yoga once a week for many years, but started doing your videos every day after my Dad was diagnosed with cancer. They have been life-changing for me and I have only missed 2 days since the beginning of August. I love your authenticity and the fact that you seem to really care. Thank you for being there! xo

  20. Adriene,

    I wanted to say a big thank you to you!
    You and I have been practising together in my living room for about a year now and you have really helped turn things around for me and I am so very grateful!
    You have totally transformed my morning routine and I am feeling healthier and fitter than ever before.

    Thank you for all your hard work! So very much appreciated here, on the south east coast of England.


  21. Dear Adriene! You have no idea how often you appear in my daily gratitude journal. The fact that I was lucky enough to find you and your truly awesome yoga classes has increased my life quality enormously, and keeps doing so daily. Looking at and listening to you and following your wonderful flows ALWAYS lifts my spirits. You are such a great inspiration. Thanks you ever so much!

  22. Adrienne, There was no comment section under "Detox Flow" and since I just did this yoga video I just wanted to let you know that I believe it was instrumental in my recovering completely from the coronavirus about a week ago. I would take tylenol to bring my fever down and when I felt well enough, would do "Detox Flo." I did it every day of my 10 day self-quarantine and the wringing out of my organs and the really deep breathing I believe were instrumental in fighting the virus and recovering. Thank you! I have been doing your yoga videos for at least a year and love them. Thank you.

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