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Up Your Connect - International Yoga Day Global Community Practice

I am inviting EVERYONE to tune in on Friday 6/21 and practice together. This year on International Yoga Day, we celebrate the importance and value of connecting to yourself and recognize how that influences the way you connect to others.

Join me and people all over the world as we practice UP YOUR CONNECT! Share a video or image with #fwfgIYD and be sure to include where you are from!

Here's how it works.

On Friday, June 21st, 2019, roll out your mat at home and practice along with the Up Your Connect practice. This free practice is found on both the YouTube channel and on the FWFG Yoga membership.

Then share a video or image and tag it with #fwfgiyd. It can be a picture of you or maybe a video of your practice. Be sure to include where you are from too so we can see how yoga connects us around the world.

The magic of these coordinated practices is knowing that whenever you are practicing someone else is practicing alongside you in their own home too.

This free practice, Up Your Connect, is already on the YouTube channel and on the membership for members, and anyone can participate from their own home by simply rolling out their mat and following the Up Your Connect practice anytime on Friday, June 21st. Don't worry about the timezones. Just roll out your mat on June 21st and know that somewhere around the world someone else is practicing with you in spirit.

You ready to Up Your Connect?!

15 comments on “Up Your Connect - International Yoga Day Global Community Practice”

  1. You are doing beautiful work and have touched so many of our lives. Thank you for putting your vulnerable self out there. You are a leader and I feel blessed to have found you. Thank you for encouraging me to put myself out there with my heart leading the way.

  2. Enjoyed my daily practice at home on the mat today in Perth Western Australia with you Adriene and Benji, and as part of the International Yoga Day community.

  3. We’re almost finished with Dedicate, but added Up Your Connect into our practice today for International Yoga Day. Thank you so much for the awesome practice....
    Sending love to all, from Bavaria, Germany

  4. I so enjoyed the simplicity of this practice today....yet enough fire to feel...connected! Happy International Yoga Day!

  5. Bit of a Sun Salutation there - Happy Summer Solstice and Happy International Yoga Day everybody!
    Lovely to think of all the other people in the world who were practising at the same time 🙂

  6. Connecting from Ahuimanu today, muchas gracias Adriene y Feliz dia internacional de yoga!

  7. Thank you for sharing yourself and your experiences with me. I am from Ramsgate, Kwazulu Natal , South Africa and I practice with you most days and absolutely love your way , the "Feel Good " way. I am a Visual Artists and it just speaks to me. Awesome pracitce for Yoga Day today, a huge big THANK YOU!

  8. Loved my practice today as usual. Happy International Yoga Day from the UK. Thank you Adriene for really helping me fall in love with Yoga and all that it entails. X

  9. Thank you Adrienne for all your great workouts and your positive spirit! This previous year as a school teacher, I almost worked around the clock, with no time for exercise. I found your videos on YouTube and was able to do the yoga workouts from home during the work week. You put the ease, love, and care in teaching yoga to everyone! Thanks so much!

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