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Rainbow Yoga For All Ages!

Rainbow Yoga is great for ALL AGES! This is the perfect 17 minute practice to brighten your day and to help turn darkness into light.

Breathe deep, create a healthy flow of energy in the spine, and let go of any stress or tension stored in the body. This practice will leave you feeling lighter because you will release negativity, move stagnant energy, and let go of what is no longer serving you.

Use the tools of yoga to increase flexibility and focus the mind as you create a happy energetic state.

Let me know how it goes for you down in the comment section below!

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132 comments on “Rainbow Yoga For All Ages!”

  1. Hi Adriene!

    I hope you are well.

    Yoga has been a big part of my life for over a year now and it’s all thanks to you. I was in a dark place and yoga and meditation showed me the light. Any time I feel unaligned or off balance, I check in with myself and my mat and I magically feel better! I have been on my own personal journey to self love and before I fell in love with yoga and meditation, I realised that I had never been in love with myself (for the whole 24 years I’ve lived). However, I am now coming up to my 26th birthday and for the first time ever, I absolutely adore who I am today, inside and out. I LOVE ME AND IT FEELS AWESOME.

    This rainbow practice this morning was just what I needed to feel positive and content after a weekend of partying with my girlfriends!

    Thank you for this practice today and every session I take part in at home and thank you for being there when I needed you the most.

    Love Casey x

  2. I really liked this rainbowyoga for kids and grownup kids!!!!!
    The minutes on the mat just flew away.
    Please do more like this one!!!
    (although your ordinary yoga for oldies are fun, too..)

    Lots of love,

  3. Thank you Adriene! you're such a positive and loveable person! Thank you for sharing all your yoga classes and tips, and spread your love to all of us!!

  4. Thank you Adrienne and Benji. I really enjoyed this and I am learning that if there are moves I can't do because of my amputation, then I just do the best I can. Namaste

  5. Love love love your yoga channel! Love your "lightness" and funny jokes, love how you make a frase or comment in to a song 🙂 I always do that in my mind.
    I've done the Dedicate cycle and now stepped into the March calendar, love it all! I'm feeling like a purple butterfly today...

    Love from the Netherlands!

  6. Morning Adrienne loved this practice, it’s a sunny morning in my part of the uk and I just added rainbows everywhere in my front room!
    Just what I needed after my run.
    Thanks, as always, for bringing love and light to my day.

  7. Thank you so much for this lovely Sunday morning practice! It gave me such a happy and bright feeling on un grey cloudy day where I live! Namaste

  8. Hi Adriene I am in my 50s but a child at heart,I loved this practice and my butterfly was golden,orange and purple

  9. I felt like a little yellow butterfly (in Dutch ' citroenvlinder'). The first pose was hard for me. But I loved the whole practice.
    And....nice socks Adriene

  10. Hi Adriene!
    So nice to find you and thank you for all your videos and advices.
    It really helped me to find myself and love me more and to find my peace.
    Thanks again.
    Hugs and kisses.

  11. Hi Adriene, thank you for this nice Yoga practice! Here in the Netherlands, a rainbow appeared this morning! So a good practice to end a sporty morning session! Thanks!

  12. I never have the time. Today found 15 mins and found it profoundly helpful with aches and pains all over my body eased a little. Thanks for your warmth and genuineness. Namaste x

  13. Good morning beautiful lady. Inside and out you are beautiful. Love everyday of your Yoga with you. Thanks for brightening our day here in MI, have a wonderful day and so happy you do this for us. Thank you!!!

  14. Happy St Paddy’s Day! There are rainbow prisms surrounding my living room as I practised this morning! Thanks always for your beautiful energy!

  15. Any chance there are any other ywa events planned in the next couple weeks?? I'm visiting Austin for the first time and have been a ywa fan for years! If not, where would you recommend for a great class? Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Laura, we got your email and send one back. For anyone else who may be wondering, the current events and classes are always on the Events page on here. And when visiting Austin, we recommend catching a class from other great Austin teachers at Practice Yoga Austin. 🙂

  16. The beautiful swallowtail butterfly i
    Is my choice
    Blessed St Patrick’s day to Youand Benji
    Slainte ☘️

  17. Thank you for this lovely video, and all the other lovely videos you've made! My butterfly is blue and purple!

  18. I'm thinking Morpho Blue Butterfly. There's a rare one in Peru that is a beautiful blue with white blotches, for lack of a better word, highlighting the wings. That's what I'd be. Thanks for your energy and enthusiasm. Always contagious!

  19. Blue, green, yellow and black butterfly here.
    Thank you. This brought me back to the mat in Massachusetts. I appreciate all that you do Adrienne.

