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Yoga for Gut Health

This all levels 18-minute practice invites you to focus on sensation in asana. You can do this practice anytime and anywhere to help aide in digestion and reset your system! Whether you have been on the road, in a rut, or enjoying eating rich foods, this session will help you keep your lymphatic system and digestive health on track!

Join me for this practice today. Use asana and breath work to massage the internal organs & tap into the gut as a center of your knowingness and intuition. Detoxify and flush out any toxins. Lovingly deepen your relationship with your guts to help your body perform well!

Optional Prop, bring a pillow!

Let me know how it goes for you in the comment section down below!


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19 comments on “Yoga for Gut Health”

  1. Hello Adriene. I get your letter at night so I read it before bed, as preparation for doing the video first thing in the morning. Something sweet to sleep on every Saturday night for me. How fortunate I feel for this offering you give me each week. Your letter always seems to speak to something that is current for me...funny how you know what to say. Thank you for helping my body feel stronger, my heart feel fuller, my eyes being more open, my mind being less cluttered, and my arms to be open wider. With gratitude. Namaste.

  2. Hey Adriene,

    I‘ve been following your videos for a while and they helped me out of a depression that also caused me to gain a ton of weight.

    I find it difficult to do poses where the belly needs to touch the thighs, simply put, because there is too much belly & breast there. The „rest your head on your knees while sitting with arched legs“ is literally impossible for me. 🙁

    It would be amazing if you could do a special on variations for bigger people.

    Thanks again and Namaste!

  3. Thank you Adrienne - for your joy, your generosity and your message of acceptance.

  4. Adriene, thank you SO MUCH for this life-changing collection of yoga sessions! Because of your videos, I became a member three years ago, and this past September, began a 200-hour yoga teacher training program, which I hope to complete this coming April, thus beginning my new decade with a new certification and a new direction! Thank you for your life's work and for sharing your heart with all of us! I really don't know how Austin is a big enough city to hold your heart, but somehow - it manages! Thank you from all of us, all over the planet!

  5. Adrian Thank You So Much For Giving Us All Your Time Energy And Love ❤️
    We So Look Forward To Every Video and Evolve with You To Beautiful Human Beings
    Have A wonderful Christmas and A Powerful 2020

  6. Thank you so much Adrienne, this came just at the right time for me
    I have just recently undergone major abdominal surgery and at my age
    (81) it was very traumatic
    My yoga practice has been put on hold but this is something that I can manage
    With modifications

    Namaste and blessings to you, lovely girl

  7. Hi Adriene, my sister, my friend.

    This is how I feel towards you. Thank you soooo much for being exactly you and having so much generosity in your heart to literally help, inspire, cure, revitalise and rejuvenate people. You always say the perfect and right thing. I’ve been meaning to write for some time and have been thankful to you so much this year.

    I always send love back to you, benji and all the others joining our practises.

    Thanks for putting, cultivating and sharing all this goodness in the world.

    Love and a big hug, Katie and Captain the dog, from a truck in a field in Portugal x

  8. I am grateful for you and your mission, you are pure inspiration for me. Perfect for after Thanksgiving indulging ❤️❣️❤️

  9. Hey Adriene aka shining spirit,
    first off... namaste dear one. I wanted to get connected and tell you that I'm so grateful for the beautiful moments you bring to my life. Sadly my health has descended from a vibrant fire-bird, to a spluttering flame (still burning though). I will not give up. I am determined to live more of my life on the mat.
    Currently my life is a combination of medical appointments and surgery. I've gone from being a half marathon runner to struggling to walk across a room and having to use a wheel chair outside due to extreme vertigo. I lost my job, my home and my independence. BUT...I see your emails and feel the hope grow again, that I will re-kindle that fire-bird again.
    What I'm attempting to say is, thank you for being a clear voice in the darkness. You don't know me and I only know the positive bloom that you are in your email updates and the videos. And yet you have made me feel that little bit less lonely.
    In this season, to you Adriene, and if anyone else reads this, peace, joy and the determination to not allow the surrounding dark to snuff out the kindling of your spirit.
    Shine bright dear hearts.

    1. Wow Catherine, I don't know when you wrote this (the year is not visible), but I hope that yoga and your determination and inner fire have brought you closer to a healthy brain and body. Your sense of purpose and balance of spirit are evident in your lovely letter. All best wishes.

  10. Appreciating your caring, loving, gentle style of yoga. Well, I haven't practiced to all of your videos yet, so will try the vinyasa flow next, but this has been such a good start to reconnecting with my pandemic body, deprived of shared practice, overfed and under-hugged.

  11. Thank you Adrienne for sharing your wonderful skills and wisdom. I just did the Gut Health yoga and my tummy was speaking the whole way through. Feeling good (-:

  12. Adrienne, I absolutely love your sessions. They helped me through the quaranteen. It felt like you were with me in the room. Thank you so much for being there for me.
    Love, Agnieszka UK

  13. Hello lovely,
    Going to get back into Yoga again. It is calling me. So sweet to see you and hear your voice.
    With love,
    Lisa H.

  14. I have been doing yoga since 1979 and your yoga for gut health is one of my favorite practices ever. Post the video I felt nauseous. Is that typical.
    Love all your videos.,
    Would like to send a donation. Pls advise how to send..
    By the way I’m Shannon Davis’ friend from LA

  15. Thank you so much Adriene! I love doing yoga with you! xoxo
    Have the most wonderful day! <3

  16. Lovely video. You have a very soothing style.
    Perfect video for gut health.
    Every pose perfect for my needs.
    Will do every morning.
    Thank you.

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