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Dedicate - Day 21 - Light

It's Day 21! Today's practice is about incorporating the total body.

The whole package.

Not just as a work out, but as a means of exploration for something much more.

Shine a little light in the dark places darlin’.

I’ll guide you.

The hardest part is getting there.

Resistance is normal.
Extraordinary humans continue to show up.

Overcome your resistance so that you can uncover that powerful light that is unique to you.

Your purpose.

To shine.


17 comments on “Dedicate - Day 21 - Light”

  1. You are amazing. Betty Rocker HIGHLY recommended you. So glad I did. This is awesome!!!!

  2. LOVED today's practice! I'll be so sad when the 30 days are up. I am loving yoga every day. Need to keep it going all year long.

  3. My right side shines brighter than my left. On the real bright side, yogi squat has improved from last week. Namaste!

  4. Thank you so much Adrienne.....i am beginning to feel things changing and feeling the are fab xx

  5. thank you so much for the free videos. i feel stronger and my posture is better. eternally grateful!

  6. Thank you, Adriene!
    I know I'm 37 days late.. but I've been going 21 days straight!
    The singing was on point today. It always feels like I'm doing yoga with a close friend. Thank you.

  7. I am still going, only on day 21 and it is March, but never mind right? I keep showing up intermittently, and shining the light on the dark places. Thank you for today - I agree with the above comment that I feel like I am doing yoga with a quirky mate. Cheers...

  8. It’s July 12 and I just did day 21. Don’t want it to end. Thanks for sharing your light Adriene. You are a special gift to the world

  9. Thank you, Adriene! There is no better way to get a new day started but with this mindful yoga practice. Also it seems you really love music, it always makes me laugh when you start singing out of the blue!!!

    Greets from Berlin, all the best and again, thank you so much!


  10. This was amazing and probably one of my favorites yet. Not sure why.... been doing yoga off and on for 14 years now, but this was excellent!

    Thank you so much, Adriene.

    Warm wishes from Maine,


  11. When I closed my eyes at the end of this practice I saw a big heart ❤️! Now that is light......thank-you.

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