  20. Once again simple but so so nice and full of energy and the color of a butterfly for myself as i feel right now would be green for go, Thanks Adriene and Benji p.s. i stepped up my yoga practice this week by joining FWFG and "wow" i love it i highly recommend it "wow". Namaste !!

    1. I love being part of the FWFG community too! At first it was so nice to benefit from the free videos and not have to pay anything at all, and now it's a wonderful blessing to pay so little and be able to support this humongous and ever-growing community of yoga love!!! It is life-changing and awesome, isn't it??? Namaste <3

  21. Good morning from CT...As always it's a rainbow Yoga day with you and Benji with a possibility of finding that pot of gold at the end on this St Patrick's Day!!! With gratitude

  22. Fun practice. Orange, blue and back butterfly in the sky! Enjoy the day everyone!

  23. Mariposa Azul - It was interesting to see that opening one "wing" sideways at the time, wasn't as straight forward as I thought. Yeah, my house is filled with rainbows! Thank you Adriene.

  24. Perfect for today. I'm hoping that the pot of gold is at the end of all of our rainbows. I'm happy Benji stayed the whole time. There's a wonderful mediatation by Sarah Blondin where one thing she says is to paint the walls ithlove. Now I've seen it in a yga practice. So great!

  25. Thank you Adrienne and Benji! This was the best little practice that my body needed this morning. Color and light mixed with movement= all the good things!!

    Cheers and Happy St. Patrick’s Day

  26. A Red and Royal blue shiny butterfly thanks you for the Rainbows, Ariene. A lovely, uplifting practice! Namaste.

  27. Thank you Adrienne for giving back to us. I would be shades of blue yellow and black if I were a butterfly

  28. Loved today's practice! Just what I needed to add a little energy to my morning.

    Thank you always


  29. Thank you. Funny, I ordered flowers for my butterfly garden today. I am a blue and orange butterfly.

  30. Happy St Patrick's day to you and Beni Thank you If I was a beautiful butterfly is probably be the beautiful dolor emerald green and gold . Sending you rainbow and butterfly greetings!!

  31. My butterfly will be purple and blue my favourite colours.Thanks Adriene and Benji for a lovely practice to celebrate St Pats day from an Irish colleen xb

  32. Thank you a yoga session to brighten our day! It was a great way to celebrate my 60th birthday! If I was a butterfly I would be gold and emerald green of course. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  33. Special thank you from a White butterfly!! Sometimes it's good to remember that we are all children deep within.. Namaste❤

  34. Hi Adriene
    I just received my "find what feels good" shirt and I feel good in it!
    Thanks for all your great yoga lessons. Your really safe my stressful days - every single day.
    Wish you all the best.
    From a big fan from Switzerland

  35. St. Patrick’s day is my favourite holiday and I thought, oh I hope Adriene has a special yoga practice planned......and sure enough, you deliver! 🙂 Loved today’s rainbow yoga, so great. (and of course loved your outfit too!) Thank you and Happy St. Patrick’s day to you, your team, and of course Benji <3

  36. Well I have been cranky this week (too much 'doing') and this lightened my soul and also gave me an extra opportunity to recognise light in all its glorious colour and remembering that I am part of it, supported by it, I do not need to control it into being. It's all there! Thanks for giving me some fun and lightness to breathe into. Love from London x

  37. I found this really hard, my knees hurt swivelling on the mat like that and I had to stop. But, as always, I'm glad I did it. Oh and I am a turquoise butterfly 🙂 xx

    1. Rachel, if you are referring to the swiveling of your knee when moving into the Gate pose variation, it might be due to the grip of your mat. Whether due to the grip of your mat or not, please do continue listening to your knees (and body) and a better option for you might be moving your knee into that position instead of swiveling into it.

  38. A Turquoise butterfly
    Happy St Patrick’s Day from Ireland! I’ve been getting your emails & enjoy reading each one. I like your straight talking positivity that doesn’t swing too far to the ‘top much’ pendulum! This is my first time doing your weekly video & it was fab. Thank you

  39. Purple butterfly if there is such a thing, thank you for a just right practice today

  40. I am sure my butterfly would be a 'mood ring' color, changing with the environment and mood

  41. You are a Rainbow of bright shiny colors! I'm enjoying this YWA journey so very much! My butterfly is yellow and pink! Thank you Adrienne and Benji! Love, Lana in Winter Park, Florida (my two children were born in Austin...I love it there too!) {\o/}

  42. I would be a blue butterfly and I'm not a kid!! Wonderful practice, so happy I cry. THANK you to you and Benji xxx

  43. Thank you Adrienne. I needed this today - nice and gentle. I spent yesterday exploring my inner child at a theme park which was wonderful but unfortunately my bra strap bruised my back - who knew that could happen?!
    This yoga practice was exactly right to start my day today. If you ever want to record something to do the day after thrill seeking rollercoasters I’m sure lots of us would appreciate it.

