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Dedicate - Day 6 - Core

Your Day 6 Dedicate practice is here! This 28 minute session focuses on strengthening your core. Need I say more? Use the vocabulary you've learned thus far to make the most of your time on the mat today.

Pregnant? Try subbing with this Heart & Hips practice for today's session.

38 comments on “Dedicate - Day 6 - Core”

  1. The stomach is amazing and deserves so much love! Thank you for saying that and modeling so much self-acceptance. What an awesome space to practice!

    1. This is my 6thsession andilovethem. Myfavoirtesondabout Fire is Garth Brooks Standinoutside theFire! Love it

  2. Hello! Just as you brought up in this video, my wrists end up hurting when I am on all fours for a while. I have been doing yoga and other workouts like pilates that use this stance for many years now but I've never quite been able to get them stronger. I have a really hard time clawing through my fingertips which I know will relieve pressure. Maybe because it is hard to understand through a video rather than someone showing me in person. Any tips on how to do this or other things to do to help relieve pressure in my wrists? Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Melanie. You can give the wrists a break by making your hands into fists and come up onto your fists instead of your palms. You can roll a small towel up to where it's not too high and then place that under the heel of your palms so that the palm of your hands is higher than the rest of your hands. It's very important to not collapse into the base of the hands near the wrists. You want to have the majority of pressure in that 'L' part of your hand that your first finger and thumb make. (Reverse 'L' on the right hand.)
      Press down through all the mounds of the fingers.
      That space that is in between your first finger and thumb - you want to keep pressed to the mat. If you lift that part of your hand, you see that the weight then moves to the wrists, so keep that firmly planted. I hope this helps!

  3. This has to be the most beautiful core practice ever! Hard, but so amazing. Saved with gratitude for my daily practice. Thank you, Adriene!

  4. Whew! Great workout. Loved the challenge of the one legged hover. I did it! It made me realize thatvI can do more than I think.
    The first fire song that comes to mind is the Pointer Sisters & then Fire and Rain by James Taylor.
    Have a good day !

  5. Loving this practice so much! The fire song that came to mind for me was Fire In My Soul by Walk Off the Earth.

  6. I have been practicing yoga at home with Adriene for a couple years,just cycling through the 30 day workouts. This is the first one I have been able to do in real time! After a particularly physical day at work I was driving home looking forward to a nice relaxing yoga session...then it hit is day six......"S**T! it's 6-pack ab day!" I yelled. Happy to say I still did it and am grateful as always to you Adriene for these videos.

  7. Can't believe I made it through that, all without dropping Simba, lol! Adele's "Fire to the Rain". Basically, my belly is soft like rain and should be strong like ice. Now I'm thinking about Ice/Fire and how to have abs like Khaleesi ... anyways, thank you for another great session. For some reason my inner thighs feel like they will be more sore than my belly tomorrow. <3

  8. thanks a lot ! (one day behind here)
    I find that when doing the last bit (pushes with hands between the legs) that the muscles at the top pf my neck, just below the skull, get really tensed. Is there a way to release this ?
    Thank you and have a great day

  9. Tough today! Had to rest in some of the exercises but instead of giving up (like a part of me wanted to!) I returned to the video after a brief pause.

  10. Hi Adriene
    You are amazing and I thank you for all your hard work to keep us going!!! But man you talk too much sometimes I feel myself getting frustrated and a little board:( I wish there was less talking and more ‍♀️ yoga

  11. Great workout. I'd like to see a Benji cam. He has never seemed so alert and engaged with the outside world. Is it a bird, is it a plane, is it a squirrel? Only the Benj knows.

  12. I just wanted to tell you that I teared up after completing this video. I was dreading it just by the name. I’ve been working on improving my health and recently lost 30 lbs. The words and guidance you gave throughout- to send love to our stomachs-that got me through. I’ve treated that part of my body very poorly in the past and perhaps today, you’ve helped me changed how I think of that area. With love now.

  13. Thank you, I'm really loving this series (I just found you)! I actually really appreciate you talking through things as I understand and connect with the poses so much better! Much love! For a song, how about "This Girl is on Fire" 🙂

  14. I have just finished day 6 and I’m feeling great. I love how Adriene stops workouts just before it gets too much, everything is timed perfect.

    Looking forward to completing the 30 day challenge ☺️ ‍♀️

  15. Loved, loved, LOVED this practice! So subtle, yet so strong. Thank you Adriene. This Dedicate journey is sustaining me while traveling. An amazing internal and external "reboot!" Namaste

  16. I am loving this series! What can people who have postpartum prolapses do instead of the crunches?

  17. Started this practice a little late. Just finished my day 6 yesterday! and Whoa!! it was super difficult for me.It's hurting a little the next day but I guess I have to use my ab's more 🙂 Love you Adriene 🙂

  18. Thank you so much for giving an alternative if pregnant! I am 17 weeks & get concerned over what poses I should or shouldn't do. You took all the concern out of it for me! If possible, I would love a video section on which ones to do while pregnant.

    Thanks, as always, for sharing your practice with us.

  19. Have to confess that I hate core work although it does warm me up and that was good for today's practice which I decided to do before breakfast - and before the heating has warmed up the room. Pleased that I made it through the whole class until given permission to rest for the last move!

  20. This is my favourite video so far. I am starting to love yoga more and more, and feeling so strong. Thankyou Adriene!

  21. So loving this journey! Quick question: when you have us "sit back" onto our ankles, my left knee just will not allow that movement. This is also sometimes the case with devotional pose. Any suggestions? Thanks a bunch!

    1. Hi Jeannette, we're happy that you are enjoying Dedicate! Regarding your knee, definitely listen to what your body is telling you and don't push past that. Have you checked out Adriene's Yoga for Sensitive Knees practice yet? That video has some helpful insight into knees as you build strength with the practice.

  22. Hello from Sweden,
    Thank you for taking me on this amazing journey. Your authenticity and grace coupled with your humor really lightens up these fall days. As a single mom to young twins + full time job as a psychologist I don’t have time for the gym. Thanks to you I have a great at home routine. I like how you really give a solid foundation at the same time as I feel challenged.
    Thank you Namaste

  23. LoVe LOVE Adrienne...I'm confused by there being several options for 30 day program...some 16 min others 28 min??? Also, today on day five, Adrienne mentioned that this is a free program… I paid for it? Was that not necessary???
    Namaste to y'all

    1. Hi Beth, every January since 2015 Adriene has released a 30 days of yoga program; the original 30 Days of Yoga (2015), Yoga Camp (2016), Revolution (2017), True (2018), Dedicate (2019), and Home (2020). Each 30 days series is a complete and separate series. All the series are free and on the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel. But we also offer them as downloadable collections which can be purchased by donation to have the series to keep forever and download to a computer or mobile device to play offline. If you have any questions about your order, you can contact our Support. There is also a link to Support on the Downloads Help page here.

  24. This is a perfect journey during this time of self isolation. Thank you from a friend in Canada

  25. I'm absolutely loving each step and day of the 30 days challenge! It's my first time doing Yoga and I'm so glad I found your videos Adriene - shared them with everyone I know already 🙂 wrists have been hurting a little, but I'm also conscious that it takes time to build strength and resistance so I can't wait to continue with you.
    Thank you!!!

  26. Love love your practice. We need back ground music. Something soothing.
    Thank you again.

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