  44. A day later... my butterfly is bright blue, yellow and a bit of red. Thank you Adriene. The rain has been falling for a week in Belgium and the rainbow has FINALLY come out... with this yoga, of course!

  45. Love love love all u're yoga videos!! I saw myself as a turquoise butterfly today. I'm 50 this year and have never been stronger in body and soul thank's to You!!
    Thank You Adrienne!

  46. Hi Adriene
    It was a great practice after two weeks of sickness. It will be a colorful day.
    A white buterfly.
    Have a great day!!!!!

  47. I see the beauty in me, you see the Beauty in me, I see you and the Beauty in You, you see the Beauty in You!

    My butterfly is a chameleon to dance and flow with the seasons of change, blessed be to fly amongst the rainbows

  48. My butterfly is blue. Love your practices. At my age I need more of the stretching than the contortions of some yoga programs . Thank you!

  49. Thank you that was a great morning movement therapy. My 4 year old is convinced you are her best friend. We are pink butterflies.

  50. Loved it! Just what I've been needing to motivate me to get back to my yoga practice! Thank You!!!

  51. Yellow and Orange butterfly - that's me!
    Thank you. I always enjoy the fun and the
    Work you offer on the mat.

  52. Am I the only one having a hard time Opening only one leg at a time before the Butterfly part began?

  53. Exactly what I needed this morning! Just enough to get the body moving and the energy flowing.

    Thank you!!

  54. Thank you, rainbow friends! After years of home yoga with you dear Adriene, my husband has joined me on the mat! Yay! We are both 60 years young and now our ten grandchildren will enjoy this rainbow yoga with their Honey and Pappy! (My butterfly is yellow with cornflower blue specks! My husband's butterfly is purple! Hehe) Peace, love and hope for a future that we baby boomers truly had in mind back in the 1960s and 70s!

  55. I did a Body by Simone workout yesterday, so this Rainbow practice today felt REALLY GOOD!! Thank you Adriene! You're the best! Oh, also, I would be a green and pink butterfly!! 🙂

  56. Id be a pale blue and pink butterfly! I dont usually comment on videos but this one... thank you Adriene!!! it was so refreshing and my heart is full of love and gratitude!!!
    its been hard times and little things like 17 min yoga at home without judgments (haha) makes a hugeeeee difference.

  57. My butterfly looks like a peacock's tail. I am 74 and have practiced yoga for 11 or 12 years, now at home rather than at a studio. I am certain that practicing yoga has kept symptoms of my recently discovered arthritis at bay for a long time, and I know it has been good for the disc in my low back that is thinner than normal. Being strong and flexible and having good balance has always been my goal. So far, so good! Thank you, Adriene.

  58. My favorite of the videos thus far (I recently discovered you!) And it truly did brighten my day and put a smile on my face. Thank you!

  59. Adriene, thank you very much for sorting yoga with me and all of us.
    Somehow this practise didn't resonate with me (although I would totally be a rainbow colored butterfly). Perhaps because one of the moved were absolutely impossible for me due to an injured hip, the one with the folded legs in the beginning.

    Have a great day, everybody!

  60. Hi Adrienne,My butterfly colors were orange,red,Brown and yellow with blue spots!..I am a kid at heart,and that is what we all must maintain as laugh and play!..Thank you for your happiness that you share...Joy to you always!

  61. Hi Adriene,

    I know you say you love us and I want you to know I have been following YWA since you started years ago- and I really do love you. You bring much joy into my life and help me lead with balance and patience even when it isn't easy. I am so grateful.


  62. Thank you for this practice. Your instruction is always uplifting and reassuring for this beginner. My butterfly is vermillion with black streaks.

  63. Just right for me this morning...... I awoke with a headache and after completing this fun session I feel lighter and happier and ready for the day..... thank you!

  64. Royal blue butterfly with elements of yellow and orange!! Thank you for this practice! Nameste.


  66. I’m currently in naturalpathic/Biological medicine cancer treatment in Switzerland. Doing yoga with you every morning gives me the strength, mindfulness and determination to get through my treatments with the most positive attitude. I have an especially difficult treatment today and this Rainbow Yoga has me smiling and ready for whatever the day may bring.
    Thank you for being an inspiration and bringing the light.

  67. Loved this as I do all of your sharing. My mm passed away last year and e released Monarch butterfly's at the gravesite. Your practice brought her to me today. So beautiful. So thankful.❤ You may never know all the impact you are having in another's life. Be blessed. Karen

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